A Christmas Cracker wedding with Lily!

Rebecca and David’s wedding at St Austell Registry Office with Lily on Saturday 15th December 2012.

Our penultimate wedding of the year was a ‘cracker’ indeed!

By December standards, Saturday’s weather wasn’t at all bad. Fairly mild with a few sun glimpses and although occasionally punctuated with a scattering of sharp showers, the day turned out better than expected.

Lily and I, a fully thermally suited and booted Chauffeur Bob, made an early departure from Strawberry leisure HQ and headed eastwards up the A30. It is ‘silly season’ after all with everyone seemingly taking to the shops.

Our first destination was to be a rendezvous at St Stephen to collect the Groom, David his young boys, Tyler and Kirtis and Best Man, Colin

Lily was especially attired in black ribbons and gold bows and looking truly resplendent, she chugged in her own ‘not to be hurried’ manner to St Stephen, flirting as ever, with the many admirers along the way.

Lily looking spectacular in black ribbon and gold bows.

It’s also harvest season for those vegetables of the ‘windy’ Brassica genus and with the dual ‘cabbage way’ resembling a John Deer Tractor mud-slinging convention, it was inevitable we were not going to arrive unscathed! I chuckled to myself in amazement as tractors seemed to pop up near wind farms – must be a coincidence!

We arrived in St Stephen as planned, with enough time in the schedule for a last-minute pamper session, just around the corner from our pick-up address – tidying of bows and removal of the occasional Brussel Sprout etc.

The boys ready to depart; David, Colin, Tyler and Kirtis.

The boys were ready and waiting and Lily was getting some serious attention from neighbours – curtains were certainly twitching!

A few ‘we’re on our way’ snaps and we were underway to St Austell’s Registry Office bang on time at 1:35pm.

The boys arriving at St Austell Registry Office.

A short cloud burst signalled our arrival some 20 minutes or so later. There to greet us was Rebecca and David’s official photographer for the day,  family friend; Emily Dawson. A few customary arrival poses followed before I turned Lily around and headed off to collect the bridal party.

Similarly, the bridal party were ready and waiting for us when we arrived and were all outside waving as Lily chugged up to meet them – there was certainly no mistaking we had found the right address. A few blasts of her klaxon as we neared visibly sent everyone into a heightened state of excitement!

Rebecca looked wonderfully relaxed, as did her Dad, William. Together with her bridesmaids, Jessica, Sarah, Isla and Gemma as well as Tom and Thomas on Camcorder, we all set off for the Registry Office, with the sun shining serenaded by Michael Bublé’s ‘it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas’.

The bridal party arrive at St Austell Registry Office.

There was quite a gathering to greet Lily’s VIP’s on arrival. Emily was there merrily snapping away and the low winter sun was fighting its way through as the bridal party made their way down the path and into the Ceremony Suite. It was just before 2pm.

Fortunately the sun was gradually winning its battle through the clouds and by the time the newly appointed Mr. and Mrs. Carne materialised some 30 minutes later, conditions were looking good for a beach photo shoot excursion.

Another wedding party had just arrived at this point, so we decided to defer the ‘champers’  popping ceremony for the beach but still managed to capture a few unhurried poses before finally departing for the picturesque Porthpean Beach.

Emily followed in her car whilst the happy newlyweds, along with David’s boys, Tyler and Curtis, chugged in Lily to our penultimate destination.

Mr. and Mrs.Carne with Tyler and Kirtis at St Austell Registry Office.

The weather proved extremely kind. So much so the vista looking down at Porthpean Beach and out to sea was spectacularly clear and sunny. However, behind us you could make out a pesky squall making its way to join us.

Fortunately, it managed to restrain itself long enough to capture some really lovely, unforgettable moments. We even managed to get the champers popped and flowing in the dry.

Tyler and Kirtis enjoying their time with Lily at Porthpean Beach, St Austell.

David and Rebecca soaking up the moment and the champers!

Alas time was pressing and the heavens were about to burst as we headed in Lily up the steep hill, leaving behind us blue sea and sky.

As anticipated the heavens did open for most of the final journey to St Dennis, but the sun managed to reappear the moment we arrived.

The happy couple arriving for their reception at St Dennis.

We said our goodbyes amidst a few hugs, kisses and handshakes. David and Rebecca expressed their thanks and said they had had a really lovely time.

Congratulations and best wishes to a lovely couple xx.

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