Lola’s Magical Mevagissey Mystery Tour

Amanda and David’s wedding at Pentewan Sands with Lola on Friday 28th September 2012

Between them, our gorgeous girls have had the pleasure of frequenting weddings at  Pentewan Sands on a few occasions this year. Surprising though, none had ventured into picturesque Mevagissey, literally a mere hop skip and chug away.

Amanda and David’s wonderful day was choreographed around the popular Pentewan Sands Holiday Park, near St Austell and Mevagissey. It was here that their accommodation was based, they tied the knot, held their reception and the all important evening celebration party!

An unsurprising trend and tidy solution for many couples wedding plans, as hotels and holiday parks alike nowadays equip themselves to offer the full works under one roof.

Why do they need wedding transport I hear you say?

Well, I suppose in the traditional sense they don’t. However, as you may have gathered by now, Lola, Lily and Lulu offer much, much more than just transport. They entertain, excite and enthral like nothing else with appeal and desirability that scopes all generations. What’s more, being extremely photogenic, versatile and practical, they soon become a big feature of the day in question. You just have to read the huge number of testimonials that we receive on a daily basis to realise the impact they have.

Amanda and David’s wedding was certainly no exception…

Lola caused a stir with the staff at Pentewan Sands!

For Amanda and David it was Love at first sight the moment they set eyes on Lola back in October 2011 at a wedding fayre where we were exhibiting. They just had to have her feature in their day.

So it was that I, Chauffeur Bob, chugged my way over to Pentewan Sands Holiday Park in Lola for a 12:15pm arrival. As instructed, I asked at reception for ‘The Lookout’. This is where the bridal party were staying. ‘That Place’ of high industry, hair, make-up, gowns and bun fights for the bathroom!

The friendly staff at the Reception Office were absolutely captivated by Lola and one by one they all appeared alongside her and swooned!

“You can’t miss the Lookout – it’s perched on high ground on its own”, said one of the ladies. “We tend to use it for all our brides”.

Flower Girls; Lilie, Megan and Seren having fun in Lola.

Today’s plan was fairly relaxed as everything was on campus or very nearby. In essence, two runs from the ‘Lookout’; first Amanda’s Bridesmaids and Flower Girls and finally, Amanda with her Mum and Dad.

True enough, ‘The Lookout’ was easy to spot as I made my way through the site, conscious that curtains were twitching and the Paparazzi were out in force.

As I pulled to a halt outside ‘That Place’ the familiar face of Ben from Foster Filming came across to greet me. He quickly introduced me to Peter Cade the photographer, as they work closely alongside each other.

I popped my head in the door of the bride’s abode to announce my arrival. It was, as suspected, the usual hive of activity but nonetheless relaxed and composed, on the surface at any rate!

Amanda with Mum, Tina, Bridesmaids and Flower Girls.

Amanda was nearly ready and clearly excited, as one by one everyone involved arrived. Bridesmaids and Flower Girls added up to seven in total, so Lola was going to be replete for her first trip.

First to emerge were the three lovely Flower Girls; Lilie, Megan and Seren, all carrying beautiful wands decorated with vibrant red Gerberas. The girls loved Lola and enjoyed just sitting in her having their pictures taken and soaking up the very special circumstances.

Eventually, the Bridesmaids; Gemma, Katie, Katrina and Laura materialised and things started to get a bit ‘boisterous’ in a fun and cheeky sort of way.

Amanda waves as the Bridesmaids depart  – back soon though!

A few more photos later and with everyone standing, waving, screaming and singing along to the music, we made our way in Lola just a few hundred memorable yards away to the ‘Seahorse’ complex where it was all about to take place. The lovely Karina, who looks after affairs of the wedding and events kind at the complex, was there to greet us. We had certainly arrived!

“I’ll be back very soon with the bride”

Amanda with Mum, Tina and Dad, Dave, off to the ceremony.

It was back to ‘The Lookout’. Outside, Amanda was waiting with her Dad, Dave and Mum Tina. They excitedly jumped aboard and posed for a few ‘departing for the ceremony’ snaps. Photographer Pete was working hard. He then ‘legged-it’ over to the ‘Seahorse’ to catch our arrival.

The arrival of Lola’s VIP’s on this run was certainly more dignified and controlled as we could see through the first-floor windows that everyone was inside, seated and expectant.

As is the case with civil weddings, the bride has to have a serious ‘tete-a-tete’ with the registrar just before the ceremony goes ahead. So whenever possible, and in such cases, it is required to arrive ten minutes or so before the allotted ceremony time.

Amanda and David’s ceremony commenced at circa 1:30.

Lola awaiting the arrival of Mr. and Mrs. Willis.

The weather, although mostly dry, kept blowing up into sporadic showers of little consequence, certainly not enough to dampen the proceedings too much.

About half an hour later, Mr. and Mrs. Willis stepped outside with their son, Kingston, to congratulations and a quick chat about forward plans with Lola, videographer Ben and photographer Pete.

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Willis and Master Kingston Willis of course!

A quick conflab ensued and it was agreed that we should go, when the couple were ready, into nearby, picturesque Mevagissey and capture some wonderful moments.

About an hour later we did just that but not before popping open the ‘shampoo’.

Ironically just as we were departing a pesky shower conspired to frustrate but it was fortunately short lived. The sun came out and Mevagissey opened its arms to Lola, Amanda, David and Kingston.

Videographer Ben followed, while Pete, the photographer-come-navigator, rode shotgun in Lola as we chugged our way around the narrow streets and slowly but surely found our way to the harbour.

Some fabulous pictures taken in and around Mevagissey Harbour.

It was Lola’s first sortie into the picturesque fishing village and the reaction was absolutely amazing, warm and moving.

Everyone present were indeed honoured to witness some incredible poses and touching moments.

Another simply fabulous day comes to an end – what a wonderful job!

Amanda and David have a honeymoon in Jamaica to look forward to early next year.

(All pictures taken by Strawberry Leisure unless otherwise stated)

Congratulations and best wishes Mr. & Mrs. Willis and have a wonderful time in Jamaica when the time comes x

Post Script…

A lovely email arrived today (5th October 2012) from Amanda and David:

Hi bob,
I’ve been trying to right something on your blog but can’t seem to find anywhere to leave a msg. Thank you so so much bob we had an amazing day and will never forget what Lola did for our very special day,not just Lola but you to. Your a very kind funny man and definitely in the right line of work. We really enjoyed ourselves and will definitely find another excuse to borrow Lola.  The blog is excellent very thoughtful thanks bob.
Take care Mr and Mrs Willis (Amanda and Dave)

Many thanks to Peter Cade who sent in the following professionally taken photos on 7th October 2012…

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