A Beautiful ‘Wet Nose’ Day with Lily!

Nikki and Matt’s Wedding on Friday 15th March 2013 at Heartlands, Pool, with Lily.

It was Red Nose day as Nikki and Matt’s wedding got our extremely busy 2013 wedding season underway in the most beautiful of style, albeit on the damp side!

Hitherto, we had enjoyed one of the driest periods I can recall for a good few months, so things were looking promising. Unfortunately, with impeccable timing, the Mumbai Monsoon returned just as I, Chauffeur Bob, arrived in Lily to collect the Groom and Best Man.

Despite trying its darndest the torrential downpour of rain, hail, cats and dogs did not spoil for one moment Nikki and Matt’s special day…

Lily our scrumptiously seductive Samba looked truly amazing. Attired in a combination of purple, teal and ivory she coordinated perfectly with the bridal party’s chosen ‘Peacock’ themed colours.

Despite the ominous forecast it managed to remain dry for our short trip up the A30 from Strawberry Leisure HQ to Pool. As ever, Lily was attracting loads of attention en-route. Even to the extent that someone drove past holding up what looked like an IPAD, filming us as they overtook.

Matt with his Best Man Andrew getting ready for departure

The plan was to first take Matt and his Best Man, Andrew from their Pool pick-up address to Heartlands, a mere hop, skip and chug away. Then from there make my way to the Bride’s boudoir to collect Nikki, her Dad Lance, along with Bridesmaids Ruby, Lily-May and Poppy.

As a wedding chauffeur you tend to get a little paranoid about finding pick-up addresses. Despite checking and double-checking postcodes, Google mapping and even the occasional ‘reccy’ beforehand for remote locations, you still breath a sigh of relief upon finding your destination in a timely manner.

Nicely ahead of schedule, I felt positive that I had arrived at the right location even though I could not see a street name or indeed a house with a corresponding number. “I’ve lived here all my life and never heard of it”, said a passerby, a retort that had me reaching in a cold sweat for the phone.

As it turned out, I was right outside – Matt’s house being screened from the road by Laylandii – phew!

First to show was Matt’s friend, Videographer Kev from Panpot Media, all the way from Manchester, shortly followed by Matt himself, Best Man Andrew and the Mumbai Monsoon!

After posing for a few customary ‘just about to depart’ photos, we battened- down the hatches and set sail for Heartlands.

With the boys safely deposited at Jane Hooper House, I pointed Lily in the direction of Redruth.

The bridal party ready for departure.

Nikki and entourage were ready and waiting when I arrived, all looking absolutely fabulous, smiling from ear to ear and incredibly relaxed. The couple’s professional photographer for the day, Jenny Scott of ‘Flowerz Photoz’  (a real fun character) was quickly out of the front door snapping away in the rain at Lily.

You do a lot of waving in a campervan!

After running back and forth a few times on umbrella duty, we had all our VIP’s on board, snapped in various poses and finally underway for Nikki’s life changing appointment.

A combination of a slightly delayed departure from the Groom’s residence, appalling weather and more buses in and around Redruth than you could shake a conductor at, meant we were a trifle late (trifle =10 minutes) in delivering the wedding party into the welcoming hands of the Registrar. Nonetheless, no one looked overly concerned and with brollies again at the ready, Lily’s VIP’s made their way inside for their important appointment.

At 12:15 precisely, Matt and Nikki stepped-out into the daylight as Mr. and Mrs. Thomas and received the many heartfelt congratulations from family, friends and yours truly.

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Thomas!

We were all getting wet noses; well, it was raining cats and dogs! But it didn’t spoil the fun and with the champers now popped and glasses brimming, the happy couple sipped and smiled as Jenny snapped away.

The plan from here was going to be a photo-call at Portreath beach before the reception, but unsurprisingly I sensed the weather was causing some second thoughts. Fortunately, Nikki and Matt agreed with me that they ought to go for it and go for it we did! Although relatively close, Portreath seemed some way away as we chugged along at a snail’s pace, dictated at times by virtually zero visibility and muddy, flooded roads – Jenny the photographer was following on behind.

It’s off to the beach at Portreath.

We made it through the rain to Portreath and ended up at the beach car park with some other brave souls who were watching our cabaret act unfold from the cosy confines of their motorhome.  Suffice it to say,  we all had a fabulous time and I’m sure Jenny would have captured some truly memorable moments, which I’m really looking forward to seeing.

Our visit to Portreath was understandably perfunctory, given the weather and awaiting guests back at the Penventon Park Hotel, but it was well worth it.

The rain ebbed and flowed en-route to the reception, but with the music playing and the champers flowing, Matt and Nikki were clearly happy, contented and seemingly untroubled by the great British weather. The day after all was about them and they were certainly going to enjoy it come what may!

Our very best wishes go to a lovely couple X.

All pictures taken by Strawberry Leisure unless otherwise stated.


Facebook – flowerzphotoz


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