Camper and Vans Fans!

Rosie and Matt’s wedding at Tregenna Castle, St Ives with Lola on Thursday 27th September 2012.

A very shiny and topless Lola in the majestic setting of Tregenna Castle, St Ives.

Dating back to the 18th century, Tregenna Castle in St Ives was the wonderful outdoor setting for Rosie and Matt’s day to remember. Lola, our multi-award winning showgirl, put on a dazzling display that was to enthral  and entertain from start to finish.

Rosie, Matt, family and friends all made their way down to the Duchy from Northamptonshire for the occasion. I immediately noticed a ‘shoe thing’ going on!  I seem to recall  that Northampton (The Cobblers FC and all that) became a major footware and leather manufacturer also in the 18th century, long before skateboarding as we know it, became popular. Nonetheless, today ‘Vans ‘Skate shoes were in abundance, although I don’t seem to recollect seeing the registrar in a pair!

Lola’s involvement in the proceedings came as a total surprise to Rosie and Matt, due to some clever subterfuge work on the part of Rosie’s Dad, Tom.

So the stage was set. The weather was fine and sunny as a regal looking Lola made her way to the ‘Downlong’ quarter of St Ives to spring the surprise, with me; a fully suited and booted Chauffeur Bob, at the pedals.

Bride’s Mum, Elizabeth, with Bridesmaids; Emily, Mary and Abbey – off to the Castle.

Mary, Emily and Abbey arrive at Tregenna Castle.

As soon as I parked up, bang on schedule (as always) a crowd started to gather. My pulling power long ago evaporated but after nearly 50 years, Lola’s still got what it takes!

Rosie’s dad, Tom, was quick off the blocks and came out to introduce himself, shortly to be accompanied by an excited and tearful Rosie – what a wonderful surprise!

Kerry, a close friend of the family, was acting photographer for the day and we immediately hit it off from the word go; she had a wicked sense of humour. Lola melted Kerry into jelly!

The plan was to take Rosie’s Mum, Elizabeth and Bridesmaids; Mary, Emily (Rosie’s Sisters) and Abbey on the first chug to the Castle in Lola.

A little later than planned we set off, which prompted Tom into shouting as we left “don’t spare the horses”. Ironically, jumping on horses around the narrow and tourist filled streets and hills of St Ives would in all probabilty have been quicker!

Lola in Downlong St Ives awaiting Rosie and Dad,Tom.

Tom and Rosie ready to set off to Tregenna Castle.

Nonethess, Lola made it to the main entrance of the Castle in good time. Her passengers gracefully alighted, paused and posed for a few photo’s with her before we headed back into downtown St Ives to collect Rosie and Tom. This turned out to be one of those frustrating journeys that defines ‘Murphy’s Law’. We managed to get stuck behind just about evrey slow moving vehicle to grace our roads – worst of all, a smelly Biffa lorry!

Keeping calm and carrying on, we arrived back at the bridal boudoir. I needn’t have panicked – the bride still wasn’t quite ready.

Miraculously we had a better trip back to the Castle and had managed, I don’t know how, to make up some of the lost time.

A spot of last minute button-hole trouble!

We Made it! Rosie and Dad arrive for the ceremony.

As previously arranged, instead of making our way to the main entrance we made a detour, out of sight from the awaiting congregation by going the wrong way around the Castle’s one way system to a secret squirrell, rear entrance. The most secret of places, only ever frequented by registrars for such serious matters, and chauffeurs of course!

Usain Bolt salute to the happy couple!

Out popped the registrar and jumped aboard Lola (“my favourite”, she said) to go through the formalities with Rosie.

Tregenna Castle’s very own, Will Sparling, was looking after affairs today – always a happy, friendly and welcoming figure. We had time for a little chat, about weddings (surprise surprise) before that time came.

‘Vans’ on display at Porthgwidden Beach! 

A brief pause for composure and we were off, this time the right way round the one way system. Just as we got going, I could see Tom was having ‘button-hole’ problems. A safety pin from Lola’s Kath Kidston’s bag of emergency wedding day supplies did the trick.

As we turned the corner of the long drive, the Pavilion came into view.  A few excited blasts of Lola’s klaxon got everyone waving as we pulled to a stop at the top of the  impressive steps leading down to the beautiful lawned terrace, Pavilion and awaiting congregation.

The ceremony lasted in all about 35 minutes. Afterwards everyone settled into drinkies, photos and of course more drinkies and more photos.

Time for one last photo.

Time was marching on and I could see that  the hotel’s master of service, Charlie, was getting concerned that we hadn’t departed yet for a pre-arranged photo shoot and champers sipping session.

Suffice it to say, we made it by the skin of our teeth. Rosie’s bridesmaids joined the newlyweds in Lola, along with wickedly bubbly, photographer Kerry as we made a whistle stop tour of St Ives and photo shoot on Porthgwidden Beach for some fabulous moments that will surely linger in memories for years to come.


Our congratulations and best wishes go to Rosie and Matt x


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