Singing in the Rain!

Laura and Keith’s wedding on Friday 5th October 2012 with Lola and Lily at Pendennis Castle, Falmouth.

Here comes the bride – Lola arriving at Pendennis Castle with Laura and Dad, Gary.

Two thousand and twelve and fifty shades of grey. Regrettably there’s been nothing fictitious about the great British weather – it’s been real and mostly fifty shades of grey, that’s for sure!

Well, what do you expect I hear you say, for October?  The only thing is, you could have said the same for June, July, August and September! Wedding days have been a metrological lottery this year, perhaps more than any since weddings began!

Laura and Keith weren’t blessed with even a ray of sunshine today for their beautiful occasion. No doubt they would have preferred better, deservedly so, but they had a simply fabulous time none the less.

These attention grabbing vehicles know how to entertain, excite and endear whatever the conditions – testimony to their immense popularity, desirability and unsurpassed presence.

The heavens opened as Chauffeur Brett and I, Chauffeur Bob, left Strawberry Leisure HQ and chugged our way in Lola and Lily respectively to the home of the ‘Furry Dance’ to collect our VIP’s for the day.

Proud Dad, Gary, with Laura leaving for the ceremony in Lola.

For the second time in as many weeks, today’s wedding had a distinct Naval theme.

We arrived at ‘That Place’ of high industry; (hair, make-up, gowns and bathroom queues) well ahead of schedule, which gave us plenty of time to undo what the weather had done to the ‘girls’ on the way over.

Umbrella aloft, I made my way to the bridal boudoir and knocked the door to announce our state of readiness. Laura’s lovely Mum, Jackie, answered. Despite the weather, everyone was upbeat, cheerful and philosophical despite the sogginess.

Laura was in the chair being attended to by the multi-faceted, Rebecca Gilbert; make-up artist, hair stylist and photographer – what a talent, and interesting business model I thought!

I joined Chauffeur Brett outside under an arsenal of brollies to await the bridal party’s departure.

The plan today was for Chauffeur Brett to take Laura and her Dad, Gary, in Lola, whilst I drove Laura’s Mum, Jackie, Bridesmaids; Clare, Sandra, Gerry and Lauren, along with Flower Girl; Lily, in Lily.

Our ceremony and reception destination being inspired by Henry VIII’s distrust of the French and Spanish; the spectacular Pendennis Castle on the mouth of the Fal in Falmouth.

Following an understandably rushed boarding process and some quick snaps, we set off in convoy, pretty much on schedule.

Gary and Laura were clearly enjoying themselves in Lola whilst up front in Lily a party atmosphere, albeit ‘steamy’ was witnessed by the many vehicles that passed us, waving and horns blasting! In fact it was so steamy at times we must have resembled a mobile ironing service-come-Turkish Bath!

The most memorable part of my trip with the girls in Lily was the singing along to some classic 60’s tracks. It was loud, enthusiastic and fun – we all had a truly happy but soggy sortie over to Falmouth.

As we approached in the driving rain on our ‘Float and Park’ ticket to the Castle, Chauffeur Brett held back in Lola so I could go on ahead and let Lily’s VIP’s disembark and pack away the ironing board, a few minutes ahead of the bride’s arrival.

The multi-faceted Rebecca was already there, poised with camera, blusher and tongs in hand along with the ever-helpful castle staff.

A few moments after disembarkation, Lola turned the corner and with lights reflecting on the wet, narrow drive, made her way majestically up to Henry’s front door.

Careful with that brolly Chauffeur Brett!

I was there on hand to open Lola’s doors. Laura and Gary both commented on their enjoyable ride to the castle and Gary mentioned that he could see the girls were having fun upfront in Lily.  With a final pause for composure and a couple of ‘just arrived’ poses, the bridal party made their way into the castle. Chauffeur Brett followed, on umbrella duty, doing his utmost to ensure the bride was covered, only to get his brolly stranded on the stone entrance archway. It didn’t matter though as our precious cargo was now home and dry.

Lola and Lily awaiting the newlyweds.

Brett and I managed to grab a welcoming hot cup of coffee during the ceremony, which commenced just after the allotted time of 3pm or 15:00 hours in Naval speak.

60 minutes or so later Mr. and Mrs. Elsey, pursued by their guests, made their way to Lola for Champers and photos. It was a rather cosy, fun time with everyone taking turns to join the happy couple in Lola and shelter from the damp South Westerly’s.

With time and conditions against us, it was understandably not possible to whisk the newlyweds away for an open top, hand waving tour of downtown Falmouth and beach chaser for more photos.

Laura and  Keith, now Mr. and Mrs. Elsey, emerge from the ceremony.

Umbrella expert Chauffeur Brett, tackles the ‘Shampoo!’

Congratulations – ‘shampoo’ coming up!

Very cosy!

Post nuptial – Keith with Father-in-law and the boys.

Before we said our goodbyes, I made a point of mentioning that we would be happy to meet up again some other time to capture some fine weather pictures with Lola or Lily. What’s more, I’ll even don my uniform!

A New Year Honeymoon in Norway and the spectacular ‘Aurora Boliaris’ awaits.

Have a wonderful time Laura and Keith – our best wishes and congratulations go with you x.

Post Script…

We have just received the following email from Laura and Keith (10th October 2012):-

Hi there!
We had an amazing day, thanks for everything! The blog and photos are lovely, we’re thrilled we booked with you and would recommend you to anyone,
All the very best
Laura and Keith xx

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