Lily from the stable of Strawberry Leisure is ‘farm’ favourite at the 2 o’clock from Ladock!

Lily VW wedding camper van

‘Light box’ Lily at Woodland Valley Farm, Ladock on Saturday.

Stacie and Simon’s wedding on Saturday 27th April 2013 with campervan Lily.

With 10 weddings already undertaken this year, you could say that the 2013 wedding season is well and truly underway.

The sun decided to have a lay-in today. We’ll it is the weekend after all. Instead, here at Strawberry Leisure HQ we awoke to a hail storm of deafening proportions!

Clearly something needed to be done on such an important wedding day – so there I was, Chauffeur Bob, in my ‘Onesie’ (not a pretty sight) trying my now well- rehearsed ‘sun-dance’ in the front garden. To my surprise, it appeared to be working; the sun broke through and my neighbour was delighted with her free cabaret act!

National news on the day that Stacie and Simon got married centred on a clothing factory collapse in Dhaka and the ongoing conflict in Syria. Much closer to home the local news was very much about Camborne’s Trevithick Day.

Hayle was the engineering playground of Richard Trevithick, the ‘power house’ of the Industrial Revolution. It was from here that we lit Lily’s boiler and steamed our way to our bride’s pick-up destination at Shortlanesend, close to the county’s principality. Quite fitting in a way; one could argue that our gorgeous camper van girls have started their own sort of Wedding Revolution!

Lily VW wedding camper van

Stacie with her escort, Kenza and bridesmaids, Leigh and Brodie ready for the off!

Hot pink, forest green and ivory were Lily’s colours for the day, a striking combination chosen especially by the bride and groom.

The couple’s professional photographer, Dan from ‘Light Box’ in Truro, was first out the door to meet us as we chugged to a halt outside Stacie’s industrious boudoir.

Rather apt, I thought, as many photographers have in the past described Lily as the perfect ‘light box’, given her full-length ‘ragtop’ and all encompassing windows, 21 to be exact!

I eventually entered the hive of activity to formally announce my arrival and state of readiness. Stacie was standing in front of me in the living room dressed in a leopard patterned Onesie. “Unusual wedding dress” I remember saying. There was clearly a ‘Onesie’ thing going on today!

This really was a busy household and one by one I worked through the introductions; Stacie’s mum, Anita, bridesmaids – both sisters of Stacie; Leigh and Brodie along with little flower girl Peri.  Then from upstairs I heard someone say, “sounds like Chauffeur Bob”. It was the familiar face of Becki George from the Harbour Hotel in St Ives, a close friend of Stacie.

Woodland Valley farm

At the top of the stairs I was grabbed by Kenza, Stacie’s ‘bestis’ friend and official escort who had travelled all the way from Oz to give her away. “Any good at arranging top pocket handkerchiefs?”, enquired Kenza. “I’ll give it a go”. Well, I managed a simple triangle, which looked sort of OK, but I doubt if it would have faired well in an Origami competition!

Today’s sortie for Lily was always going to be a fairly straight forward affair, given that the ceremony and reception were taking place out in the sticks at Woodland Valley Farm, somewhere near Ladock. Accordingly, the plan was to take the bridal party to the venue, make the journey as memorable as possible and thereafter enable the happy couple to have some photos in and around Lily at the farm whilst quaffing the champers.

Strawberry LeisureEventually we all gathered outside ready for departure some 15 minutes later than I would have preferred. It was already 1.35pm and considering the distance, traffic and the terrain on our final approach, I felt we were destined for a late (ish) arrival. We would have been on time if it wasn’t for Stacie, who insisted that she changed out of her Onesie!

Some lovely ‘just departing’ photos ensued before photographer Dan ‘legged it’ in his car over to the venue to be there in good time to capture our arrival.

We chugged our way out through Truro, Tresillian and onwards towards our destination. Lily’s VIP’s were clearly enjoying the ride, her klaxon, the attention, the hand waving and the music which I was asked to ‘crank up’. I had deliberately kept Lily’s rag-top closed up to now as it was rather windy and a little chilly but mentioned that we’ll open her up just before we arrive.

Lily VW wedding camper van

Just arrived at Woodland Valley Farm with fab weather – as you can see!

Just after 2pm we had Ladock in our sights, but I realised we still had some ‘off- roading’ to do. We seemed to be driving for an eternity down single-track lanes, always fearful that I had missed a turning, Fortunately, Stacie and Simon’s wedding crew had planted some signs to steer everyone in.

We paused about half a mile away and as promised, opened up Lily’s roof to the outside world – the light flooded in and the girls stood up for a truly spectacular arrival. As we neared the collection of rustic farm buildings, I could make out what looked like Dan, astride in the middle of the dirt track pointing his telephoto at us.

As it turned out it was Dan’s brother acting as assistant photographer. I was soon to find out that Dan had managed to get himself stuck in traffic whilst trying out a supposedly, short cut.

Dan’s brother captured some incredible moments as we pulled to a halt, the girls still standing and waving as two mesmerized, smiling registrars looked on!

Stacie was swiftly whisked away to a, you guessed it, farm building somewhere to carry out the formalities with officialdom.

Lily VW wedding camper van

Stacie returning after completing the serious stuff with the registrars – looks serious anyway!

It was 2.10pm, so not too bad considering. Dan arrived to explain his dilemma – I remember saying it must be the first time I managed to beat anyone to a wedding in a campervan! The traffic was bad though to be fair – we just got lucky in Lily. Dan confessed that he actually lives just a couple of miles away so he decided to take the quicker less obvious route!

Lily VW wedding camper van

Sarah and Lucy from The Round Kitchen -just love campervans!

During the ceremony I found time for a quick chat with the lovely ladies, Lucy and Sarah from The Round Kitchen who were laying on their mouthwatering delicacies throughout the day.

Lily VW wedding camper van

Lily basking in the sun awaiting the arrival of Mr. and Mrs. Carthew!

Sarah, the events manager for Woodland Valley Farm came over for a chat. She explained that it is becoming a popular wedding venue but they do educational stays, as well as host the occasional music festival. Everything is on hand and guests get ‘free-range’ (no pun intended) of the facilities, which includes accommodation.

Mr and Mrs Carthew

Lily VW wedding camper van

Lily VW wedding camper van

Stacie and Simon

Lily VW wedding camper van


A smiling Mr. and Mrs. Carthew emerged down the steps of yet another farm building at approximately 3pm to be joined with their family, friends and guests whilst Dan set about getting the formal group shots underway.

Chauffeur Bob

Chauffeur Bob with Stacie and Simon doing the best job in the world!

Afterwards, Stacie and Simon soon made their way for some final poses with Lily, the champers and yours truly before finally being whisked away by Dan. No doubt for a series of well-rehearsed snaps in and around more rustic farm buildings, barns and the lovely countryside that makes up Woodland Valley Farm.

Lily VW wedding campervan

We wish Mr. & Mrs. Carthew, love and laughter for many years to come and thank you for sharing your special day with us x.

All photographs taken by Strawberry Leisure unless otherwise stated.

Post Script

27th May and this truly wonderful and touching testimonial arrived from Stacie and Simon that were married on the 27th April 2013.

I didn’t write it myself – honestly!…

I have been meaning to do this for days….

Bob, you arrived looking dapper and Lily looking beautiful in the sun. You came into my home on the morning of the most important day of my life, you came in at ease, helped to dress people, chatted effortlessly to whom ever passed through. You carried my train down the drive and then chauffeured me and my girlies in your girlie through the sunshine, you made us all feel relaxed. Once at the venue, agin you were so pleasant and helpful. You helped kick start the ceremony by agin helping me with my train. You and Lily were just as delightful as the weather. Thank you so much, I absolutely sing your praises to all I meet xxx23rd May and we have just received the following message from Newlyna and Adam following their wedding with Lola on Sunday 19th May 2013…

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