A topless Easter treat!

The wedding of Jenni-Leigh and Dean at St Mewan Church St Austell on Saturday 30th March 2013 with Millie and Lily.

Making international news on the day that Jenni-Leigh and Dean got married was the growing tensions between North and South Korea. Closer to home, local newspapers were speculating whether visitors to the region would turn up given, we’re told, the coldest Easter since the Big Bang!

In downtown St Austell and Newquay however, Jenni-Leigh and Dean’s wedding was certainly the talk of the towns. Well, certainly amongst family, friends, guests and onlookers!

The couple chose to pair contemporary Mille with classic icon Lily, for their memorable day and dress them in coordinating ‘Hot Pink” ribbons with white bows and what a spectacular pairing it turned out to be. With seventy years of motoring technology between them, they were to make a wonderful contribution to a truly memorable and entertaining day. Fully suited and booted, traditionally attired Chauffeurs Bob and Steff were on duty. You could say professionalism, class and coolness were in abundance!

Chauffer Steff picks up the story…

It was Saturday 30th March and I was ecstatic because this was the first wedding of the season for me. Oh how I’ve missed Lola, Lily, Lulu and Millie, it has been a long winter.

Chauffeur Bob was to drive the bride, Jenni-Leigh and her dad, Chris to the church in Millie and with nuptials completed,  Mr. and Mrs Gosling were to travel in Millie to a ‘Fistral Beach Hotel’ reception in the county’s surfing capital, Newquay.

Today I was to chauffeur Sandy, mum of bride and Jayne mum of groom along with the bridesmaids; Zoe, Hayley, Katie, Jo and Zowie to St Mewan’s church in Lily and from there onwards after the ceremony for a Fistral beach reception in Newquay.

The girls, excited and ready to get underway to the church in a topless Lily.

Despite having to re route following a road closure on the A30, en-route to our pick-up destination, we arrived in glorious sunshine in good time. As always, we had clearly got spotted and created a lot of attention as we navigated our way South Easterly from Strawberry leisure HQ in the Bay of St Ives to St Austell on the opposite coast.

Jenni-Leigh with proud dad, Chris – let’s go!

Time for a quick check over, sparkle and straightening of ties, before being welcomed by Jenni-Leigh’s mum Sandy, shortly followed by the couple’s professional picture taker for the day, Sasha from Blue Skyes Photography. Her colleague, Steve, was already with the boys capturing their build up to the occasion.

On the surface everything appeared calm and collected, no doubt aided by the fine weather, albeit a bit on the chilly side.

As it was such a beautiful day we rolled back Lily’s famously rare full length rag-top and the sun radiated a soft golden light through the open roof. With  the bridal party alighted, everyone started to get very excited.

Meanwhile, Chauffeur Bob helped Jennie-Leigh and dad, Chris, into Millie as we prepared for departure.

One last check to make sure nothing was forgotten and we set off. The trip was only a few minutes but as always, we made the most of it with some laughs and giggles as we chugged through the streets of St Austell. Just like the previous season, bystanders looked on in bemusement as Lily trundled past oozing happiness from her delighted passengers.

Chauffeur Bob followed a few minutes behind in the bridal car.

Arriving at St Mewan Church in St Austell.

As the church was only a few minutes away, I made a promise to the ladies that we’d have a bit more fun on the journey to the reception after the ceremony.

Jenni-Leigh and her dad, Chris, arrived at the church just a few moments afterwards in Millie to be welcomed by her bridesmaids, and the two mums.

A few poses for the album followed and after a brief pause for organisation and composure, the entire wedding party gracefully made their way up the sun lit path to finally disappear inside the church.

During the service Chauffeur Bob and myself were introduced to a lovely lady called Linda from Group Travel who was driving a rather luxurious, leather seated coach which had been arranged for the guests. Linda was rather taken by Lily and Millie and likewise, we were both impressed with the coach – Linda grabbed one of our 16 page brochures or should we say catalogue!

Chauffeur Steff with Chauffeur Linda of Group Travel Coach Hire – nice coach!

7 inches apart in distance, 70 years in technology – Millie and Lily await the newlyweds!


We could see the campanologists, who were busy sunning themselves outside during the ceremony, quickly depart to get tugging on their ropes, so we knew the newlyweds arrival was imminent.

A peal of bells a few moments later and Mr. and Mrs. Gosling stepped out into the glorious Easter sunshine to receive heartfelt congratulations from the congregation, showers of confetti and some lovely bubbly, professionally corked by Chauffeur Bob.

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Gosling!

Jenni-Leigh and Dean with Range Rover Millie

A large number of photos followed with various poses in and around the vehicles before it was time to depart. The bridal car, Millie, was to lead the cross county charge to Newquay, hopefully at a pace compatible with Lily’s 70 year old ‘chug-along’ technology,  in other words circa 40 -50 MPH tops!

Chauffeur Bob checking tickets prior to departure for Newquay!

A relaxed and happy couple are on their way to the reception.

Everyone regrouped and boarded Millie, Lily and ‘Chauffeur Linda’s’ coach as all got going on the last leg of the adventure to the Fistral Beach Hotel in Newquay. This time Chris (the bride’s dad), joined me with the girls in Lily on what was to become an epic journey of laughter and fun. Chris took immediate charge of the tunes, cranking up the volume and choosing some surprisingly excellent hits. Everyone, it seems was having a ball!

I am pleased to say that Chauffeur Bob was respecting Lily’s years, drving at a dignified pace that we could comfortably keep up with.

We eventually  rolled in to Newquay with Lily’s rag top open and the bridesmaids and mothers screaming and laughing, accompanied but some seriously cool vibes and the occasional honk of Lily’s Klaxon.

Unmistakably, Newquay knew we had arrived!

Not wanting to attract attention the girls arrive in Newquay!

We had time for a few more poses with the happy couple, bridesmaids and Dean’s entourage before finally bidding our farewell.

Most couples go through the roof with Lily!

A topless Lily for the Boys!

Time for one final pose with Lily.

The party was already getting into full swing as we left – no doubt it was destined to be a truly unforgettable day for everyone invoved.

We thoroughly enjoyed our involvement. So thank you Mr. and Mrs. Gosling for sharing it with us and may we wish you health and happiness for many years to come x.

All photographs taken by Strawberry leisure unless otherwise stated.




Post Script 

This evening (Sunday 7th April) this lovely thank you email arrived from Sandy and Chris – the bride’s mum and dad…

Hi Bob

Firstly, thank you for your e-mail and forwarding details of your blog, it is absolutely amazing and both myself and Chris enjoyed reading it and viewing those lovely photos of our daughter’s wedding.
I was intending to e-mail you to convey our thanks for enhancing our lovely day everything went like clockwork, it was all wonderful, including the weather !!
Jenni and Dean are having a wonderful time in hot Jamaica, and I will telling them about your blog and I know they will enjoy it too,
We were all very impressed with your excellent service and would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone else who are getting married.
Best wishes to all at Strawberry Leisure.
Sandy & Chris

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