Becky and Neil’s Crackington day with Lola!

Becky and Neil’s wedding at Minster Church, Boscastle on Friday 5th April 2013 with Lola

What a simply sensational start we have had to the 2013 wedding season here at Strawberry Leisure; unarguably, the best job in the world! The fun, sun and excitement continued unabated today with Becky and Neil’s magical day in the mystical and awe-inspiring scenery of North Cornwall.

Today was always destined to be a rather challenging day for a 50 year old campervan, given the distances we had to travel, coupled with the geography of the region. Nonetheless, Lola rose to the occasion and put in another faultless performance of head turning proportions.

The forecast was spot on; fine and sunny but still a bit chilly in the prevailing easterlies which made for a pleasant and picturesque chug up the Atlantic Highway. Our destination being a beautiful, ‘off the beaten track’ pick-up address near Crackington Haven, Bude.

Lola at Trevigue Crackington Haven near Bude awaiting the bridal party.

Two and half hours or so later, and well ahead of schedule, I (Chauffeur Bob) had arrived, perched at high altitude and overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Not sure at first whether I was in the right place, my uncertainty was put to rest as a car pulled alongside. It was Becky’s brother, Bobby, who quickly introduced himself on his way to ferry the boys to church.  Seconds later as I was preparing Lola’s bows and ribbons, the familiar face of photographer Adam Gibbard appeared on the scene in true ‘flying squad’ fashion. “Sorry for kicking up the dust”.

Becky with Katherine, Suzanne and Katie just before departing for the ceremony

I eventually made my way to Becky’s industrious boudoir to be introduced to her mum and dad, Carol and Glen and bridesmaids; Katherine, Suzanne and not forgetting little flower girl, Katie.

Adam was soon busy at work; taking full advantage of the wonderful light and rolling hills and valleys that were providing a breathtaking backdrop for some lovely pre-nuptial snaps.

Excitement started to mount considerably as everyone made their way to Lola for departure and with her rare ragtop rolled right back and her VIP’s awash with warm sunlight, we set off.

Proud dad Glen with Becky, Katherine and Suzanne ready to get going

Photographer Adam had parked his car a few yards away at the reception venue and joined us all in Lola, and was to ride shotgun for the rest of the day.

We had a fun, klaxon sounding and royal hand waving trip to find what I can only describe as ‘Brigadoon’, otherwise known as Minster Church somewhere near Boscastle.

For the unfamiliar, ‘Brigadoon’ is a 1954 film. A love story based on a miraculously blessed village that rises out of the mists every hundred years for only a day, so that the village would never be changed or destroyed by the outside world.

A windy, single track lane with barely enough room to open campervan doors leads to this most magical of settings. Minster Church is set down off this lane at the foot of a valley where time has stood still.

Miraculously and thanks to the navigation skills of Becky, we arrived at just a few minutes after 2pm, the time set for Becky and Neil’s appointment of a lifetime.

Minster Church, Boscastle in a ‘Brigadoon’ like mystical setting!

I helped Becky down the steep leafy path to the church by keeping her dress out of harm’s way and remember asking her how they managed to find this remotest of places. Becky said that they were out walking shortly after their engagement and just happened across it and decided there and then that this is where they are going to get married. Suffice it to say, that wasn’t a 100 years ago!

At 3pm exactly, Mr. and Mrs. Stilgoe stepped out of the church and into the sunlight and I could see from my vantage point a few hundred feet above, the happy couple receiving congratulations from their family, friends and guests.

Photographs soon followed before everyone made their way back up the steep path. Guests were filing past commenting on how cold it was in the church and how much warmer it was outside. This I thought was a tad unreasonable given that central heating obviously takes longer than 1 day in every 100 years to install – even for British Gas!

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Stilgoe!

As the guests made their way to the coach that Neil and Debbie had laid on for them, Adam and I followed the newlyweds back to Lola amidst a colourful sunlit setting.  I’m sure that Adam would have captured some more fabulous moments at this point; I can’t wait to see them.

We opened the champers and with glasses charged, made our way to our penultimate port of call; Crackington Haven Beach. Here, we really did get noticed and whilst Becky and Neil were getting snapped by Adam on the beach, I too had many pictures taken by passersby as I posed and waited with Lola.

Becky with Neil at Crackington Haven

Lola at Crackington Haven – at one stage she got mobbed!

En-route to the elevated reception venue, Trevigue Restaurant, we paused for some more memorable pictures against the Atlantic coastline and spectacular cliffs that draw your attention like a magnet – Lola remained topless throughout.

En-route to the reception a brief pause for some fabulous poses!

Back at Trevigue Restaurant, family, friends and guests joined Mr. and Mrs. Stilgoe for a few fun photos in and around Lola. I managed to nip in quickly to grab a picture of a fabulous wedding cake made in the shape of Lola with the bride and groom standing up out of her ragtop.

We said our goodbyes and had a few hugs and kisses before finally pointing Lola back down the Atlantic Highway.

What a truly wonderful and enjoyable day and worth every minute of the long trip.

Best wishes Becky and Neil and thank you for sharing your magical day with us x.

All pictures taken by Strawberry Leisure unless otherwise stated.

Post Script

A nice little email arrived today (13/04/13) from Becky and Neil…

Hi Bob

Just a quick email to say thanks for sending me the link to the blog, it’s great and it has meant that we could share some of our special day with our friends that weren’t at the wedding.

You are a true wordsmith.

It was a pleasure to have yourself and Lola with us on our day and you helped make the day even more special and memorable.

Best wishes

The Stilgoes xx

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