There’s wood in that engine!

Lola VW wedding camper van from Strawberry Leisure VW Wedding Hire in Cornwall

Kirsty and Phil’s wedding at St.Laudus Church at Mabe on Saturday 29th June 2013 with ‘Showgirl’ Lola

Just a couple of weeks ago the Met Office were prophesising yet another ‘wash-out summer’, apparently due to the Jet Stream getting stuck in a rut, too far south. Newspapers lust after doom and gloom and were quick to ‘front page’ the ‘joyous’ news. Including our very own Western Morning News.

Well, surprise, surprise – all the hot air generated by such foolhardy and unhelpful reporting sent the hitherto obstinate Jet Stream up north, leaving us basking in glorious hot sunshine.

Lola VW wedding camper van from Strawberry Leisure VW Wedding Hire in CornwallWimbledon had just finished its first week and understandably continued to make the news the day that Kirsty and Phil tied the knot. Could Andy Murray become the first British man in shorts ever to win Wimbledon?

The front pages of the quality rags all featured different lead stories today; from David Cameron letting rip at the ‘scandal’ of EU waste, to reports that house prices are well and truly on the up and predictions to an end of Lady Thatcher’s property ownership revolution.

In near idyllic conditions, our ‘Showgirl’ Lola, under the auspices of Chauffeur Steff set course for Penryn, near Falmouth for the first of two rendezvous.

This is his report…

Immediately upon arriving in the vicinity it was easy to see which bungalow was Kirsty’s  – four very excited bridesmaids waving frantically out of the window at me gave it away!

Dennis (Kirsty’s dad) was quick off the mark and came out to greet me with a progress report. Everything was going according to plan and the first of two trips to the church could start in a moment.

No sooner had that been said Hannah, Kimberly, Rachael and Sarah (the bridesmaids) appeared and were quickly followed by Silvia (Kirsty’s mum).

Lola VW wedding camper van from Strawberry Leisure VW Wedding Hire in Cornwall

Bridesmaids Hannah, Kimberly, Rachael and Sarah ready to get going.

With everyone safely on-board we got going. “Can we stop and wave at our friend at number 7 as she can’t make it to the wedding today?”, asked Silvia.

As requested we pulled alongside the bungalow, so that everyone could have a last minute wave before heading off to the ceremony. Just then a blue car came from nowhere. It seemed to be making a beeline for Lola and eventually stopped inches from her front bumper.

Inside, a couple of ‘mature years’ seemingly suffering from a chronic bout of road rage started blowing their horn, revving their engine and gesticulating. None of the wedding party had the foggiest as to what the problem was. The obstruction was clearly on their side and Lola had no room to manoeuver. Thankfully Silvia and the bridesmaids saw the funny side of the situation and made light of it. Mr. Angry eventually calmed down; albeit still very animated with hand signals and reversed back out of the way so that we could continue our journey.

It certainly was a surreal encounter!

With a fresh track selected from the CD, we made for St. Laudus Church just a few miles down the road.

At the church it was very busy indeed. Guests were still arriving and there was little or no room left in the car park. Silvia, Hannah, Kimberly, Rachael and Sarah decided to get out at the top of the car park and walk down. Thankfully I couldn’t see Mr. Angry’s car amongst them!

Meanwhile back at the bungalow Kirsty and Dennis were waiting patiently for Lola to collect them.

Lola VW wedding camper van from Strawberry Leisure VW Wedding Hire in Cornwall

Kirsty with one proud dad, Dennis!

Just as planned, Lola chugged around the corner and pulled alongside the bungalow. Kirsty and Dennis waved goodbye to a few of the neighbours that had gathered to catch a glimpse and wish Kirsty well.

Kirsty waved away excitedly until the onlookers we were no longer in sight.

As the church was only a short distance away it didn’t take us very long at all and before we knew it we had arrived. The bridesmaids were lined up, the sun was shining and the birds were celebrating in song. The stage was set for one very special day indeed!

Popular professional picture takers Sam and Jo from Life Photographic were on duty, busy as ever capturing the key moments.

Following a couple of ‘arrival’ photographs in the churchyard, the bridal party stole a few moments to gain composure before finally making their way into the church. As if by magic, the doors closed behind them as the proceedings officially got underway.

We always find time to speak with VW enthusiasts during the ceremony and on this occasion, one was to teach me a thing or two about Lola’s engine. He claimed that the engine had wood inside it, as the pushrods were wood filled. I haven’t had time to look up this startling revelation, but I’m pretty sure Lola’s engine is forest free!

Lola VW wedding camper van from Strawberry Leisure VW Wedding Hire in Cornwall

An elated Mr. and Mrs. Harris leave the church.

Suddenly the conversation was interrupted by the pealing of bells as Phil and Kirsty stepped out of the church and into the courtyard as man and wife.

Lola VW wedding camper van from Strawberry Leisure VW Wedding Hire in Cornwall

One of a few poses at Pendennis Point, Falmouth. 

With a chilled bottle of champagne at the ready, I invited the happy couple aboard to toast the celebration. The guests lined up and cheered as Mr. and Mrs. Harris waved through Lola’s open top while we happily chugged on our way to our next destination, Pendennis Point, to grab some gorgeous post nuptial pictures.

Lola VW wedding camper van from Strawberry Leisure VW Wedding Hire in Cornwall

Gyllingvase beach was our penultimate port of call for more photos before our final trip down Cliff Road, where we had a great time honking Lola’s Klaxon and waving at the crowds that had gathered.

Locals and holidaymakers alike clapped and cheered as we chugged along, but alas it was time for the afternoon reception at the Falmouth Hotel.

Here, a right royal arrival took place – all the guests were assembled and waiting outside to cheer and welcome the newlyweds as we made our final approach.

Our very best wishes go to a lovely couple x.

All pictures taken by Strawberry Leisure unless otherwise stated.

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