A Sunday ‘roast’ and ‘toast’ for the Bride and Groom in Millie!

Alice and Luke’s wedding at The Green Lawns Hotel, Falmouth, with Range Rover Millie, on Sunday 28th October 2012

Luke with Nathan, Matthew and Rob at Pendennis Point before the ceremony.

It’s that time of year where we give our hard working, gorgeous VW splitties, Lola, Lily and Lulu a much deserved respite from the great British winter. As they enter their hibernation period and the weather turns-in, Millie, our sumptuously indulgent white Range Rover comes into her very own.

With a bitingly chilly wind and pesky mizzle outbreaks, Alice and Luke were clearly appreciative of Millie’s cosseting arsenal of creature comforts – all just the press of a button or touch of a screen away…

Alice was already stationed at the couple’s chosen wedding venue as I, Chauffeur Bob, arrived to collect Luke and the ‘boys’ in Millie for a pre-nuptial foray and posing session around downtown Falmouth.

Mandy, the mother of the groom, had arranged the special 5 star, regal treat in one of Luke’s favourite cars. Let’s face it, boys toys rarely get much bigger and luxurious than the mighty Range Rover! Weather permitting, the plan was also to include a post ceremony excursion to Pendennis Head for a photo session with the newlyweds.

From left to right; Rob, Luke and Nathan with white Range Rover Millie.

First, however, it was over to Millie to entertain and delight Luke, his Best Men; Nathan and Matthew and close friend Rob, for a good hour or so before Luke’s life changing appointment with Alice – Millie certainly didn’t disappoint!

The new Range Rover Sport HSE has more gizmos and app’s than you can shake a chauffeur at, which Millie’s VIP’s found intriguing. Not surprising, given that Luke and Rob’s profession is in Apples – of the non fruit variety that is!

A couple of cruises around town and a few pictures at Pendennis Head later, and Millie delivered the boys in true style to the Green Lawns Hotel.

The ‘boys’ arrive in true style at The Green Lawns Hotel.

You always get a lovely warm and attentive welcome at this very popular venue and today Proprietor, Sioned Parry-Rudin and General Manager, Neil Slade, were there to meet and greet.

It was just coming up to 1pm and with an allotted ceremony time of 2pm, I had chance to whizz off to get myself a cup of coffee and give Millie another once over. Driving white cars must be like wearing white jeans (not that I possess a pair – honestly!); you don’t have to venture too far in mucky conditions before they show the signs!

It was just after two when I returned to the hotel and set about preparing the champers and glasses. Millie was receiving loads of attention from staff and the many visitors frequenting the hotel for Sunday Roast.

Indeed, quite a fascination ensued concerning her impressive specifications and colour (you don’t see many white Range Rovers), notwithstanding her commanding presence of course.

Millie grabbed lots of attention whilst waiting for the newlyweds. 

It wasn’t long before Luke and Alice, now Mr. and Mrs. Cummins, made their way outside, quickly followed by their many guests.

Family friend and photographer, Linda, marched the wedding party around the back of the hotel to capture the customary set of formal wedding day memories.

A chilly breeze kept whipping up and ‘mizzle’ was clearly in the air.

Unsurprisingly, when the entourage returned some time later, everyone was making a ‘bee-line for the hotel’s log fire.

Alice and Luke jumped aboard Millie, as did photographer Linda, and before I even had chance to remove the safety catch from the champers, they had all found their seat warmer controls. They were soon wicked fully up!

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Cummins!

Sunday roasts and toasts followed as we set off for Pendennis Head with Millie’s passengers cosseted in her sumptuous hot seats.

I was somewhat surprised to see that the ice cream van was still there from earlier on in the day and was apparently doing a fair trade.

Alice and Luke both declined an ice-cream invitation but settled instead on a brief exit for some wind-swept poses at this awe inspiring location – not before I surgically removed them from Millie’s hot seats, I hasten to add!

Romantic Pendennis Head

Time for one last pose.

Time was marching on and with their main celebrations still ahead of them, we made our way back to the hotel.

We said our goodbyes and had a few hugs and kisses, Linda included (perk of the job).

Alice and Luke will soon be taking a few days honeymoon break in the Spa City of Bath with a deferred main Honeymoon, sometime later in the Canaries.


Congratulations and best wishes to a lovely couple x.

Post script

The following day this lovely email arrived from Mandy, mother of the groom…

Hi Bob, Just dropping you a line to say a BIG THANK YOU for your superb service yesterday. Modern Millie was fabulous and your friendly and expert service was remarkable. Luke and his Best Men were ecstatic and loved every minute. 
Thank you again for all your detailed attention.
Best wishes Mandy and family

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