Lulu serves a taste of ‘Holland Day’s’ before reception!

Helen and Sam’s wedding at St Cuby’s Church, Tregony, with Lulu on Saturday 8th September 2012.

Saturday was a day to remember not only because of the pleasant sunshine, but because it was a special day for Helen and Sam.

Mid-week the instructions came through with the details outlining Helen and Sam’s plans for the day. As normal, I researched the route and alternative routes prior to the day, printed off detailed maps and double checked the details…

One thing I didn’t do though was check to see which of the three multi- award winning VW campers I was to be driving on the day. Imagine my surprise as I arrived at Strawberry Leisure HQ to be greeted by Lulu, our red and white camper decorated with ivory ribbons and tails… what a stunner!

Champagne in the fridge and off I set to the village of Tregony about 10 miles from Truro.

The instructions were to drive out of the village and take the small country lane for a while, over a bridge, past a police station that looks like a house and don’t use a sat nav because it will lie to you – the instructions were very precise as I pulled up to a small hamlet hidden down a long lane.

Ready for the off – Helen’s Mum, Jean, with Bridesmaids, Lisa, Kat and Carole.

I wasn’t sure which the correct house was at first, but it soon became obvious that the wedding party was occupying them all. Jean (Helen’s mum), came to the forecourt to greet me, quickly followed by Lisa, Kat and Carole and the photographer.

Lulu was also pulling a crowd as guests came out one after another to pose for photographs next to her.

Jean then confessed to having owned a 1970’s VW camper and spent many years touring in it with her husband Jim. So, you can imagine her excitement when the front seat was available for the first of two trips to St Cuby’s church!

Helen with her Dad, Jim, ready to depart for St Cuby’s Church in Lulu.

Round one complete it was time to return for Helen and Jim (Helen’s dad). As I reversed Lulu in to the courtyard and hopped out to open the side doors, Helen and Jim stepped out from their front door into the sunlight… Wow! Helen looked absolutely stunning. A long vale and incredibly intricate dress – just perfect!

Helen wasn’t nervous at all, or at least she never showed it as we trundled down that country lane destined for the church. With Jim, her father whispering words of comfort we arrived relaxed as a small crowd gathered outside the church.

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Riley!

A few quick snaps from the crowd and Helen and Jim walked up the steps to the church.

Normally us chauffers are kept busy chatting to passers-by as the bridal party are in the church, but Saturday was quite quiet in the village and I was able to view the ceremony through the open doors of the church. All of a sudden an elderly lady poked me sharply in the ribs and said “is this a real wedding”? Probably heat related having been stood in the baking sun most of the day, but my mind became confused by the question and couldn’t help staring at her in disbelief. “Well?”! the lady demanded. Thankfully, we are renown for our professionalism at Strawberry Leisure and despite the fact that my mind offered two choices, I chose the one most appropriate.

Just then the ceremony ended and the guests poured out of the tiny church. Some familiar faces, in fact; quite a few couples who had used Strawberry Leisure for their weddings in the past came across to introduce themselves and to reflect on their special day.

Lulu wave watching at Portholland Beach.

Helen and Sam stepped out to a loud cheer as they boarded Lulu for champagne, photos and a trip to Portholland where I became an extra and Helen and Sam were able to have the freedom of the beach on what was to be a wonderful day!

You could say they had a taste of ‘Holland Day’s’ before their Wedding Breakfast!

Congratulations Helen and Sam – a lovely couple x

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