Lola causes outbreak of Scarlet fever!

Sarah and Diana’s Civil Partnership at Lusty Glaze Beach on Thursday 4th April 2013 with Lola.

It may have been chilly in today’s Siberian easterly wind but it wasn’t going to stop Sarah, Diana and their privileged guests from sharing some simply fabulous moments in showgirl Lola.

Oodles of fun from the word go as I, Chauffeur Bob, pulled Lola into the contemporary surroundings of The Scarlet Hotel, Spa and Restaurant at Mawgan Porth. Here I was warmly greeted by the hotel’s staff and my caffeine addiction attended to whilst they went in search of Sarah, Diana and guests.

During this short period of time, other people frequenting the hotel were coming over, asking lots of questions about Lola, who had clearly caused quite a stir; no change there then, she really is a seductress!

Today’s exciting outing was to collect Sarah and Diana, along with a number of their entourage and chauffeur them all in the coolest of style to their ceremony venue at ‘Gusty’ Glaze Beach.

Diana and Sarah at The Scarlet Hotel ready to depart with party girl Lola!

With a Lusty Glaze Beach arrival scheduled for 3:15pm, I was eager to ensure we were in good time so we had plenty of time to spare for photo stop-offs, champers and a customary royal hand waving circuit of downtown Newquay.

I didn’t have long to wait.  Just I was about to indulge in another cup, Diana, Sarah and their happy gathering joined me in the lobby area, bringing with them a palpable air of excitement.

Sarah handed me a CD, specially burned for a chugalong – singalong. At this point I braved the artic outdoors, brought Lola round to the hotel’s main entrance doors and loaded the CD.

Following a number of poses in around Lola, we set off. I counted 7 people and two special guests of the four-legged variety. That makes 20 legs in total including mine!

I was a trifle (trifle = slightly) concerned that this was going to present an issue or two, as the climb out of the hotel’s sunken parking area is quite steep.  What’s more, the vicinity around Mawgan Porth/Watergate Bay is of Himalayan proportions!

I needn’t have worried; as I pulled back on her steering column, Lola climbed away from Scarlett International with impressive style. A few blasts on her klaxon, laughs and giggles and with the music pulsating, we were on our way to our first port of call.

Returning from a chilly stroll on Mawgan Porth Beach

The vicinity of Mawgan Porth beach was surprisingly busy, considering the bitterly cold easterlies. As ever, we got noticed and were clearly destined to feature in many other unknown persons photo albums!

Lola’s VIP’s disembarked and made their way to the beach for a few photos and were gone longer than I expected given the conditions.

Sarah and Diana were last to return to the cosy confines of Lola who was by now starting to warm up slightly courtesy of natural solar heating and twenty dancing legs.

We moved on to Watergate Bay and stopped at a layby overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and decided to crack open the champers. In addition to Lola’s specially labelled bottle another one seemed to appear out of nowhere along with a commensurate number of glasses.

It was on to Watergate Bay for snow and champers!

The first cork to fly was from Sarah and Diana’s congratulatory bottle from Strawberry Leisure. As well as keeping the bottle as a memento, many couples naturally wish to retain the cork, so I try to take care when aiming.

Watergate Bay champers cork hunt

Unfortunately on this occasion a gust of wind blew the cork off course. It ended up a few yards out of reach down a steep Gorse/bramble covered slope on the seaward side of the cliff.

Two ladies from our gathering, who I had suspected as being trouble makers from the start (one being a Police Officer I understand) saw this as a challenge and decided to launch a rather ungainly rescue mission! The cork was eventually recovered and the champers continued to flow.

A cosy party atmosphere in Lola at Watergate Bay… Brrrr it was cold outside!

Party member John was Sarah and Diana’s resident photographer for the day and he managed to lure them both outside for a number of poses. One minute the sun was shining, next it started to snow – fortunately the precipitation was short lived!

Time was pressing as we were only 20 minutes or so away from the happy couple’s life changing appointment with the registrar at Lusty Glaze. Nonetheless we did manage to get in a royal hand waving and klaxon sounding circuit of downtown Newquay.

Another simply fabulous day with Lola culminated in a fun, animated photo shoot back at the steps of Gusty, Lusty Glaze.

Our arrival at Lusty Glaze and time for a few final fun photos before the ceremony

Amidst many hugs and kisses the party finally descended the trillion or so steps down to the beach to no doubt continue what they had just left off.

Following the beachside ceremony, the party will be moving on to an evening reception at The Headland Hotel in Newquay… Looks like the fun had only just begun!

Our best wishes go to a lovely, fun-loving couple x

All photographs taken by Strawberry Leisure unless otherwise stated.

Post Script

Thursday 25th April 2013 and a lovely ‘Thank You’ card arrived from Sarah and Diana. It reads…

Dear Bob,

We just wanted to say a huge thank you for making our day so so memorable. We had a truly amazing time and want to do it all over again. 

You were a star.

Love & best wishes

Sarah and Diana x

thank you Sarah & Diana

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