Cove to Bay – topless Lola loves to party!

Lola VW wedding campervan

Natalie and Paula’s Civil Partnership at The Cove Hotel, Lamorna on Tuesday 16th April 2013 with ‘Show-Girl’ Lola.

Like her siblings Lulu and Lily, Lola has become quite an international celebrity. You would not believe the emails we get from all corners of the globe – seriously!

Well, on Tuesday this week I, Chauffeur Bob, had the privilege of taking Lola on another simply sensationally fun outing to meet up with Natalie and Paula on the occasion of their Civil Partnership. And yet again, Lola spun her usual magic to excite and entertain, much to the delight of everyone involved, including oodles of onlookers…

A pleasant morning weather wise, not exactly cloudless but at least it was dry unlike the torrential rain we had to endure for 24 hours or so just a couple of days earlier. As I set off from Strawberry Leisure HQ I sensed the sun was trying to break through the blanket of low cloud.

First port of call was nearby St Erth Services for a fill-up, it was about 8:45am and already Lola had pulled! I gave two brochures out whilst filling and couldn’t help notice the mesmerising effect she was having on everyone around me.

With her tank now replete, we set off on the short chug to a small Hamlet called Drift, on the Land’s End side of Penzance, to collect Natalie, her mum Vanessa, bridesmaids Nadia and Charlotte and Nadia’s fiancée, Rob. I announced my arrival with military precision at 09:30 hours.

Lola VW wedding campervan

Rob, Nadia, Natalie,Charlotte and Natalie’s mum Vanessa ready for departure.

We had discussed arrangements for the day well in advance, which were to include a post ceremony trip in Lola to Marazion Beach for the happy couple along with their bridesmaids and duty photographer, Barney Walters.

But first with introductions over and specially burned CD handed to me by Natalie for our post ceremony beach party trip, we set course for the Cove Hotel at Lamorna. Our routing took us via Newlyn and a first gear chug up the infamous north face of Paul Hill!

The Cove HotelThe music was playing, people were waving – everyone was happy and excited including yours truly, unarguably doing the best job in the world!

For the unfamiliar, Lamorna is a picturesque wooded, fishing village and cove in deepest west Cornwall approximately 6 miles west of Penzance. Circa 30% of Cornwall is designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) of which this sleepy ‘refuge from routine’ is included.

At 10:00am, Lamorna awoke to the unmistakably nostalgic chugging sound of a 50 year old split screen campervan. Although the ceremony time was scheduled for 11:00am, Natalie wanted to get there in time to greet arriving guests and attend to a few last minute preparations. Paula was already somewhere in the hotel.

Teana Cup Cakes

An edible Lola!

The hotel’s proprietor, Lee, was there to greet us along with a number of early arrivals who were clearly taken by the arrival of Lola.

Just as Lola’s VIP’s were making their way inside a lady appeared. She introduced herself as Teana Cupcakes – strange surname I thought!

Teana excitedly went on to explain that she had made Natalie and Paula’s cake, which features an edible version of Lola, proudly perched on the top! Teana escorted me in for a sneak preview and the opportunity to whip out my Box Brownie.

At about 11:20 the happy couple stepped out into the sunlight swiftly followed by photographer Barney Walters and bridesmaids Nadia and Charlotte.

Lola VW wedding campervan

Congratulations Natalie and Paula!

Lola was ready and waiting; her wonderfully rare rag-top was rolled fully back, chilled champagne awaited and the couple’s specially selected music was playing – it was indeed, very atmospheric.

Whilst guests nibbled on their canapés we decided to pop open Strawberry Leisure’s specially labelled bottle of champers, charge glasses and get the party bus rolling into Marazion. Barney rode shotgun, snapping away at what seemed like a few hundred frames per second, whilst Natalie, Paula, Nadia and Charlotte sipped, sung, waved and, at times, danced away.

It always comes as a pleasant surprise to passengers the amount of attention our lovely vehicles attract. Today was certainly no exception as we merrily chugged to our destination with Lola’s klaxon also putting on some fine performances.

Make no mistake, Marazion knew we had arrived!

We parked up adjacent to the slipway – the beach just below us and the awe-inspiring presence of St Michael’s Mount straight ahead.

Lola VW wediing campervan

We’ve arrived at  St Michael’s Mount, Marazion.

Barney set to work, visibly eager to capture some really special moments with his own imaginative style. Poses, in and around Lola and on the beach followed. I really can’t wait to see the professional results, which we’ll hopefully be able to add to this blog as a ‘Post-Script’ in the very near future.

Lola VW wedding campervan

Lola, Natalie and Paula

Lola VW wedding campervan

Bridesmaids Charlotte and Nadia trying not to feel cold at Marazion!

Natalie & Paula

Lola VW wedding campervan

Chauffeur Bob

The best job in the world says Chauffeur Bob!

Alas, it was time to depart Marazion and return Lola’s VIP’s to Lamorna. On our way back, I took them for a quick detour through Penzance town centre, much to the sheer delight of everyone; Barney included, who was snapping away with frenzy, trying to capture the amazing reactions of onlookers and all on board.

Guests came out to greet us when we arrived back at the Cove Hotel. We found time for a few more snaps with family and friends in and around Lola before finally saying our farewells.

Lola VW wedding camperva

Leon and Alexander (wearing the cap) about to take Lola for a quick spin!

Lola VW wedding campervan

Lots of hugs, kisses and ‘thank-you’s’ later, Lola roared back into life. I pulled back on her steering column and we started our steep climb out of the Hotel’s car park and headed back to Strawberry Leisure HQ.

Thank you Natalie and Paula for sharing your wonderful day with us.

Love and best wishes for your future health and happiness from all of us at Strawberry Leisure including Lola of course x.

All photographs taken by Strawberry Leisure unless otherwise stated.

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