Camper vans from different stables turn out favourites!

Lulu VW wedding camper van from Strawberry Leisure in Padstow

Suzanne and Nigel’s wedding at St Petroc’s Church, Padstow with camper van Lulu on Saturday 18th May 2013

Britain’s membership of the EEC and the ongoing in/out/referendum political debate was still dominating the national news the day Suzanne and Nigel got married.

In Cornwall, yesterday’s first visit ever visit to St Ives of Her Majesty was doing the rounds on radio, TV and in the local rags.

Here at Strawberry Leisure HQ, Chauffeur Steff was in Lulu’s hot seat as he set off up The Atlantic Highway, destination St Mawgan and Padstow. This is his report…

I can’t begin to impress on you how much happiness Lulu, Lily and Lola bring to people’s lives. These little campers are pure happiness and each have their own adorable characteristics. So when I learned that I was paired with Lulu; the attention seeking, extravagant red and white splitty, I knew it was going to be another fun packed day.

The sun was shining and there was a slight breeze coming off the ocean, perfect weather for a wedding; today it was Nigel and Suzanne’s special day. My instructions were to arrive at Bedruthan Steps Hotel, Mawgan Porth to collect Nigel (the Groom), Best man; Paul, Ushers; Jason, Graeme and Andy and take them to St Petroc’s Church, Padstow.

The estimated departure time was about 12:10pm. As you’d expect, I arrived early and positioned Lulu in the V.I.P waiting area and informed the hotel reception of my arrival. Now I set about polishing Lulu and chatting to the many admirers she had attracted. As time went on I became a little concerned that I hadn’t seen any of the wedding party, it was now 12:30 and past the original departure time. I checked the paperwork and could see that the ceremony wasn’t until 3pm, so there was plenty of time.

Lulu VW wedding camper van from Strawberry Leisure in Padstow

The boys (a little hung-over) ready for the main action! 

At last one of the wedding party appeared; Paul, the Best man. It seemed that a late night drink and an early morning surf session had taken a bit of a toll on the lads and they were struggling to get ready, so the original planned stop en-route to a local pub was definitely no longer required! Soon though the guys were ready to set off and without delay we clambered aboard Lulu and set off to Padstow.

Honking the Klaxon at every opportunity, we weaved our way along the coastal roads waving and laughing. As we approached Padstow, Nigel requested that we stopped off at the harbour front, so without delay we headed out through the town and down to the cobbled seafront.

The harbour was very busy indeed but despite the lack of road space, the pedestrians lined either side of the path and cheered us as we drove past. As we pulled up at the end of the harbour, the guys stepped out, adjusted their shades and set off in pursuit of a Cornish Pasty and some last minute snapshots of the sea.

Waving goodbye to the guys, I set off for the second rendezvous of the day with the bridesmaids (Louise and Karen), the bride’s mum (Trisha) and two very well behaved paige boys (Harry and James). The trip was 8 miles from Padstow to the exclusive Old Rectory in St Mawgan, but I was confident that we could make it, so long as the traffic was kind.

A few snaps of Harry, James, Louise, Karen and Trisha…

Lulu VW wedding camper van from Strawberry Leisure in Padstow Lulu VW wedding camper van from Strawberry Leisure in Padstow

Lulu VW wedding camper van from Strawberry Leisure in Padstow

Today we had teamed up with another local VW camper owned by Colin. His camper, a blue and white 1967 samba was already waiting for Suzanne (the bride) as I arrived in Lulu and pulled alongside.  Unfortunately Lola and Lily were already committed on other wedding duties.

The bridesmaids were ready to go, so we set off to Padstow leaving Suzanne with the photographer for those last minute pictures. Time was of the essence, so I took several back roads to help avoid the holiday traffic and those problematic caravans. Sure enough the technique paid off and we arrived at the church in no time.

Suzanne and her Dad arrived shortly after and without further delay whisked past and straight in to the church.

Lulu VW wedding camper van from Strawberry Leisure in Padstow

Lulu wearing red & white with Colin’s baby-blue camper awaiting the bride & groom. 

During the ceremony I got chatting to Colin about his 1967 VW camper. It is surprising how different they were despite being similar ages. Before too long we were checking out the hardware like two school kids with Trumps cards! Before we could work out what was what, time was up!

Lulu VW wedding camper van from Strawberry Leisure in Padstow

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Cheeseman!

The church bells rang and Mr and Mrs Cheeseman were ready for a celebratory toast.

This time Colin popped the cork and served up the bubbly to Suzanne and Nigel, who relaxed in the afternoon sun.

Lulu VW wedding camper van from Strawberry Leisure in Padstow

Suzanne with Nigel at Harlyn Bay and the camper vans of course!

Last journey of the day was a trip to Harlyn Bay; a delightful treasure that really complimented the day. With its soft golden sand and hilly dunes, Harlyn Bay was the perfect backdrop to end the perfect day.

Best wishes to Suzanne and Nigel x.

All photos taken by Strawberry Leisure unless otherwise stated.


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