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VW wedding camper vans Lily and Lulu from Strawberry Leisure VW wedding hire in Cornwall

Courtney and Craig’s wedding at St. Erth Village Church on Saturday 13th July 2013, with Lily and Lulu.

The day that Courtney and Craig tied the knot was the day that the Duchess of Cambridge’s baby was said to be due and the coverage frenzy had begun.

For the past ten days a media city had been growing outside the Lindo Wing of St Mary’s Hospital, Paddington, where Kate is expected to give birth.

TV crews, photographers and reporters buried under a mountain of ladders, tripods and cameras… and absolutely nothing to report!

The summer of 2013’s spiffing weather and accompanying heat wave was holding firm – so much for Met Office predictions of another ‘Annus Horribillis’!

VW wedding camper vans Lily and Lulu from Strawberry Leisure VW wedding hire in CornwallChauffeur Steff on the other hand had plenty to report following Courtney and Craig’s wonderful day. This is his story…

Not all weddings go according to plan. From time to time, one will come along that will test our professionalism and remind us that we are simply a humble part of a day’s events.

I arrived at HQ nice and early to find Lily, adorned with black and white double bows at Courtney’s request, waiting on the driveway looking spick and span.

Chauffer Bob supplied some surprisingly good music and handed me a chilled bottle of champagne for the traditional toast after the ceremony.

Today I was to transport Megan, Jess, Michelle and Molly (the bridesmaids), and flower girls Hannah and Angel to the church, then return for Courtney.

Upon arrival, I was immediately greeted by Nat Starmer-Mulley, professional photographer for the day, quickly followed by the bridesmaids – they all simply adored Lily.

It wasn’t long before everyone was snapping pictures with their phones or posing for the photographer, even the neighbours came out.

Time was getting on, so it was decided that we should make the first of two trips. The bridesmaids and flower girls jumped on board and with the photographer in pursuit, we set off to St. Erth village church. On the way I noticed that Lily wasn’t quite right. Something was wrong and although she was happily chugging along, I had an uneasy feeling that Lily was poorly.

VW wedding camper vans Lily and Lulu from Strawberry Leisure VW wedding hire in Cornwall

Bridesmaids Megan, Michelle, Jess and Molly with Flower Girls Hannah and Angel ready for the off.

With the bridesmaids safely deposited at the church, I took the opportunity to alert HQ of my concerns. Our safety plan was quickly executed; purely as a precautionary measure Chauffeur Alan was contacted through his emergency number, Lulu was prepared for dispatch and together they were sent to help Lily for the rest of the day.

Meanwhile I had made my way back to collect Courtney and her mum, Jillian, who were eagerly waiting back at the house. As Lily was still driving ok, there was no need to alarm Courtney unnecessarily and in any case Lulu was only a few minutes away in case we needed her.

VW wedding camper vans Lily and Lulu from Strawberry Leisure VW wedding hire in Cornwall

The time has come Courtney – we need to get going!

So with the ragtop back, we set off for the second journey of the day to St. Erth village church. This had to be the hottest day of the year and Courtney and her mum Jillian arrived vintage VW splittie-style, to the delight of the crowd of onlookers who had gathered outside the church. A quick wave from Courtney, a few snaps from the photographer and the ceremony got underway.

It was now time to take a closer look at Lily while everyone was in the church. My suspicion had been correct, poor Lily wasn’t well and it looked like a link on her gear lever might be loose. Lily is nearly 50 years old and just like Lola and Lulu, she is highly maintained, but these things can happen.


Beautiful Lily outside St. Erth Village Church awaiting the bride and groom.

Just then Chauffer Alan arrived with Lulu, he was honking Lulu’s Klaxon and waving at the villagers gathering around to get a closer look at the campers. Lulu, as you would expect, was highly polished and sported white ribbons and bows.

Suddenly the church bells rang out and the guests poured out of the church.

VW wedding camper vans Lily and Lulu from Strawberry Leisure VW wedding hire in Cornwall

Showers of confetti for Mr. and Mrs. Wood!

Courtney and Craig were preparing to have a few photos taken in the church grounds when they noticed not one, but two VW campers. I explained my concerns about Lily and that we had drafted Lulu in just in case she was needed.

VW wedding camper vans Lily and Lulu from Strawberry Leisure VW wedding hire in Cornwall

Cheers and congratulations Courtney and Craig!

The plan was that Chauffer Alan would follow us on the photo shoot at Godrevy and if need be, we had a backup. Well that was the plan anyway, but even the best made plans get altered at the last minute. Once the bridesmaids set eyes on Lulu, they wanted to go along as well. So instead, Lily led the way with Courtney and Craig whilst Megan, Jess, Michelle and Molly (the bridesmaids) and flower girls Hannah and Angel went in Lulu with Chauffer Alan.

Lily was still driving ok but to be on the safe side, we drove a bit slower than we would normally do. Although we caused a traffic jam through Hayle, surprisingly enough, nobody seemed too bothered. The traffic was mostly made up of visitors to the area and most seemed delighted to see Lily and Lulu in a head-turning convoy.

Eventually we made it to Godrevy and we all agreed that since Lily and Lulu were there, they should both feature in the pictures … a sort of two for one offer! So while the bride and groom and photographer set off for some beach snaps, Chauffeur Alan and I moved Lily and Lulu into position for the final set of photographs. Clonk! Oop’s! – Lily’s gear stick was stuck in gear. Luckily though she was in position, so we continued with the final photos as planned.

VW wedding camper vans Lily and Lulu from Strawberry Leisure VW wedding hire in Cornwall

A lovely pose with Lily and Lulu at spectacular Godrevy!

As the reception was only a couple of miles away at Rosewarne Manor, we decided to see if Lily would be able to make it; the road we intended to take was quiet and wouldn’t require many gear changes. We set off in convoy, heading in the direction of Connor Downs, Lily in front and Lulu in reserve.

Now everything was going according to plan until we met the oncoming traffic in the narrow road leading to Godrevy. The problem was that a car driver didn’t pull in to a passing point and tried to pass Lily and Lulu in the narrows. Once he realised that this wasn’t possible, he set about trying to reverse the family saloon back down the short section of the road. Well that took about 20 minutes and a couple of scary moments when he narrowly escaped driving off the cliff. Eventually though he made it to the passing point and we continued our journey to Rosewarne Manor. Despite her gear stick problem, Lily marched on and saw the day through. Everyone was delighted that they had made it to the reception in time.

With an emotional farewell to Courtney and Craig, Chauffer Alan and

I set off back to Strawberry Leisure HQ.

All photographs taken by Strawberry Leisure (Chauffeur Steff) unless otherwise stated.


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