Oh my God she’s Gorgeous!

Louise and Colin’s wedding at St Germoe Church with Lola on Saturday 29th September 2012.  

Louise and Colin go through the roof with Lola!

Report by Chauffeur Steff.

It was 13:15 and time for me to set off from Strawberry Leisure’s HQ and head back the way I had just come, because my first call was Penzance.

Lola was decorated with ice white and ivory ribbons and tails and stocked with chilled champagne ready for the ‘big day’.

As I pulled into Victoria Square, I was greeted by some enthusiastic onlookers seated outside the Crown Inn, and a few very excited members of the wedding party. Out with the cameras and Lola became the iconic backdrop once again as everyone lined up one by one to take photos. Suddenly a very excited Louise came out and screamed “oh my god she’s gorgeous!” and with that she ran back in to finish off getting ready.

A short while later, Louise stepped out in a stunning ‘A-line’ wedding gown with a dipped neckline and the crystal sash that added a touch of vintage chic. Oh, and shoes you would simply die for!

Pre nuptial – Lola was a big hit with Louise and her wedding party!

Every now and then we all get one of those days when time stands still. It doesn’t seem to matter how slow you go, time stands still. Well this was one of those days.

Along with Louise, her Mum, Sally, and Bridesmaid, Michelle, we set off to the church and drove so slowly that we caused a huge tailback along the A30. By the time we got close to our destination we were still too early and I thought it would be nice to have a tour of the area. Louise loved the idea and became our guide.

I was very impressed with her knowledge of the area and I learned one or two historical facts as well. With the tour coming to an end, we decided it was about time to head to the church.

Today’s ceremony was different from the others because right after the wedding was going to be a Christening as well.

As we pulled up to the church, Louise became very excited and didn’t waste any time getting to the church. A quick wave and the ceremony was underway.

Louise with Michelle making their way into St Germoe Church.

Family friend, Suzy, was there as acting photographer to capture every vital moment.

During the ceremony, I wiped Lola down and spoke with a few locals, even the bell ringer came out to take photos. Suddenly the doors of the church opened and the guests poured out. Louise and Colin were now united as Mr and Mrs Wilson.

Lola’s famously rare rag-top was rolled right back and as the sun beamed in, the happy newlyweds climbed aboard for a champagne toast amidst lots of giggling.

Louise and Colin, now Mr & Mrs Wilson, celebrate with Lola.

It was destination Praa Sands for Lola’s precious cargo and a gentle chug in search of  its golden sands and an afternoon tea rendezvous with the guests.

Louise and Colin are clearly a match made in heaven.

Congratulations and best wishes to a really lovely couple x.

Post Script…

The following lovely email arrived today (3rd October 2012) from Louise’s Mum, Sally:

Dear Bob and Kate,
Just to say thank you for the marvellous service given by Lola and Steff on Saturday 29th for Louise and Colins’ wedding. Thanks too for the blog – a great reminder of a lovely day.
Kind regards,
Sally Taplin


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