Lulu shines for Kerry and James!

Lulu VW wedding camper van

‘Show-shine’ Lulu at St Illogan Church awaiting the Bride and Groom.

Kerry and James’ wedding at St. Illogan Church on Saturday 20th April 2013 with camper van Lulu

Chauffeur Steff sent this report from Saturday’s wedding.

It was a Wednesday evening and I’d just received confirmation and final details of Saturday’s wedding directly from Strawberry Leisure HQ. The documents contain the blueprint of the day that is sent to the chauffers a few days before so that they can plan the special day’s route in advance.

This particular day would be a special one for James and Kerry and what a scorcher it turned out to be.

My first pickup was for James (the groom) and Shaun (the best man) from his luxury flat in Penryn. They needed to be at the church 45 minutes before the ceremony, so I arrived at Strawberry Leisure super early that morning to find that Lulu had just completed her pampering session and was sat gleaming on the driveway.

Lulu VW wedding camper van

Lulu  soaking up the sun waiting for the boys!

I arrived at James’s flat in good time and rang the intercom. James answered and said that he would be down shortly. Just then a screeching of breaks accompanied by a sprinting male saw the arrival of Shaun the best man.  Shaun dashed upstairs and along with James they suited up ready for the big day ahead.

Lulu VW wedding camper van

The boys arrive in glorious sunshine and style at St Illogan Church.

A few moments later and we were off, destination St Illogan; a 16th century church just outside Redruth. On the way James and Shaun went over the details of the day and even found time to wave to pedestrians who shouted greetings from the pavements. Like minor celebrities we trundled from village to village grinning like Cheshire cats until we finally made it to the church.

With James and Shaun safely deposited at the church, it was now time to make my way to rendezvous with the bridesmaids (Nicola and Katie) and Wendy (Kerry’s mum) just a short distance down the road. 
Sure enough as I pulled up I was greeted by Wendy, Nicola and Katie who were eager to get to the church… there was no stopping them. Giggling and waving at passers-by as the sweet sound of Lulu’s air cooled engine reverberated through the busy streets of Illogan, you couldn’t help but notice what a perfect day this had already become.
Meanwhile at the church, the guests had started to arrive and as we pulled in to the church yard Lulu suddenly became the centre of attention as the guests tripped over one another to get a photograph of her.

LULU VW Wedding campervan

Bridesmaids Nicola and Katie with Kerry’s mum, Wendy at St Illogan Church.

Now the time had come for me to make my way back to the house for Kerry and her Stepdad, David.

Kerry was dressed in an A line style dress with a sweetheart neckline, tiered ruched satin coupled with delicate lace. Clutching an intricate bouquet of lilac and crème Jubilee roses it was time to make the most important trip of the day.
Kerry and David were both chatting happily as we made our way through the tiny streets of illogan, music turned up and shades on, as the sun shone down on this glorious day.

Lulu VW wedding camper van

Kerry arriving at St Illogan Church in Lulu.

People waved and cars honked as we turned the corner and entered the church yard. This was it! As the side doors opened, the photographer (Shelly Tasker) leaned in to take a few snaps and then it was straight in to the church.

During the ceremony, I set about polishing Lula and chatting with a few locals that had gathered, and before we knew it Mr. and Mrs. Warner had reappeared in the courtyard as man and wife.

Lulu VW wedding camper van

Lulu VW wedding camper van

Lulu awaiting Mr. and Mrs. Warner at St Illogan Church on Saturday.

As it was such a wonderful day, it was decided to do a photo shoot right there in the churchyard. I started Lulu up, positioned her ready and cracked open a chilled bottle to make the toast with. Every conceivable angle had been photographed by the late afternoon and it was time for that final trip to the reception, just a short distance down the road.

Lulu VW wedding camper van

Kerry, James and wedding guests

Lulu VW wedding camper van

Congratulations and best wishes to Kerry and James x

All pictures taken by Strawberry Leisure unless otherwise stated.

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