Bridal Wave Engulfs St Ives!

Joanne and Paul’s wedding at St Ives Parish Church on Friday 12th October with Lola and Lily.

Lola arriving with Joanne and Dad Peter, at St Ives Parish Church.

A sandwich of sun-rain-sun was on the menu for Joanne and Paul’s lunchtime wedding in St Ives.

With our earlier than scheduled arrival to be greeted by blue skies and an eager, ready and waiting bridal party, meant the idea of a pre-nuptial, St Ives soirée, was too tempting to turn down.

For the next 20 minutes or so St Ives was engulfed by a ‘bridal wave’ of excitement, led by our jaw dropping beauties, Lola and Lily.

The soggy sandwich filling arrived midway through the proceedings to frustrate rather than spoil.

A simply fabulous time was had by all nonetheless, embellished as ever with some truly wonderful and unforgettable moments…

Our extremely popular duo of Lola and Lily were on duty today, attended by Chauffeur Brett and myself (Chauffeur Bob) respectively.

Spurred on by glorious sunshine, we departed Strawberry Leisure HQ with plenty of time to spare on a convoy chug to Carbis Bay. Our destination being the very popular Carbis Bay Hotel with an approach and vista that never ceases to take your breath away, no matter how many times you make the descent.

Proud Dad, Peter, with Joanne ready to depart in Lola.

We pulled onto the hotel’s forecourt 10 minutes ahead of plan at 12:50pm and the bridal party, accompanied by the hotel’s effervescent, Victoria Williams, filed out to greet us.

Joanne looked absolutely amazing, as did her entourage of bridesmaids, all bearing beautiful bouquets of pale pink roses.

Bride’s Mum, Lynn with; Lorkan, Alexa, Talulla and Caiomhe ready to depart in Lily.

Victoria mentioned that as we had time, it would be nice if we could go for drive somewhere to help calm a few jangling nerves. I suggested a trip through St Ives and a brief stop-over at Porthgwidden beach, perhaps for a photo or two, before heading direct to the Parish Church for 1:30pm.  A motion passed with unanimous approval.

Joanne and her Dad; Peter, joined Chauffeur Brett in Lola whilst Mum; Lynn, Bridesmaids; Alexa, Talulla and Caiomhe along with Page Boy, Lorkan, jumped aboard Lily with me in the hot seat.

It was a truly wonderful, calming and moving pre-cursor to Joanne and Paul’s ceremony. The sun had its hat on, St Ives was replete with visitors, all waving; some clapping and snapping as the pre-nuptial convoy wound its way round the town. Lily’s VIP’s were completely taken aback by the reaction and I could see Joanne and Peter in my rear view mirror getting loads of attention in Lola also.

Pre-nuptial Lola and Lily with the bridal party at Porthgwidden Beach, St Ives.

As I suspected, a particularly funny moment came as we drove past the church, still with some 30 minutes to go! The expressions on the faces of arriving guests and awaiting ushers would have been worth capturing – a sudden spring in their steps, checking of watches and Panic!

Lily’s VIP’s roared with laughter.

We made it round to Porthgwidden Beach; a beautiful, small cove twixt the Island and neighbouring popular surfing beach, Porthmeor.

We all shared some lovely, pre-nuptial moments at Porthgwidden.

As soon as we arrived, a small group of onlookers started to gather, clearly mesmerised by the spectacle they had, by chance, stumbled across. Lily’s passengers disembarked for a chat whilst Peter and Joanne stayed sat in Lola, soaking-up the lovely atmosphere and good luck messages from their now sizeable audience. They were no doubt composing themselves, now just a few minutes ahead of ‘that time’!

Chauffeur Brett was busy with our blogging camera snapping away as we called a halt to our first excursion of the day. It was exactly 1:25pm.

The plan from here was for Chauffeur Brett to pause in Lola just before arrival to give Lily’s VIP’s time to alight outside the church and join the welcome party.

And, what a welcome party there turned out to be! In addition to the Vicar and photographer (Meg Hawkins), there must have been at least a further fifty or so onlookers that had gathered, patiently awaiting Joanne and Peter’s arrival. It’s always at this stage that you sense a heightening of nerves and excitement.

Lily arrives at the Parish Church St Ives with her VIP’s.

With Lily’s precious cargo safely delivered, I was able to position myself to get a couple of quick, blogging snaps of the bride’s arrival. At 1:35, under the auspices of Chauffeur Brett, ‘showgirl’ Lola turned the corner into Market Place and finally, St Andrews Street, for a most dramatic and regal arrival.

We’ve arrived… Dad Peter, with Joanne at St Ives Parish Church.

A few customary ‘arrival of the bride’ photos followed before a brief pause for organisation and composure at the main entrance. Then on cue, the bridal procession made its way down the impressive, flower lined aisle in view of the many well wishers and onlookers gathered outside, courtesy of the building’s glass doors.

Many people remained outside during the 55 minute ceremony, patiently waiting to catch a glimpse of the happy couple. Lola and Lily received their usual oodles of attention, keeping Chauffeur Brett and me busy, fielding questions about them, handing out brochures and posing for pictures.

Lola and Lily getting their usual loads of attention during the ceremony!

As the ceremony was nearing completion, the skies darkened and the soggy middle to the day started. One of the guests popped his head out of the door and asked if there was a brolly shop nearby. Evidently there was, as the gentleman returned a few seconds later, two brollies better off.

Congratulations Joanne and Paul – all that’s needed now is the ‘shampoo’!

Fortunately there was a brief pause in precipitation, even a few sun ‘glimpses’ as a smiling Mr. and Mrs. Churcher stepped outside and made their way round to the adjoining gardens for a few formal photos.

Back came the rain, this time on ‘steroids’ but fortunately not ‘stair-rods’ as the wedding party made their way to the awaiting Lola and Lily.

Chauffeur Brett expertly prepared and popped the lively bottle of ‘shampoo’ and poured.

Come on Chauffeur Brett – get pouring!

With Joanne, Paul, Bridesmaids, Page Boy, photographers and few blasts on klaxons, Lola and Lily departed via downtown St Ives, with an encore at Porthgwiddden beach before the reception back at Carbis Bay Hotel.

Rather than abating as we had hoped, the squall progressively got worse. So much so that when we arrived at Porthgwidden, we were really hemmed-in by the wet and blustery conditions. I did manage to jump out and get a quick picture though for this blog.

A soggy, ‘moody’ post-nuptial Porthgwidden Beach – Lola must have shrunk in the wash!

I popped my head in the door of Lola to speak to Paul and Joanne. They were happy and contented as could be, quaffing away on a rapidly diminishing bottle of ‘shampoo’. Paul felt that the rain was here to stay for some time and I couldn’t disagree given the colour of the sky, so we decided to make haste for Carbis Bay.

As with good chauffeuring practice and etiquette, we paused briefly just a few hundred yards away from the hotel and gave Victoria a ‘we’ll be back in five’ courtesy call. Fortunately by this time the rain had eased and we made our final approach and descent into the awaiting arms of Victoria and their excited guests.

Joanne and Paul back at Carbis Bay Hotel with Lola and Lily. 

Plenty of fun snaps followed. One really funny moment was when hearing one of the younger bridesmaids sobbing (wouldn’t be a wedding otherwise), I suggested that everyone should join in. This they did and made it look so real I started to get concerned that I had upset them all with one of my jokes!

Time to say goodbye to Lola and Lily!

Mr. and Mrs. Churcher at Carbis Bay Hotel.

The hotel’s effervescent Victoria – always a warm welcome awaits.

We managed to get a few poses with family and friends in and around Lola and Lily before it was time to say our goodbyes and depart. Paul and Joanne said they had had a fabulous time with the girls as I’m sure the pictures will testify.

Time for one last pose.

As it turned out, the weather did steadily improve. The sun donned its hat again later in the day making for some more fabulous vistas and memorable moments for a smashing couple.

Mr. and Mrs. Churcher are soon off on a honeymoon the Greek Isles – our congratulations and best wishes go with them x.

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