A St. Agnes ‘soiree’ in Lily!

Lily VW wedding camper van from Strawberry Leisure

Lily outside St. Agnes Parish Church awaiting Mr. and Mrs. Ramage.

Danielle and Andrew’s wedding at St. Agnes Parish Church on Saturday 11th May 2013 with campervan Lily.

Her Majesty’s upcoming, first ever visit to St Ives was the talk of Cornwall the day Danielle and Andrew got married

Nationally, the surprise resignation of Sir Alex Ferguson as unarguably the most successful and longest ‘club-serving’ British football manager of all time dominated the news.

The talk of St Agnes though, was unmistakably to do with a certain wedding…

All week it had been overcast and dull with occasional rain. Today, however, was a gloriously bright day, which was to be a special one for Danielle and Andrew, writes Chauffeur Steff …

Earlier in the week the Strawberry Leisure hotline buzzed, as the details of the day’s wedding came through. As I read through the documents, I had a sneaky feeling that something rather special was going to happen but I couldn’t put my finger on it!

Arriving at Strawberry Leisure’s HQ to find Lily looking like a newly polished diamond, fully loaded with champagne, I set off for the first of two pickups, which was to meet up with Graham (Danielle’s dad) at his home in Redruth.

I arrived early and was pleasantly surprised to learn that Graham was ready and keen to meet up with Danielle, our next stop. On the relatively short journey, Graham and I chatted about all sorts of topics but one thing that came across to me was that he was a devoted family man who was very proud to be giving his daughter away.

Lily VW wedding camper van from Strawberry Leisure

Lily arrives to collect the bridal party… an exciting day lay ahead!

When we arrived to collect Danielle, there was a hive of activity with ‘wedding-folk’ coming and going, lots of screams and laughter and hardly a moment of silence. Soon though the helpers left one by one and ‘that’ time to get things rolling was fast approaching.

One by one Anna, Louise and Chloe; the bridesmaids, Rudi and Bailey; the flower girls, Graham and our most eminent VIP, Danielle, boarded Lily ready for that rendezvous with her prince charming!

Lily VW wedding camper van from Strawberry Leisure

Proud dad, Graham with Danielle

Lily VW wedding camper van from Strawberry Leisure


Lily VW wedding camper van from Strawberry Leisure

A few poses before Danielle’s journey of a lifetime!

A pre-arranged detour, en-route to St Agnes took us to a special place for a few, important family moments and memories, understandably their poignancy heightened on such a day as today.

Then with enormous courage Danielle shouted… “I’m getting married, let’s turn the music up”!  Without any delay, the music was cranked up as we chugged our way through the streets.

We arrived at St Agnes parish church to the sound of cheering from a crowd of onlookers across the road. People gathered around Lily shouting blessings and before we knew it, St Agnes had come to a complete standstill. Traffic backed up and buses stopped, but in some sort of universal respect not one vehicle honked… they just sat there patiently and clapped through open windows.

On duty today to capture every moment was Danielle and Andrew’s photographer, Keith Riley.

Lily VW wedding camper van from Strawberry Leisure

Lily getting ready during the ceremony to greet the newlyweds.

With everyone safely at the ceremony, I repositioned Lily and allowed the traffic to flow again. Spending a few moments polishing Lily and answering questions about her origin, before I knew it Danielle and Andrew, now Mr and Mrs Ramage, were ready to board Lily for the next stage of the journey; a trip to ‘Number 4 Peterville’ for some tasty canapés.

Lily VW wedding camper van from Strawberry Leisure

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Ramage!

This was definitely the shortest journey I’ve ever driven and within a few yards we had reached our no4Petervilleintended destination.  Once again we caused absolute bedlam as we stopped by the roadside and the guests poured out to congratulate the happy couple. It was about then I saw a familiar face in the crowd and wondered if I had imagined it. I thought I saw a famous celebrity, so I set about looking for confirmation of this. Sure enough I was right, one of the guests was indeed Frank Skinner…. how very cool is that!

Lily VW wedding camper van from Strawberry Leisure

The celebrations getting into full swing at Number 4 Peterville, St Agnes!

Everyone enjoyed themselves so much at Number 4 that time was of the essence and a planned photo shoot at the beach was now overdue.  In order to get the warmest light of the day, Danielle and DriftwoodsparsAndrew boarded Lily and it was off to the beach to catch the last of the golden afternoon rays.

Then without further delay, it was up to ‘The Driftwood Spars Hotel’ for some serious partying to finish off what had been a very rewarding and emotional day.

Our best wishes go to Danielle and Andrew for a very happy future together x

All photos taken by Strawberry Leisure unless otherwise stated.




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