Oh brother, what a big surprise!


Lola VW wedding camper van from Strawberry Leisure

Kimberley and Paul’s wedding at St Austell Registry Office on Saturday 11th May 2013 with ‘Showgirl’ campervan Lola.

Everyone loves surprises and we all enjoy springing them!

Yes, today was all about surprises.

Local ‘chit-chat’ the day Kimberely and Paul got married was all about Her Majesty’s upcoming surprise, and first ever, visit to St Ives.

The surprise resignation of Sir Alex Ferguson as unarguably the most successful and longest ‘club-serving’ British football manager of all time dominated the national news.

Off the field, much nearer to the beach in fact, a perfect match and post match celebration took place spanning the south and north coasts of the Duchy and, you guessed it; another wonderful surprise lay in store.

Kimberley loves campervans but had no idea that her wedding day was going to feature a celebrity from the campervan world, Showgirl Lola.

It was all part of a top secret, cunning plan, meticulously orchestrated by her brother, Barry.

Up until the point that Kimberly stepped outside her bridal boudoir, en-route to her life changing appointment, she had absolutely no idea that Lola and a fully booted and suited Chauffeur Bob would be lying in wait. Indeed, such was the subterfuge that Barry had led Kimberley to believe that he would be driving her to the ceremony in his car – with ribbons and bows on of course!

The weather was sort of OK. Still not right by my reckoning for May – a bit chilly around the edges. But at least it was to remain dry throughout the crucial moments of the day.

Lola VW wedding camper van from Strawberry Leisure

Barry with Tessa, James and Austin.

The sun was breaking through as I, Chauffeur Bob, embarked on our hitherto top secret mission with Lola. Our first port of call was a private address in the deepest suburbs of St Austell, ‘Trewoon’, to be precise.  Here I met up with Barry and his lovely family; wife Tessa along with their boys, Austin and James.

Chauffeur Bob with Lola VW wedding campervan

Picture courtesy of Barry.

Barry, the chief conspirator in the plot, who also had the honour of being Kimberley’s escort for the day, was quickly out of the door to greet us.

From here, the plan was to make our way with just Barry on board to the bridal boudoir in Roche, about 20 minutes drive time away, to spring the surprise.

But first it was Tessa, Austin and James to savour a little open-top trip around the block in Lola, whilst Barry put the finishing touches to his speech!

So off we went with sun radiating Lola’s first wave of VIP’s, the music playing, her klaxon doing what klaxons do and everyone awash with happiness.

We returned shortly afterwards and took a few more snaps before turning our attention to the main order of the day.

Barry jumped aboard Lola, whilst Tessa and the boys made their own way to St Austell Registry Office.

Lola VW wedding camper van from Strawberry Leisure

Excited and ready for the off in Lola, Kimberley with Alison, Caitlin and Paige.

Our journey, or to be more accurate, ‘chug’ time to Roche took a little longer than envisaged. Barry got me to pull over a few hundred yards from our destination to make a quick phone call to ensure all the ducks were lined up at the boudoir, including that all important parking space for Lola.

“Affirmative”, came the reply and despite a rather ominous looking sky, I rolled back Lola’s rare ragtop and set off on our final approach. Barry explained that, fortunately, Kimberely’s parlour was at the back of the house so she would not see us arrive.

It soon became clear however, that the industrious activities one associates with a bridal boudoir; hair, make up, dresses and scuffles for the bathroom were running a trifle behind schedule. A trifle, on this occasion, equating to about 15 minutes.

Eventually the surprise was sprung as Kimberely along with her bridesmaids, Alison, Caitlin and Paige, all excitedly and somewhat shocked, made their way over to Lola for a few, wonderful departure poses.

St Austell Registry OfficeFamily friend and budding professional photographer, Dolly, was there to capture every moment. In addition to my own trusty, blogging ‘Box Brownie’ that I can whip out and put back in a flash! Just as well today, given that we were leaving Roche literally a few minutes before we should have been arriving at the Registry Office for Kimberley’s tete-a-tete with the Registrar! It was 11.16 precisely. Dolly, along with her equipment rode shotgun.

We made it to the ceremony remarkably quickly and pulled up outside at about 11.35 and with an allotted time of 11.30, I concluded that given the delayed departure, we hadn’t done at all bad.

St Austell Registry OfficeA few perfunctory snaps followed before, Kimberley, escorted by her brother Barry and bridesmaids, gracefully made their way down the path and into Polkyth House.

During the short ceremony, the sun started to appear again, albeit intermittently and many onlookers came over for a quick chat and picture of Lola. Including departing members from an earlier wedding and arrivals for the next one.

It wasn’t therefore long before a happy Mr. and Mrs. Wain, reappeared completely encircled by their guests, amidst a ‘cloud burst’ of confetti. So much so, it proved impossible for me to get a clear snap of them from my vantage point.

Kimberley and Paul's wedding with VW camper van Lola

Lola awaiting the bride and groom at St Austell Registry Office.

Kimberley and Paul's

Somewhere amongst the crowd… Mr. & Mrs. Wain! 

Kimberley and Paul's wedding

Some happy post-nuptial moments.

With order resumed, Dolly set about the important, formal, set wedding day poses in the gardens, whilst I prepared Lola for departure.

Lola VW wedding camper van from Strawberry Leisure

Dolly taking the proper pictures was much shorter than me!

Lola VW wedding camper van from Strawberry Leisure

VW camper van Lola from Strawberry Leisure

Cheers and congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Wain!

The newly weds had arranged their reception on the opposite Atlantic coast, at the Whipsiderry Hotel, Porth near Newquay. I already had the idea of a stop off on the nearby beach for some memorable post-nuptial photos before finally arriving at the hotel, just a pebble’s throw away.

Both Kimberley and Paul were amenable and excited about the idea, as was Dolly.

VW camper van Lola from Strawberry Leisure

Our 16 page brochure – clearly a thumping good wedding day read!

It was chocks away for a truly wonderful send off from St Austell’s, Polkyth House. Dolly was snapping away from the front passenger seat and noticed, when we were safely into the cruise and the captain had started the drinks service, that Kimberely and Paul were deeply engrossed in our sixteen-page brochure, which made for a lovely picture, or two! A lot of royal hand waving and klaxon blasts followed before 50 minutes or so later finding our selves parked on Porth Beach on the opposite side of the Cornish peninsula – what a setting!


Kimberley and Paul's wedding with VW camper van Lola

Kimberley and Paul's wedding with VW camper van Lola

Kimberley and Paul's wedding with VW camper van Lola

Kimberley and Paul's wedding with VW camper van Lola

Kimberley and Paul's wedding with VW camper van Lola f

Kimberley and Paul's wedding with VW camper van Lola

A few of the lovely memories from Porth Beach.

So many fabulous memorable moments ensued in and around Lola, supervised by a number of curious onlookers and ‘well-wishers’. Ever eager to get that magical snap I inadvertently stepped ankle deep into some water, much to the delight and amusement of Mr.& Mrs. Wain and by now, a rather cheeky Dolly.

Kimberley and Paul's wedding with VW camper van Lola

Cheeky but fun… Dolly the photographer!

Alas it was time to make the call. “Barry, we’ll be back in five, so get the guests out”, I remember saying.

Kimberley and Paul were standing throughout on our approach to the hotel’s main entrance, waving at their family and friends who were progressively making their way outside to greet them.

Kimberley and Paul's wedding with VW camper van Lola

Before saying our goodbyes, I gave a few of the excited girls and boys a quick open-top whip around the block in Lola. Immediately upon our return the heavens opened and a rather menacing ‘cloud-burst’ signalled a timely end to Lola’s role in the proceedings.

Kimberley and Paul's wedding with VW camper van Lola

Kimberley and Paul's wedding with VW camper van Lola

Finally, time for a quick ’round the block’ and pictures for the boys and girls.

What another truly memorable day.

Our best wishes go to a super couple x.

All pictures taken by Strawberry Leisure unless otherwise stated.



Post script…

14th May and a nice little email message from Barry (Kimberley’s brother) has just arrived. It reads…

Bob thanks for a lovely day, Your Splity made my sister’s day and all the 
kids, Big and Little.  

Thanks again


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