Rock ‘n’ Stroll with Showgirl Lola!

Yazmin and Chris’s wedding at St Breock Church, Wadebridge with Lola on Saturday 8th September 2012

Lola outside St Breock Church, Wadebride, for Yazmin and Chris’s wedding.

Zelah – Goonhavern – Newquay – St Mawgan, wasn’t exactly my route of choice when I, Chauffeur Bob, set off for Wadebridge in Lola this morning.

The start of an Indian summer and everyone in West Cornwall was heading up the A30 to Indian Queens to celebrate. No need for a Tom Tom – the smoke signals were clear. An off-road diversion was called for to ensure my timely arrival at ‘That Place’.

As it happened, I made good time and arrived exactly as planned at 1:15pm on the dot.

Today’s lovely couple, Yazmin and Chris, like many, fell in love with Lola the moment they cast eyes on her. In their case it was 18 months ago at a wedding fayre. They were so smitten that Lola was the first thing they booked, even before they had sorted a venue!

Yazmin’s bridal party are all smiles as we leave for St Breock Church in Lola.

With an allotted ceremony time of 2:00pm, the prearranged plan was to do two, circa 10/15 minute return trips to the church. First departure was earmarked for 1:30pm with Yazmin’s Mum, Tracey, her Grandma, Jenny, her Sister, Amie, Bridesmaids, Rebbie and Darcie, along with Page Boy, Korbyn.

Thereafter returning for Yazmin and her brother Bleu, who would also be acting as escort. Our final trip to the church was set for 1:50pm.

Bleu, an oasis of calm and composure, opened the front door within seconds of my arrival and ‘the chauffeurs here’ knock. I immediately sensed that Bleu’s composed disposition had not permeated the other members of the wedding party. ‘That Place,’ where on such days the entire bridal party partake in the high industry of make-up, hair, gowns and fighting for the bathroom, was awash with activity. Hypersensitivity runs rampant on wedding mornings, to the extent that seemingly trivial and routine matters like, ‘we’re running behind schedule’ has the ability to quickly transform the getting ready process into a stressful and panicky experience.

The bridal party were running late.

Yazmin with her Brother (and escort), Bleu ready to leave in Lola. 

I tried to reassure everyone that in the scheme of things we weren’t that late. Moreover, considering the church was just minutes away, it wasn’t the end of the world and, if anything, normal for the bride to be a few minutes late.

From the confines of her boudoir and attendant helpers, Yazmin started to explore the idea that everyone should try and squeeze into Lola to save time.

Although possible, I felt this was unnecessary and would detract from the arrival of the bride – I managed to convince the party otherwise and sensed that things were starting to calm down.

So it was at 1:45, instead of 1:30 that we set off on the first run to the church. A nervous, tearful Yazmin and composed Bleu were outside to wave us away as were the whole street. Smiles were slowly returning, no doubt aided by my departing comment about going via the beach for some photos!

The lovely, leafy setting of St Breock Church was just five minutes away and as we turned into the long drive I could see the vicar’s complexion take on a slightly perplexed look upon realising that there was no bride aboard. This managed to raise a titter from Lola’s VIP’s.

I explained the situation briefly to the vicar and said that I’ll be back in about 15 minutes – all was well! And it was this message that I quickly relayed to Yazmin upon returning to collect her.

The final trip to the church was one of happiness and tears, lots of waving and reassurances – I knew Yazmin would be fine and transformed after the ceremony.

We arrived at 2:15 to the warmest of welcomes by the vicar, bridesmaids and ushers.

Lola outside St Breock Church awaiting the arrival of Mr. and Mrs. Andrews.

A transformed, smiling Mrs. Andrews emerged 50 minutes later alongside new hubby, Chris, amidst the pealing of bells and a monsoon of confetti.

Professional photographers, Sian Hewett and Sarah were working hard and clearly well rehearsed in their art.

Yazmin and Chris jumped aboard the topless Lola and stood to receive congratulations from their congregation. With the champers ceremoniously popped and poured, and with the sun shining we made our departure.

The happy couple make their way to Lola in a monsoon of confetti.

Chris and Yazmin taking full advantage of Lola’s incredible full-length Ragtop.

Photographer Sarah rode shotgun whilst her colleague Sian followed in hot pursuit.

Our prearranged penultimate destination was the beautiful Rock Beach. As we pulled up to the car park’s payment kiosk, the friendly staff appeared only too pleased to wave us through. Everyone got the giggles (quite serious giggles actually) when I commented, “they always fall for the ‘I’ve got a bride in the back’ ruse and that I still get my wife to pop on her wedding dress occasionally to avoid parking charges”. They thought I was joking!

Showgirl Lola getting loads of attention (as usual) at Rock Beach.

Yazmin, modelling Lola’s beach Weddington Boots!

Sean and Sarah were busy preparing their photographic props for the beach photo session as I encouraged Yazmin to try on Lola’s new beach weddington boots. Yazmin loved them and popped them on.

I waited with Lola whilst the happy couple made their way onto the beach.

Lola caused her usual stir during this time with onlookers and again I lost count of how many pictures were taken of us and the ensuing conversations of admiration I had had by the time Yazmin and Chris returned.

Alas it was time to leave for the reception, but before we got underway, Yazmin and Chris were keen to express their thanks for a fabulous time and to say that they will certainly be recommending us to others.

We arrived at the Longcross Hotel, near Port Isaac, to their awaiting guests and said our goodbyes.

Lola leaving the Longcross Hotel, Port Isaac.

Despite a tearful and somewhat stressful start for Yazmin, the day had turned out to be truly wonderful and thoroughly enjoyable.

Mr. and Mrs. Andrews will soon be honeymooning in the Maldives – our very best wishes go with them x

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