Lily surfs-up a heavenly treat at Godrevy!

Debbie and Andy’s wedding at Gwinear Church on Saturday 23rd March 2013 with Lily.

The Cypriot economy in meltdown and the UK in the grip of the greatest springtime freeze since the birth of the universe were the lead stories in the papers the day Debbie and Andy got married.

Here in deepest West Cornwall (God’s Country) everything was perfect… the weather in comparison was stunning, Lily was looking irresistible attired in sky blue ribbons with white bows and, as we were later to find out, surf was up, big style!

By any standards this was a truly lovely, fun affair, punctuated with some memorable moments; hairy sporrans, a dung tractor and kisses for Lily. Moreover, awe-inspiring scenery and conditions at Godrevy made for some amazing photos…

It was a short chug up the A30 for me, Chauffeur Bob, in Lily to collect the boys from the Lowenac Hotel in Camborne. I arrived bang on time (as usual). It was 10:45 precisely as I pulled Lily to a halt in the hotel’s car park.

There ready and waiting were the boys and with glasses in hand, I was quickly able to deduce that the hotel’s bar was already open for business. “A bit too early for me” I remember saying to Andy, “Dutch courage” replied the groom!

The boys arrive at Gwinear Church sporting their impressive Sporrans!

The guys were all sporting Kilts with an array of the most impressive hairy Sporrans I had ever set eyes on. Indeed, I sensed Lily, herself already topless, starting to blush! Apparently, a Highland Pipers tradition to sport hair around your Sporran – Goats hair I presume!

Introductions ensue. First, Andy’s brother and Best Man Simon, followed by Groomsmen Mark and William, Paige Boy Liam and Master Callum.

It was soon time for departure and with everyone alighted, it was cue music and off to Gwinear.  As we arrived at the church some 20 minutes or so later, you could sense the sun trying its darndest to break through.

The familiar face of videographer Kevin Creedon from Plan 9 Video was already there with cameras rolling.

We had plenty of time for a few poses with Lily before I set off to collect the bridal party, just a mile away in downtown Gwinear.

The ladies ready for departure

Debbie’s mum, Shirley came to the door to greet me. I immediately sensed that unmistakable air of pre-nuptial industrious buzz… hair, make-up, gowns, flowers and of course fights for the bathroom. However, I could hear plenty of laughter as well, so things were going well despite the understandable jangling of nerves.

Debbie and Andy’s professional photographer for the day, Tony Mann, was there having fun snapping away.

The plan from here was to take Mum Shirley, the Bridesmaids, Megan, Tash and Stacey along with Flower Girls, Grace and Alexis to the church first, finally returning to collect Debbie and her Dad, Frank.

Tony left clutching his camera just ahead of our first departure. This gave me a few moments to take a few ‘just about to leave’ shots with the ladies before getting underway. Their next door neighbour was there as well, trying to get a get a few departure photos but was having some technical difficulties.

As we neared the church I paused to fully open Lily’s famously rare ragtop and the light flooded in for our regal-like arrival. The church bells were ringing and Tony and Kevin were clicking and whirring away respectively.

With Lily’s VIP’s safely delivered I pointed Lola back in the direction she had just travelled and set off to collect Debbie and Frank.

Debbie looked stunning and was outside with her dad, eagerly anticipating our arrival. The neighbour had ditched her earlier camera and appeared to be having more success with a different model.

The sun was breaking through and Debbie decided that we ought to leave Lily’s ragtop fully open for her final journey of singledom to the church.

A dung tractor on the way to church – how inconsiderate!

A few poses later and with music playing, we gently chugged our way through the lanes. Our emotional short journey was punctuated, as we neared the church, with laughter as we got held up by nothing other than a tractor of the dung spreading variety – for obvious reasons, we kept our distance!

We eventually managed to shake-off the tractor. Fortunately the church’s campanologists were still busy at work as we pulled to a halt outside the entrance.

Debbie with Dad Frank arriving at Gwinear Church

After a few customary ‘just arrived’ photos, the bridal party gracefully made their way down the path and into the church for Debbie’s life changing appointment with Andy.

Lily patiently awaiting the arrival of the newly weds.

Approximately fifty minutes later, amidst the pealing of bells, Debbie and Andy appeared at the same entrance but this time as Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner.

A ‘monsoon’ of confetti greets Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner.

After a few poses in the church grounds and receiving the many congratulations from guests, notwithstanding a monsoon of confetti, the happy newly weds boarded their awaiting topless chariot, Lily.


The champers flowed as we departed for a photo call at Godrevy en-route to their reception at the Lowenac Hotel in Camborne. Photographer Tony and Vidographer Kevin had little trouble keeping up with us as we chugged the few miles to unarguably one of the most beautiful locations you’ll find anywhere in the world.

Topless in Lily – we’re off to Godrevy!

Pictures say a thousand words so I thought what happened next needs no commentary…

Alas it was time to leave the stunning and spectacular setting of St Ives Bay and return Debbie and Andy to their awaiting guests.

As we approached Camborne, Andy called to give the guests a ‘back in five’ message. A message that was clearly received judging by the tremendous and emotional welcome afforded to Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner as we slowly turned onto the hotel’s forecourt – Andy and Debbie remained standing and waving throughout.

Even the hotel is colour coordinated!

Debbie and Andy clearly loved every minute of their time with Lily. So much so, Debbie had left a few telltale goodbye lipstick marks on Lily.

Kisses for Lily!

A few hugs and kisses followed as we said our goodbyes and left the happy couple to continue their celebrations, no doubt well into the evening.

Debbie and Mark will be honeymooning in Malta. Our love and best wishes go with them x.

All pictures taken by Strawberry Leisure unless otherwise stated.

Post script

A few days later the following lovely message popped into my Blackberry ..

Hi Bob,

I can’t thank you enough for making my wedding day amazing.  Lily was so beautiful and everyone loved her.  I really enjoyed having her and you were amazing and really lovely.  Thank you so much. I will send you my pictures of us and Lily when Tony sends them.

Can you please e-mail the pictures you took.

Thanks so much you really made our day, the sun came out and surf was huge and we saw that in Lily, with Beach Boys, Amazing!! It’s what I dreamed of and you made it real. So mind blowing.

Thanks Love, Debbie and Andy

Saturday 30th March and the following lovely video clip arrived from Kevin Creedon of Plan 9 Video. We feel it really captures the true essence of Andy and Debbie’s moving, memorable day. It also includes some great scenes involving Lily…

On the 10th April, Debbie and Andy sent in a couple of photographs with the following note…

Dear Bob,
Andy has already said I married him and Lily, here’s the proof.
Hope your well, having a massive canvas made of Andy, Lily and myself, the photos are lovely and Lily made them special.  xx
Regards Debbie
Lily VW wedding camper van
Chauffeur Bob at Godrevy

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