Lily drives bride and groom to Madness around St Ives!

Lucy and Stuart’s wedding with Lily at Tregenna Castle on Saturday 6th October 2012.

Spectacular! Lily at Tregenna Castle St Ives.

Strawberry Leisure’s Lily @ Lucy & Stuart’s Wedding from The Barn Media on Vimeo.

As the popular song goes…What a difference a day makes, twenty-four little hours brought the sun and the flowers where there used to be rain.

unlike the atrocious weather just a day before, Lucy and Stuart enjoyed pretty much wall to wall sunshine for their ‘day that’ll be remembered’ with Lily. It had fun and sun from start to finish; moving surprises, two left shoes, Total Madness and, of course, priceless moments.

Stuart’s a VW medic on ‘civi-street’ and was told by Lucy that someone would be picking him and his Dad, Trevor, up from Bunkers Hill, St Ives at 12:30pm to take them to Tregenna Castle. I’m not sure what Stuart was expecting; a van or taxi maybe?

As I, Chauffeur Bob, turned the harbour corner into Fore Street, amidst a rapidly gathering posse of onlookers, it was clear that he wasn’t expecting our scrumptiously rare topless Samba, Lily! What’s more, blasting away on her sound system was his favourite band, ‘Madness’.  What a surprise, not only for the groom but passersby and surrounding shopkeepers. Stuart and Trevor were really lost for words and somewhat taken aback by the reaction his lift to the castle had created.

Clearly in on the ruse, Helen Morcom’s assistant photographer, Rebecca, was there and waiting to capture the first of many memorable moments that were to unfold as the day matured.

Lily springs a surprise on Stuart and his dad, Trevor.

With Rebecca riding shotgun and ‘Total Madness’ playing away, we chugged along the narrow and crowded Fore Street. People were waving and clapping, many pointing their cameras and ubiquitous phone cameras as we passed.

Stuart and Trevor arrive at Tregenna Castle.

Lily duly deposited Stuart and Trevor by the main entrance door of St Ives, landmark, 18th century castle hotel in true style. We were greeted by the videography guys from ‘The Barn Media’, production company, Michael and Chris. They clearly had all the gear and ideas ready to get Stuart and Lucy’s grand jour in the can, so to speak.

Lucy was staying in one of the castle’s luxury lodges on campus and as such I had some time on my hands before collecting Lucy for her grand arrival. However, videographer Michael had just returned from the bride’s boudoir and mentioned; “it’s all going off down there – the father of the bride has two left shoes and he’s borrowed a pair of mine!”

With this interesting snippet, I decided to take Lily off road a tad early than planned and make my way down to Lodge 18.

Pre nuptial – Lucy with Mum, Nina at Tregenna Castle Lodge 18.

Pre nuptial – Lucy with Dad, Steve at Tregenna Castle Lodge 18.

Lovely, bubbly photographer Helen Morcom was there. I really enjoy working with Helen as she clearly appreciates my sense of humour and is wickedly quick at reciprocating!”

In no time at all I was introduced to Lucy’s Mum; Nina, and her Dad; Steve who was sporting the videographers size 9’s when it dawned on me; what’s the cameraman wearing? Presumably Steve’s new and shiny two left shoes! “It’s my wife’s fault”, exclaimed Steve. On grounds of Health and Safety, I decided not to broaden the conversation beyond this point!

Lucy was virtually ready and was keen for a debrief on Stuart’s 12:30 surprise.

Lily at the most secret of places awaiting Lucy’s ‘tete-a-tete’ with the Registrar.

We had plenty of time for various bridal poses with Mum and Dad standing through Lily’s open ragtop before finally setting off with Lucy and her Dad on a journey of just a few hundred yards. Unbeknown to awaiting guests, we arrived at the castle’s secret squirrel rear entrance for Lucy’s pre-nuptial, serious ‘tete-a-tete’ with the Registrar. A place so secret that only brides and of course, chauffeurs, are permitted to venture.

Lucy and Steve arriving for the ceremony.

There to meet and greet us was the Tregenna’s lovely Katie. A quick hug and a kiss (perk of the job) and Katie escorted Lucy and Steve through the magic door and disappeared into ‘Narnia’.

Ten minutes or so later the bridal party returned to Lily for the all important final approach and grand arrival at the castle’s main entrance.

In glorious sunshine and with Lily topless we slowly and majestically delivered Lucy and Steve into the awaiting arms of Katie. Following a few last minute adjustments, deep breaths and check of the shoes (one right and one left), the ceremony got underway. It was 2:00pm exactly or thereabouts.

Thirty-five minutes later, a smiling Mr. and Mrs. Parry, followed by their guests, stepped out into the hotel’s well manicured gardens to commence the formal celebrations. During the ceremony, glass after glass of sparkling, chilled pink champers had been fastidiously prepared to help oil the proceedings. It looked eminently quaffable – shame I was driving!

Lucy and Stuart, now Mr. and Mrs. Parry.

As ever with afternoon ceremonies, we were under time pressure as speeches and the wedding breakfast were looming. So after a series of set family and friends photos on the lawn, choreographed by Helen, we popped open Lily’s ‘shampoo’, charged her glasses (which Lucy and Stuart had evidently taken a shine to) and departed for downtown St Ives.

Stuart with Lucy and Lily at Porthgwidden Beach St Ives.

Rebecca again rode shotgun whilst Helen sat in the back with the newlyweds. Our destination was Porthgwidden beach and like many who have gone before in Lily, Lola and Lulu, the journey was absolutely magical.  I could see that Lucy and Stuart as well as Helen and Rebecca were clearly moved by the reaction. It’s so difficult to express the experience in words. One thing for sure; you’ll never forget your first time which builds to a crescendo as you turn the corner by the Sloop Inn.

Time to say goodbye!

We didn’t have loads of time for the beach, but long enough for Helen and Rebecca to capture some lovely moments. I’m sure also that the video boys, who had followed us down, managed to get some great footage as well. No mean feat wearing two left shoes!

Lucy and Stuart will soon be Honeymooning in Florida and the Caribbean – our best wishes and congratulations go with them (we’ll hang on to the glasses though!) x.

(All photographs taken by Strawberry leisure unless otherwise stated)

Post Script…

The following lovely images have been received today (8th October 2012) from Helen Morcom Photography:










(11th November 2012) Last week this lovely ‘thank you’ card arrived from Lucy and Stuart…

To Bob & Kate,

Thank you so much for making our day extra special!

Lily was beautiful & your service was amazing!

From Lucy and Stuart Parry x

The full length video has now arrived form Barn media…

Lucy & Stuart’s Wedding, Tregenna Castle, Cornwall from The Barn Media on Vimeo.

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