Sunday best with Lily!

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Katie and Anthony’s wedding at Tregenna Castle St.Ives on Sunday 8th September 2013 with our ‘party-girl’ Lily

A reasonably bright and dry, early autumn day lay in store for Katie and Anthony’s wedding.

Whilst our ‘showgirl’ Lola was strutting her stuff on the catwalk at the Kingsley Village Wedding Show, ‘party-girl’ Lily was having a ball at the castle, expertly choreographed by Chauffeur Steff.

Still making the front pages of the Sunday papers the day that Katie and Anthony tied the knot, was the break in at a certain SW1A 1AA address, otherwise known as Buckingham Palace. Apparently, it has just come to light that at one stage Prince Andrew was mistaken for an intruder and was held at gunpoint and ordered to ‘hit the deck’ – a bit harsh I would say when popping in to see your mum!

VW wedding camper van Lola from Strawberry leisure VW wedding hire in CornwallThe last chap to breach palace security was a certain Michael Fagan back in 1982, who woke Her Majesty whilst in bed to ask “Have you got a cigarette Ma’am?”

On this very same day in history…

1888 – the first 6 English league football fixtures are played.

1966 – the Severn Road Bridge is officially opened by Her Majesty.

Meanwhile, back to today’s history in the making as Chauffeur Steff and Lily officially gets the opening ceremony underway in downtown St Ives for Katie and Anthony. This is his report…

I mentioned only a week ago that I rarely attend a Sunday ceremony and yet here I am for the second time this season. Today I’m entrusted with the duty of chauffeuring Katie and her dad, Nigel, in Lily to Tregenna Castle in St Ives.

Atlantic Coast on the spectacular Upton Towans in Hayle was my pick-up address – we arrived in good time. Nigel was quick off the mark to proudly greet us.

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Now, having been a wedding chauffeur for a few years, I must say that it is the exception rather than the rule to find a bridal party ready when I arrive. However, today was one of those exceptions and I was therefore somewhat astonished to learn that everyone was excitedly waiting for the off.

As it was still quite early, we decided to make the most of the amazing vista and pose for a few pictures on the Towans.

Bride Katie, dad Nigel, Katie’s mum, Sarah and her sister Becky (Maid of Honour) eventually boarded Lily as we prepared to storm the castle – Tregenna Castle in St Ives.

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The forecast for the day had been rain and looking above us it was a strong possibility. Nonetheless, Katie was confident that the rain would hold-off long enough for the ceremony, yet as we got going some pesky, large storm clouds lurked ominously on the horizon.

As well as the unpredictable nature of the great British weather, traffic too can, and often does, conspire to thwart and frustrate timings on such important days. Hence we always allow in our planning, time for unforeseen eventualities. It soon occurred to me however, that although I had factored extra time in to the trip for such nuances, today of all days, the traffic was perfect.

The challenge was that we were going to be too early. So we switched to trusty plan B. I took my foot off the gas as Lily slowed to an official royal hand waving pace.

In reality this is not a great deal faster than her normal cruising speed, however it does tend to leaves a stream of traffic behind her that can be seen from space. Somehow no one ever seems to mind, as they all tend smile and wave when eventually passing us – such is the wonderful appeal of these iconic beauties.

Lily’s VIP’s thought this was hilarious. Nonetheless, as is always good etiquette, I occasionally pulled in to allow the traffic to pass and, of course, wave.

At last we reached the hotel and drove around the back, so that Katie and the bridal party could meet with the Registrar to conduct a few pre-nuptial formalities.

With that now all sorted, Katie and her dad popped back into Lily for the formal arrival at the front lawns and pavilion where the ceremony was to be conducted.

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David Wilkins from Alchemy Photography was on official picture taking duty today and was popping up here and there snapping away.

As Katie and her father walked down the steps towards the pavilion the clouds parted and a ray of golden sunshine illuminated the path in front of her – what perfect timing I thought to myself.

During the ceremony, the castle’s staff were busying themselves outside laying tables and charging champagne glasses for a toast to the happy couple when suddenly there was a cloud burst.

Although the rain was intense enough to make the staff bring the tables back into the hotel, it didn’t seem to bother the guests who were thoroughly enjoying the ceremony.Thankfully the rain stopped after a few moments, the pesky clouds parted once more and went off, no doubt to bother someone else.

Suddenly clapping and cheering could be heard coming from the pavilion as Katie and Anthony were pronounced Mr. and Mrs. Kingscott. Soon after, the guests made their way to the upper lawn for a Bucks Fizz toast and a glimpse of Lily.

With just an hour to spare, it was decided that we should make our way down into St Ives to Porthgwidden beach. En-route we stopped along the Wharf for a sneaky picture before moving on to the beach whilst the sun was still shining.

VW wedding camper van Lola from Strawberry leisure VW wedding hire in Cornwall

VW wedding camper van Lola from Strawberry leisure VW wedding hire in CornwallVW wedding camper van Lola from Strawberry leisure VW wedding hire in Cornwall

When we arrived at the beach car park, I asked Katie if she would like to change her footwear to our Strawberry Leisure Weddington Boots. To my surprise, Katie confessed that she had secretly been hoping that she could sport them – so on they went.

Replete with wellies and clutching her bouquet, Katie and Anthony made their way onto the beach for a few moments alone, leaving me to park Lily and prepare the special ‘champers’ and glasses.

One kind motorist surrendered his parking space so that Lily could be placed in the perfect spot and when Katie and Anthony returned, I served a champagne toast to a lovely couple against one of the most picturesque backdrops possible.

All in all the day ended perfectly.

Our very best wishes go to Katie and Anthony x.

All photographs taken by Strawberry Leisure unless otherwise stated.



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