A Seahorse wedding with Lola!

VW wedding camper van Lola from Strawberry leisure VW wedding hire in Cornwall

Natasha and Karl’s wedding at Pentewan Sands Seahorse Club on Saturday 7th September 2013 with ‘Showgirl’ Lola

Weather wise, the summer of 2013 will undoubtedly go down in history as one of the finest for some time. How much longer can it hold out we are all wondering.

Well… despite a few autumnal ‘chinks’ appearing here and there, the Duchy’s wedding weather conditions for today’s lucky couples would remain mainly fine all day with just a hint of a shower or two.

Making the front pages the day that Natasha and Karl tied the knot, featured the break in at a certain SW1A 1AA address, otherwise known as Buckingham Palace. Apparently, two chaps have now been arrested, one of which managed to breach Palace security.

The last chap was a certain Michael Fagan back in 1982, who woke Her Majesty whilst in bed to ask “Have you got a cigarette Ma’am?”

On this very same day in history…

1813 – The United States gets its nickname, Uncle Sam. The name is linked to Samuel Wilson, a meat packer from Troy, New York, who supplied barrels of beef to the United States Army during the War of 1812.

1936 – Buddy Holly is born

1940 – The Blitz begins when the German Air Force unleashes a wave of heavy bombing raids on London

Pentewan Sands Holiday ParkBack to today’s history in the making, as Chauffeur Steff scrambles into the cockpit of Lola and flies off on a sortie to St Austell and few places in between. These are his debriefing notes…

St Austell has only a few beaches, some of them now inaccessible and the rest are private, but today Lola will be posing along with Natasha and Karl on the stunningly beautiful Pentewan Sands however first we have to get there …

It’s a busy Saturday morning and as always, we are plotting and predicting traffic movements in order to get to the ceremony on time.

Just like the weather, traffic problems can spring up from nowhere and in doing so add a bit of ‘spice’ into the day’s proceedings!

My first official duty of the day was to collect Karl and his best man, Shane, in St Austell and take them to the ceremony address at Pentewan Sands.

The ceremony was booked at the Seahorse Club, a fantastically lavish and modern multi-functional venue.

Upon arrival, I was greeted by an excited Karl who, like Shane, was very keen to set off but before departing I always check to make sure that the groom and best man have all the essentials they need for the day.

VW wedding camper van Lola from Strawberry leisure VW wedding hire in Cornwall

With everything checked, we set off down the road towards Mevagissey. This was the first of three trips, so I set my timer, which would allow me to judge the time for the next two trips. Up went the music volume as we chugged along the country lanes listening to iconic 60’s tunes.

With Karl and Shane safely placed in the custody of the registrar, I set off to collect Bridesmaids Kate, Claire, Tarnya and the bride’s mum, Dawn, from a second location in St Austell.

Unsurprisingly for a bridal boudoir, I arrived at a scene of significant industrious activity and immediately sensed that it would be a few more moments before anyone would be ready to depart.

Eventually some very excited young ladies came out, screaming with excitement at the sight of Lola at the end of the drive. One after another they posed for photographs until it was time to get underway.

VW wedding camper van Lola from Strawberry leisure VW wedding hire in Cornwall

Just as before, I set my timer, cranked up the stereo and headed Mevagissey way to join Karl and Shane at Pentewan Sands Seahorse Club.

With the second of three journeys completed, it was time to collect our most precious passenger, Natasha. Natasha and her dad, John, were ready and waiting when Lola pulled up to the driveway. Natasha was wearing a full wedding gown with intricate lacing… dad was wearing a very proud smile.

VW wedding camper van Lola from Strawberry leisure VW wedding hire in Cornwall

This time the traffic was noticeably lighter, which seemed a trifle unusual for Saturday afternoon. This meant that we were a bit too early, so we decided to go down to the beach and then around the block again.

After a few minutes, we made our final approach to the Seahorse Club and Natasha was able to make a formal entrance accompanied by her father John.

During the ceremony I tried to find a suitable location for Lola so that some nice photographs could be taken in close proximity to the venue.

Eventually I found a lovely spot on the other side of an adjacent green just in time. The guests poured out and the reception was suddenly in full swing.

VW wedding camper van Lola from Strawberry leisure VW wedding hire in Cornwall

People were taking photographs left right and centre as we lined up the guests for a confetti throw over the happy couple.

Professional picture takers for the day Matt and Hannah from Tick Tock photography were naturally keen to ensure they had prime camera position.

VW wedding camper van Lola from Strawberry leisure VW wedding hire in Cornwall

Then it was time for a trip down to the beach and a few intimate moments alone for Karl and Natasha whilst Lola and I assessed the access route to the beach to make sure she could safely negotiate both on and off without sinking – it was safe.

With the expert guidance of a veteran fisherman, I was guided down a concealed path that placed Lola strategically positioned for the best photographs possible.

VW wedding camper van Lola from Strawberry leisure VW wedding hire in Cornwall

Another beautiful wedding day in great company, Lola included of course!

Our very best wishes go to Natasha and Karl x.

All photographs taken by Strawberry Leisure unless otherwise stated.



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