Has anyone seen the organist?

Claire and Tim’s wedding at St. Colan Church, Nr Quintrell Downs with Lola on Saturday 20th October 2012

What’s going on here? Read on…

I’ve said it time and time again; no two weddings are the same. Today was Claire and Tim’s special day, and boy what a day it turned out to be, writes Chauffeur Steff…

I arrived at the Sandy Lodge Hotel, Newquay in plenty of time. As I pulled up to the reception it was evident that Lola had already been spotted by the wedding party who were screaming with excitement from a second floor window.

As it was such a beautiful day, the rag top was rolled back and some of the best tunes were already being played to a small crowd of admirers that had gathered around Lola. As usual, Lola was attracting quite a bit of attention and was now drawing a small crowd from the adjacent hotel as well. Xenia, (school friend of Claire’s and lovely lady) our professional photographer for the day was already busy taking pictures. Now the reception area was a hive of activity.

Pre-nuptial – Claire and bridal party preparing to depart.

It wasn’t long before it was time to get ready for a pre-ceremony trip around Newquay. Just then, Claire stepped out in to the sunlight wearing a sensational white wedding dress that featured an eye catching waistline and elegantly draped bodice, classic diamond studded tiara and a breathtaking smile.

It was at this point I was introduced to Claire and her Dad, Geoff, as they boarded Lola for a jolly whiz through Newquay. Geoff is one cool guy, very focused and down to earth. Claire obviously inherited the same skills which is just as well because, today of all days, those skills were to be in high demand.

Proud Dad Geoff with Claire.

As we chugged off into the UK’s surfing capital, Geoff asked if we could make a detour and rendezvous with a special couple who couldn’t make it to the wedding. As we drew up outside the house I could see a very excited elderly couple who fought back tears as they posed on the street side with Claire and Geoff for a very memorable photograph taken by yours truly.

A very special moment for Claire and her Dad Geoff before the ceremony.

We set off into town and had a little fun with Lola’s klaxon. With some of the top tunes loaded we made our way through the streets of Newquay waving and giggling as we went by. Time was on our side and, to be honest, one or two pedestrians didn’t know quite what to make of us so we decided to do it again. The second time around was quite a laugh as we endured wave after wave from mesmerised pedestrians.

With the pre-ceremony trip done it was now time to set off to the delightful church of St Colan near Quintrell Downs.

Upon arrival Xenia came across to greet us. There was a slight problem, the organist hadn’t turned up. There had been a misunderstanding about who would be the organist that day, and although he was on his way, the wedding would be postponed for a short while. Looking at Claire I could see the disappointment in her face, but with amazing strength she cracked a joke and broke the ice. In some cases this would be devastating, but to Claire it was a slight inconvenience and wasn’t going to spoil her day. It wasn’t long after that we could hear the distant sounds of a racing car and screeching tyres … the organist had arrived!  Now finally the ceremony can go ahead! Dad (Geoff) walked Claire through the arches to marry the man of her dreams.

We are always paying attention to our campers and it didn’t seem that long after I finished giving Lola a quick sparkle and rub down that Claire and Tim appeared as man and wife. Along with the guests, they posed alongside Lola and I cracked open a bottle of chilled champagne to celebrate the day.

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Morath!

The plan was to visit a few locations after the ceremony and get the best of the day while it lasted. So we set off for the first of what would be two locations… Little Fistral beach. However, as we approached the beach we were stopped by a police car. There had been an accident and Mountain Rescue, Coastguard and Air Sea Rescue were on their way. Unfortunately, other vehicles behind us couldn’t move and we were trapped. As the drama unfolded on the cliff side, Claire and Tim just took it in their stride. Not far behind us another wedding car was stuck. The bride and groom stepped out and looked upset. Claire suggested that they had a group photo… this proved to be a very popular decision. As the two couples posed on the cliff top, ‘Harold the Helicopter’ positioned himself within the photographer’s frame to make this one of the most memorable weddings I’ve ever been privileged to attend…. Oh and we went right on back to Newquay town centre and collected a few more waves from those well-wisher who lined the streets as we drove on through honking the Klaxon and pumping out some cool tunes.



(All photographs taken by Strawberry Leisure unless otherwise stated)

Congratulations to a wonderful couple and very best wishes x


Post Script…

Yesterday (24th October 2012) a lovely email and set of photos arrived from Claire and Tim’s photographer, Xenia. Xenia clearly enjoyed the day as well and loved working with Lola and Chauffeur Steff. Here are her photos. Enjoy…

(11th November 2012) Last week this lovely thank you card arrived from Claire and Tim…

Dear Bob, Kate, Steff + of course Lola!!

Well what can I say… we had an absolutely fantastic day + was so glad we picked Strawberry Leisure to provide our wedding transport. From start to finish Steff was brilliant, Lola was beautiful and the service exceptional. Nothing was too much trouble – we could not have asked for more! Dad (who is indeed one cool guy) thoroughly enjoyed the pre-wedding chugg around Newquay in Lola + Tim and I loved sipping our champagne through the rag top!! We have some fantastic photos + memories and it was lovely to come back from our honeymoon to see us on the Blog – (with Harold the Helicopter – well done Steff, fab photo!). So a huge thank you + keep up the great work!

All our love, Claire + Tim Morath xx







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