‘Light’ entertainment with Lola!

Lola VW wedding Campervan

Donna and Rob’s wedding at the Sacred Heart Church, St. Ives, on Saturday 20th April 2013, with Lola.

25th April and the following wonderful video clip of Donna and Rob’s gorgeous day with Lola in and around St Ives arrived from Kevin Creedon of Plan 9 Video. It features some fabulous scenes from inside Lola…

A week’s a long time in politics, so the saying goes. It’s also a long time in terms of the great British weather patterns. The previous Saturday, we witnessed wall to wall rain, wind and fog, and today pretty much wall to wall sunshine!

Donna and Rob certainly came up trumps on the weather lottery stakes – arguably the best day this year.

A major earthquake in China was making international news the day Donna and Rob got married, closer to home the outbreak of Measles in Wales and subsequent vaccination rush continued to dominate the headlines.

BouquetsIn Carbis Bay, however the only noticeable rush was emanating from the bride’s industrious boudoir, as everyone excitedly prepared themselves for one of life’s very special days.

And what a gorgeous day it turned out to be in so many ways. It was also going to illustrate just how remarkable, practical and ‘head-turningly’ popular our beautiful girls have become…

Lola and Lulu were on separate wedding duties today. Chauffeur Steff was taking charge of Lulu for Kerry and James’s wedding at Illogan (blog to follow), whilst I, Chauffeur Bob had the privilege of escorting our show-girl Lola for the occasion of Donna and Rob’s appointment of a lifetime.

So for me, it was off in the glorious sunshine to Carbis Bay in a shimmering Lola, who was today attired in white bows, navy blue ribbons and sporting two white gerberas in her bud vase. She looked formidable, of regal proportions even!  An observation that certainly didn’t go unnoticed by many others on our short chug from Strawberry Leisure HQ to our pick-up destination.

VW Wedding Campervan

Lola with roof open and awaiting the bridal party.

The bridal party were staying at a private address on the seaward side of Carbis Bay, overlooking the spectacular vista that is The Bay of St Ives. Time to slip in an unsurprising factoid; there are only two bays in the entire British Isles that make it into the official top ten best bays in the world and they’re both in Cornwall. You guessed it, St Ives Bay being one and Mount’s Bay on the opposite coastline the other!

It was just before midday that Lola drew to a halt outside the place of high activity. I could see Donna waving from the window, still in her ‘civvies’, joined by the familiar face of Jenny from Kiss Photography. Donna’s stepdad, Mac, came out, introduced himself and invited me in.

I soon became acquainted with the other members of Donna’s entourage; her granddad and grandmother, Ken and Patricia, Donna’s mum Ann along with Matt and Josh and bridesmaids, Raquel and Lauren.

VW wedding bus Lola

Josh, Matt, Ann, Patricia and Mac ready to get going.

Now, every wedding party has an ‘Agent Provocateur’, in the nicest sort of way that is and Donna’s grandmother, Patricia, was quick to single herself out as a likely candidate!

I could hear frivolous excitement coming from upstairs as Donna and her bridesmaids set about their final preparations, choreographed by Jenny’s partner in life and photography, Ricky.

Pre-nuptial transport today comprised of two runs to the Sacred Heart church in downtown St. Ives. Lola’s first set of VIP’s were Patricia, Ann, Mac, Matt and Josh.

With an allotted ceremony time of 1pm, I was getting concerned that the bridal party were running a trifle late (trifle = circa 10 minutes). Unsurprising, given the last minute detail befitting such occasions; hair, make up, flowers, checklists and ensuring doggies do what they need to do before you leave them.

At about 12:40pm Jenny and I escorted Donna’s grandmother, Patricia down the steep drive towards the awaiting Lola. Patricia confessed to finding the drive hard work.  “I haven’t worn high heel for years and what with my sciatica”. I remember mentioning not to worry as I have struggled at times too. “With Sciatica?” asked Patricia, “no, high heels”, I replied!

Ann, Mac, Matt and Josh joined us in a topless Lola for our first departure. Jenny was there with her professional eye to capture the moment and as ever, I had my Box Brownie at the ready for the blog.  Snaps completed, a few blasts on the klaxon and we were underway.

A few minutes and lots of royal waving later, we were on our final approach to the Sacred Heart Church. I could see Ricky in the middle of the road snapping away. Nearby was Donna and Rob’s duty Videographer for the day, Kevin Creedon of Plan 9 Video. We came to a halt and Lola’s VIP’s remained seated for those customary ‘arrival’ photos. “Say sausages or smelly socks” I said. Instead Patricia shouted out ‘’SEX’’ and then realised that Kevin’s video camera was still rolling – it certainly helped capture a lot of smiling faces!

Lola VW wedding hire

Beautiful – Ken, Donna, Lauren and Raquel ready for the off!

Shortly after safely delivering our first wave of VIP’s, we were back in Carbis Bay preparing for our final run to the church, this time with the bridal party. Donna’s granddad, Ken who like Patricia possesses a lovely sense of humour, had the proud honour of giving his granddaughter away. Bridesmaids, Raquel and Lauren joined us all for some final poses in and around Lola. The light and colours were truly vibrant, even inside Lola thanks to her famously rare rag-top. The mix of colours in the beautiful bridal bouquets combined with the pale yellow dresses of the bridesmaids, made for some incredible pictures.

One of my favourites has to be this one of the ladies applying their lipsticks, whilst Ken watched on holding their bouquets – the light, the colours, the expressions…magical!

Lola VW wedding hire

I love this picture!

By 12:10pm (a trifle late) I was escorting them towards the church entrance, as always taking extra care to keep the bride’s dress out of harms way. A few customary moments for composure later, I heard the music start, the doors close and the ceremony get underway.

Lola VW wedding camper van

Here we are – it’s time to walk down the aisle.

During the fifty-minute ceremony, Lola received an incredible amount of attention by people passing by. I heard someone say, “I wish I had her pulling power at 50!”

A call to chauffeuring duty stations was signaled by Mendelssohn’s wedding march, clearly audible from outside the church.

It wasn’t long before a very happy Mr. and Mrs. Mckellar appeared from around the corner pursued by their many guests.

Lola VW wedding campervan

Lola VW wedding campervan

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Mckellar!

Photographers, Jenny and Ricky as well as Videographer Kevin, had an impressive arsenal of equipment on show today – certainly not an easy logistical undertaking in the intimate surroundings of St Ives. However, Lola was soon to help out!

Dumpy King Harry CoachesEveryone made there way to Lola – Donna and Rob climbed aboard. We popped open the champagne, charged her special wedding day glasses as guests and onlookers alike encircled to congratulate the newlyweds.

‘Dumpy’, a lovely old bus from King Harry Coaches of Lola’s 50/60’s vintage, arrived to collect the guests and transport them to the reception venue at Carbis Bay Hotel.

As previously planned, instead of going straight to the reception, Lola was going to take the happy couple on an open top tour of St Ives, stopping off here and there for photos and video clips. To help with logistics, Jenny, Ricky and Kevin were going to join us in our celebratory cruise.

So in they all got, complete with their equipment arsenal, with exception of Kevin that is, who we stopped to pick up a few yards down the hill after he had got our departure safely ‘in the can’ so to speak.

Donna and Rob

First stop the harbour slipway by the Sloop Inn

Lola VW wedding campervan

Lola received loads of attention too!

Donna and Rob in St Ives

In fact Lola coped admirably and was able to demonstrate her practical attributes as well. Indeed we would have had room for the vicar and choir should they have wished to join us!

It’s impossible to express in words the moving reaction we get when taking couples for a tour around this wonderful, intimate town, particularly on such a sunny day and with the roof fully open. It’s as if the whole town is celebrating with you. Make no mistake, passengers feel like VIP’s on such a special day, and why not!

Suffice it to say, we stopped off in the harbour by the slipway and continued round to Porthgwidden, where Jenny, Ricky and Kevin marched Mr. and Mrs. Mckellar up to the top of the island for some stunning moments and marched them back down again.

Donna and Rob

Lola VW wedding campervan

Next stop the lovely Porthgwidden beach.

Our penultimate stop was Carbis Bay beach, just at the foot of the hotel for an extended photo shoot with family and friends.

Whilst this was going on, I made my way in Lola to the Hotel and parked up at a wonderful vantage point overlooking one of the most beautiful bays in the world.

The hotels effervescent Victoria Williams was on hand to welcome me with a few hugs and kisses – I do love this job!

The sit down time of 4pm was rapidly approaching but we managed to get a few quick snaps with Lola before saying our goodbyes.

Lola VW wedding campervan

Mac and Ann with Lola at Carbis Bay Hotel.

What a lovely couple and another simply magical day.

We’re sure their special day will remain in their memories for many years to come – happy honeymoon in Florida!

Our love and best wishes go to Donna and Rob for their future health and happiness x.

All photographs taken by Strawberry Leisure unless otherwise stated.





Post Script

Whilst Donna and Rob were sunning themselves in Florida, some lovely messages started to pop in…

Hi Bob!

Just looked at the lovely photos and video of Donna and Rob’s wedding, they are brilliant!

Thank you very much for helping to make the day a great success and a fantastic day to remember. 

Wishing you all the best for the future.

Love Ann and Mac xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Oh thank you  Bob, we love your blog! 
I thought you were just taking  Donna to the church and then going home, how wrong I was!   You  went above the call of duty, for which i thank you very much.
Good luck with your business in the future, i am sure with your personality and Lola you will do well!
Love Ann xx 


Hi Bob,

I’m Lauren, one of the bridesmaids and sister of Donna Kennedy (McKellar!). I’ve just read your blog about the day, its amazing!! 

Kind regards


Hello Bob, Kate and of course, Lola 

Thank you so so much for everything, we had an amazing day and Lola looks great in the pics! 

We also took a peek at the blog whilst we were waiting for the rain to stop one afternoon on honeymoon, it was a really lovely treat, mum has already printed it out and sent it to grandma! 

Lots of love the new Mr & Mrs M x


Dear Bob & Kate,

Thank you so much for everything you did on our wedding day – everyone loved Lola and the blog was brilliant. 

Lots of love, Donna & Rob xxx

Thank you's

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