Wedding belle Lily resonates on Ian and Lesley’s Cornish wedding day!

Lesley and Ian’s wedding at St. Stephens in Brannel Parish Church on Saturday 6th April 2013 with Lily

Chauffeur Steff reports on his day out with Lily…

There will never be two weddings the same, and today was a fine example of just that.

I arrived at HQ bright and early ready to accompany Lily on another special journey of love and tranquility… oh and a wedding. 
Today was Ian and Lesley’s special day and what a day it was going to be.

The sun was shining and the sky was bright blue, everything it seems was perfect. My first rendezvous was with Ian, the groom,and Mac, Simon and Rick at the wonderful Cornwall Hotel and Spa in St Austell.

I arrived extra early, enabling me to wipe Lily down and check over the arrangements for the day one more time before trundling up the driveway towards the hotel. My intention was to announce my arrival to the receptionist, but we had already been spotted; a frenzy of camera flashes were set off in the distance while guests encircled Lily and took turns to pose alongside her.

Ian with the boys having a nerve calming drink or two prior to departure!

Ian and the guys were dressed in St Piran tartan kilts and Prince Charlie jackets, sporting black leather sporrans hosting 15 golden Besants… so the theme was set, it was indeed going to be a Cornish theme for one and all!

Today’s wedding had a tight schedule, so I wasn’t that surprised when Ian and his party boarded Lily bound for the church precisely on time. 
Our destination was the 16th century Brannel Church at St Stephens.

The guys opted for a quiet, relaxed kind of journey. With soft music in the background they were able to run through the final plans of the day. One plan that seemed to be popular was being dropped off at the pub next door to the church.

Our arrival was greeted by professional photographer Rob Frost, who wasted no time photographing the guys in their Cornish kilts alongside Lily in the surrounding of the ancient church. A few snaps later and I was off to pick up the bridesmaids a few miles away.

For some reason, I’m not sure why, I seemed to have taken a different route than I had originally planned. This way turned out to be quicker but it did mean that I arrived at my destination facing a different direction. This threw me somewhat and as I looked around to get my bearings, I noticed the lack of activity. Normally the bride’s house is a hive of activity, but it all seemed very quiet indeed. I checked the information and address just to be on the safe side and decided to knock on the door. With still no sign of anyone or a reply, I started to wonder what was going on. Then the door opened and I was greeted by Robin (Lesley’s dad). Peering over his shoulder I could see that everyone was inside doing those last minute things and they had been so busy that nobody had ventured outside yet.

Bridesmaids Nicola, Suzanne, Hannah and Sarah arrive at St Stephens Church in Lily.

Soon the bridesmaids were out and ready; one by one Nicola, Suzanne, Hannah and Sarah boarded Lily. The church has a small one way system around it, as I found to the delight of the bridesmaids. I swear I heard them giggling as I nearly went down the wrong way! A quick change of direction and we met the groom’s party still outside the pub… “Go around again” they shouted, so we did. This time Lily gave plenty of blasts of her Klaxon and as we approached the church everyone was at the ready.

Just as before, the bridesmaids struck a pose with Lily.

On her way – Lesley with proud parents; Robin and Marina.

Now it was time to pick up Lesley, the bride and just as it had been all day, the timing was down to perfection. As I arrived, Lesley was waiting with dad Robin and mum Marina.
Lesley was wearing a classic Ball Gown style dress with sumptuous detailing and craftsmanship to the beading and lacework and her bouquet contained deep purple and yellow Iris. Lesley didn’t show any signs of nerves as we set off for the final trip to the tiny parish church in St Stephens, and this time when we arrived everyone was in place.
 After a quick set of photos, the ceremony was underway.

Lily soaking up the sun and admirers during the ceremony!

Attention to detail is important to us, so during the ceremony I took the opportunity to wipe down Lily and re arrange her cushions, check the champagne, reposition Lily and compose myself ready for the bride and groom.

Sure enough soon after Mr and Mrs McNutly appeared as man and wife. With the crowd cheering and clapping, I prepared the toast as the happy couple boarded Lily for the next part of the journey; a trip to Porth beach in Newquay.

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. McNulty!

Just as before, we trundled along the country lanes Newquay bound accompanied by some soft background music and the gentle purr of Lily’s engine. Lesley and Ian seemed deep in conversation as we took the final turn heading towards the beach.

Now it’s pretty rare indeed to be able to drive on to a beach because all too often the campers would get stuck, but Porth beach is pretty much the only exception. Being able to get on to the beach (and more importantly off again) meant that we had time for an extended photo shoot and make the most of the weather.

Having a fabulous time with Lily on Porth Beach Newquay.

We tried all sort of experiments and poses as the beach users looked on in amazement. But soon it was time to wrap up the photo shoot and take that last leg of the journey to The Esplanade where the party was bound to continue till the early hours.

Congratulations to Lesley and Ian and best wishes for a very happy future together x

All photographs taken by Strawberry Leisure unless otherwise stated.

Post Script

Wednesday evening 11th April and we have just received this lovely email from Ian and Lesley…

Thank you for making our day so so special. Lily was amazing and the service was first class from Lily and Steff. The weather was beautiful and lily looked lovely in it! Thanks again for making our wedding day so perfect. We would not hesitate in recommending you 🙂 Love Mr and Mrs McNulty xx
Ps looking for an excuse to hire lily again 🙂 The photo’s you have taken Steff are fantastic




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