Three for all and all for fun!

VW wedding campervans Lola, Lulu and Lily at Pendennis Castle

Jodie and Matt’s wedding at Pendennis Castle on Friday 3rd May 2013 with campervans Lola, Lulu and Lily.

Making the news nationally on the day that Jodie and Matt got married was the arrival of summer for the imminent May Day Bank Holiday weekend.

Whilst not exactly my cup of tea, twirling around the May Pole and Morris Dancing is nonetheless the traditional British way of celebrating this feast of springtime fertility. Now, although having confessed to the occasional early morning ‘Sun Dance’ on this very blog, I’ve been told there are two things you should never try in life… and one of them is Morris Dancing, writes Chauffeur Bob!

So less of the Morris Man and enter the Volkswagen Van – three of them to be exact.

Add a bride and groom, a castle, some fabulous weather and let the magic begin.

Strawberry Leisure

Lily, Lola and Lulu shimmering in the early morning sun waiting to depart HQ.

By any standards this was an immensely enjoyable and unforgettable day for everyone, whether directly involved or simply on the sidelines as a spectator.

Jodie and Matt can consider themselves members of the world’s most exclusive club…  Having all three of our gorgeous girls – a ‘Royal Flush’ of  multi- award winning wedding campervans, otherwise known as Lola, Lulu and Lily!

They join only two other couples; Jazmin and Antony and Jodi and Garry who have hitherto arranged their wedding day transport and entertainment around our celebrity trilogy.  There’s clearly a ‘J’ theme going on here. So, any Jane’s, Jenny’s and Julie’s out there planning a wedding, don’t forget to book well in advance!

The plan today was for Lulu, under the auspices of Chauffeur Steff, to head off first from Strawberry Leisure HQ and collect the boys; Groom Matt, Best Man Bill, and Ushers Pix and Nick along with Matt’s Dad, Barry.

Chauffeur Steff arrived at his pre-arranged rendezvous location, adjacent to the Flora Cinema in Helston exactly on schedule at 10.30am and after rounding everyone up, headed off with his VIP’s to storm the castle.

Next out of the blocks at HQ were Lily and Lola. Chauffeur Alan at the pedals of Lily and yours truly in charge of Lola. Our destination was the bridal boudoir, tucked away in a deep corner of Breage, a small hamlet not too far from Helston.

Lola VW wedding camper van from Strawberry Leisure

Jodie with Chauffeurs Alan and Bob in Breage.

Lily VW wedding camper van from Strawberry Leisure

Sennen, Brandon, Amanda, Nicole, Hannah and Sarah in Lily ready to get going!

Lily VW wedding camper van from Strawberry Leisure

Not forgettingJodie’s Mum, Jennifer, pictured here riding shotgun in Lily!

After causing a considerable stir with onlookers on our way over, we arrived well ahead of schedule at 11.20am.

It soon became apparent that we had found our pick-up location (always a relief on such an important day) as we could hear laughter and the unmistakable ‘chink chink’ of glasses coming from behind some shrubbery.

Before we knew it, we were being warmly introduced to Jodie’s colourful and friendly entourage; Maid of Honour Sarah, Bridesmaids Amanda, Hannah and Nicole, Flower Girl Sennen along with Paige Boy Brandon.  Not forgetting of course,

Jodie’s Mum, Jennifer and Dad, Brian. Everyone was ready to go and remarkably relaxed

Marie, from Truro based, Classic Photographic was there also, capturing some lovely pre-nuptial moments.

From here, Lola was to chauffeur Jodie and Brian to Pendennis Castle, with the rest of the bridal party following close behind in Lily.

Lola VW wedding camper van from Strawberry Leisure

Proud Dad, Brian with Jodie ready for the off!

Lola VW wedding camper van from Strawberry Leisure

All stand!

We eventually set off at approximately 11:45 and with an allotted ceremony time of 12.30pm, we were going to be ‘hard pushed’ to get to our destination on time.

The chug to the castle with Lola and Lily in convoy was clearly enjoyed by all – lots of waving, klaxon sounding and sing-alongs ensued.

Lola and Lily VW wedding camper vans from Strawberry Leisure

Time for a pit stop just before arriving for the ceremony!

On our final approach to the castle, Jodie felt that the ladies in Lily would appreciate a comfort break before the ceremony. So we decided to pause just ahead of the Portcullis – amazingly we had made it by 12.30. The ladies nipped round the corner on foot to avail themselves of the castle’s services whilst Chauffeur Alan and I rolled back Lola and Lily’s ragtops in preparation for a topless arrival.

With the bridal party now regrouped and ‘comfortable’, Lola and Lily roared back into life and commenced at walking pace through the Portcullis to make a final right turn and head towards the castle.

Bridal party at Pendennis Castle

A final pre-nuptial pose outside the castle.

Here we could see the welcome party, including photographer Marie’s colleague, Paul, snapping away and Chauffeur Steff of course with Lulu. The bridal car on this occasion was at the front, which allowed Jodie to stand up and wave through Lola’s open roof as we approached and no doubt for Paul to capture some truly memorable moments.

The usual pause for composure and final few snaps followed, before Lola’s and Lily’s VIP’s made their way into the castle for Jodie and Matt’s appointment of a lifetime.

Lola, Lulu and Lily VW wedding camper vans

ola, Lulu and Lily VW wedding camper vans

Couldn’t resist getting these couple of fabulous snaps during the ceremony.

Beverly, one of the wedding coordinators at the castle came over to me and said that she had never seen such an arrival before where the bride was standing and waving. “Absolutely fantastic”, exclaimed Beverly.

During the ceremony, we aligned all three vehicles in preparation to receive their guests. They looked absolutely resplendent in the sun and against the spectacular backdrop of Pendennis Castle that we couldn’t resist asking Beverly if she wouldn’t mind taking a couple of poses of us chauffeurs with the girls.

Mr and Mrs Tonkins by Strawberry Leisure

A ‘cloudburst’ of confetti greets Mr. and Mrs. Tonkins!

Approximately an hour later amidst great excitement, Mr. and Mrs. Tonkins emerged through the fortification’s arched entrance to receive applause and congratulations along with a ‘cloudburst’ of confetti from their honoured guests.

A few poses followed in and around the castle and campervans before finally cracking open the champers in all three vehicles.

Lola VW wedding camper van

Did you see that cork go!

Lola VW wedding camper van

Lola VW wedding camper van

Lola VW wedding camper van

Cheers – many congratulations!

It had been pre-arranged for Jodie and Matt to leave first in Lola and go to Pendennis Point and Maenporth beach for a photo shoot before proceeding to the reception, taking place at Rosewarne Manor, about 50 minutes drive away at Connor Downs.

After the departure of the bride and groom, Lily and Lulu were to take their earlier passengers straight onto Rosewarne Manor.

So it was with Jodie and Matt standing, champers in hands, music playing, Lola’s klaxon sounding and guests cheering and waving that the newlyweds received the most moving and memorable of send-offs.

Jodie and Matt at Pendennis Point

First stop – Pendennis Point.

Lola VW wedding camper van

Lola VW wedding camper van

Then it was on to Maenporth Beach.

Time was marching on but we still managed to get our appointments in at Pendennis Point and Maenporth Beach before finally pointing Lola in the direction of Connor Downs.

Lola VW wedding camper vanChauffeurs Steff and Alan explained that they took their VIP’s via the scenic route to the reception and as things turned out they arrived not too far ahead of us.

In all we were unanimous in concluding that absolutely everyone had a truly fabulous, unforgettable time. That goes for us three chauffeurs too!

Best wishes to a lovely couple from all of us here at Strawberry Leisure and have an equally fun time on your honeymoon in Mexico x.

All photographs taken by Strawberry Leisure unless otherwise stated.

Post script

Some lovely messages have started to come in, including this one from Jodie and Matt…

Thanks Bob for ensuring we had the most fab wedding day, it was so much fun with Lili, Lulu and Lola  

To anyone thinking about using Strawberry Leisure they are the best, it made our wedding day and our guests loved it nearly as much as we did!

A massive Thank You to you all 

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