Rainy days on wedding days will never get us down!

Jodi and Garry’s wedding at The Cove, Lamorna, with Lola, Lulu and Lily on Sunday 23rd September 2012.

Lily, Lulu & Lola on the slipway opposite St Michaels Mount, Marazion.

September is one the most settled and hence popular months for weddings here in the Duchy.

As the saying goes; ‘hindsight is a wonderful thing’. It follows therefore that had Jodi and Garry been blessed with such skills, Sunday 23rd September 2012 would certainly have been a day to avoid. Meteorologically, either side of the 23rd was fine.

For the wrong 24 hours in September, ‘Hurricane Killjoy’ hit the southern seaboard of the UK to wreak havoc with many people’s special plans. One of which was Jodi and Garry’s meticulously planned surprise wedding campervan extravaganza.

All three of our multi-award winning VW wedding campervans, Lola, Lulu and Lily had been booked well in advance to take the wedding party and honoured guests for a surprise post-nuptial beach party and photo shoot at Sennen Cove.

Unfortunately the weather refused to follow the script. Yet, despite appalling conditions, a last minute change of plan met with the stuff us British are made of, which resulted in some fabulous and unforgettable moments.

With a Met Office Amber Flood Warning and the rain and wind trying its darndest to scupper any thoughts of an open-air foray, the morning of Jodi and Garry’s ‘grand jour’ however seemed like a conspiracy.

The phone rang at about 9am– “this is not what I had planned Bob”, said an understandably perplexed and upset Jodi. I would have done anything to change the situation… even another sun dance if it wasn’t for the neighbours!

A few phone calls and text messages later and a revised plan of action had been crafted…

Lola, Lulu and Lily at The Cove Lamorna.

Jodi and Garry amongst the girls!

With the weather so appalling, the campervan outing surprise really was as the idiom goes; ‘touch and go’. I certainly would have understood if Jodi and Garry had called it off. Moreover I wouldn’t have blamed them. However, I was pleased they didn’t. Somehow I just knew that everyone would simply love the experience come rain or shine.

The ‘scramble’ message came in from Jodi for Chauffeur’s Steff, Brett and Bob; “I’ve spoken to Garry and we’re going for it”.

Lily cake topper complete with ragtop, bride and groom.

The ceremony took place at The Cove Lamorna at 12:30pm and, as originally planned, an extremely rare trilogy of attention grabbing campervans pulled up outside an hour afterwards.

Miraculously, the rain had temporarily abated and a large number of excited guests were milling around outside as Lily, Lulu and Lola carefully negotiated the slippery descent to the hotel’s main entrance door. Professional photographer, Kirstin Prisk, was on the case in a flash with his flash.

Mr. and Mrs. Davis were soon to emerge full of smiles and were quick to get few poses with our gorgeous girls.

Nice and cosy in Lulu!

Before we set off, Jodi and Garry were keen to escort me into the hotel foyer to show off their fabulous wedding cake. Proudly perched on top was a non-edible model of Lily in the most intricate of detail, complete with caricatures of the happy couple standing up through her famous ragtop.

It was time to ‘go for it’.

In total, 17 honoured guests, bride and groom – all very excited, climbed aboard Lola, Lulu and Lily for a re-arranged steamy sortie to Marazion.

Jodi and Garry at Marazion with Lily, Lulu and Lola.

With photographer Kirtsin riding shotgun, Jodi and Garry joined me, Chauffeur Bob, in Lily. Chauffeur Steff was in charge of Lola whilst sandwiched in the middle of this impressive convoy was Chauffeur Brett in Lulu.

Jodi handed out three specially burned CD’s – one for each bus, all replete with classic sing along 60’s tracks.

So it was with the rain falling, headlights on, cameras flashing, windows steaming, music playing and everyone singing, we chugged our way into downtown Marazion and parked up on the slipway opposite the St Michaels Mount.

What followed is perhaps best expressed in pictures…

Garry practising his ‘over the threshold’ carry!

Jodi was pleased with Lily’s wellies – the boys had to go without!

Do you have these in a size 9?

Jodi and Garry get the confetti treatment!

Chauffeur Steff being helped down the slipway!


No you can’t keep those wellies Jodi!

Naughty bridesmaids!

Time for just one more before we go.

Ironically, I would wager that everyone had more fun as a result of ‘Hurricane Killjoy”.

I know I’m biased but equally, I would wager that it would have been nowhere near as attention grabbing and fun in any other form of wedding transport or vehicle come to that, such is the incredible appeal, versatility and character of these timeless classics. These post war creations indeed offer much, much more than just transport!

A truly wonderful time and many happy memories were created on Sunday – thank you Jodi and thank you Garry for inviting Lola, Lulu and Lily to your party!




(All photographs taken by Strawberry leisure unless otherwise stated)

Congratulations and best wishes to a smashing, fun loving couple x.

Post script…

On Monday 24th September the following lovely email arrived – it brought a tear to a grown man’s eyes!

Hi bob, It’s Jodi, I just wanted to say a massive thank you for yesterday, you and your team and especially your vans are absolutely amazing. The day before and in the morning I thought it was all going wrong, and in fact I did think about cancelling. But I am overjoyed that we didn’t, our day ended up being amazing and perfect, and everyone loved what we did and where we went. Everyone who went to the beach agreed we are actually glad the weather was like that, it added so much excitement and had so much fun getting blown away. No one will ever have pics like ours and wow wow wow to having the wellies. We can’t explain how much we enjoyed it, you made everyone’s day and we wouldn’t have changed a single thing, so thank you for making our day so special, we couldn’t have asked for anything more, and you will be pleased to know our whole day was truly wonderful, and the sun come out today so we all got to enjoy the cove and the pool. Perfect, thanks so much xx

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