We made it through the rain!

Lily VW wedding camper van from Strawberry Leisure VW wedding hire in Cornwall

Jemmima and Stephen’s wedding at St. Columb Minor Church, Newquay on Saturday 21st September 2013 with ‘Party-Girl’ Lily

A mostly overcast wedding day, punctuated from time to time by Cornish ‘mizzle’, with some mist and full blown rain thrown in for good measure. As the hours ticked away, the sun however did its darndest to break through, only for the rain and dreaded mist to descend like ‘pea soup’ just when Jemmima and Stephen could have done without it.

Not that any such mischief making by the elements was going to bother or spoil our couple’s day of a lifetime!

Making the news the day that Jemmima and Stephen tied the knot was, in a nutshell, nothing of landmark or historic proportions, just humdrum political bickering.

So it is to this day in history we turn for a few nourishing factoids…

1192 – King Richard I (Lionheart) gets captured

1915 – Sir Cecil Chubb buys Stonehenge for £6,600 for his wife

1996 – Elder son of U.S. President John F. Kennedy, John F. Kennedy Jr. marries Caroline Bisset

Undoubtedly today was a landmark occasion for Jemmima and Stephen, their families and friends – a beautiful day that will long be remembered.

Chauffeur Steff was at the pedals of our ‘Party-Girl’ Lily today – this is his report…

They say the longer you spend with someone the better you know them. This was certainly the case for Jemmima and Stephen who had grown their relationship over many years before finally tying the knot.

Lily VW wedding camper van from Strawberry Leisure VW wedding hire in CornwallArriving at HQ nice and early ready to combat the holiday traffic, I had a number of alternative routes implanted in my mind, just in case we needed to divert. You see Jemmima and Stephen were getting married in the heart of a very busy Newquay. A place where it appears virtually impossible to legislate for traffic – one minute it’s flowing next it’s chocker!

The weather was looking overcast but there was a good chance that it would blow over. Indeed, by the time I had reached Jemmima’s house it was already looking promising.

Jemmima wasn’t at all nervous, in fact quite the opposite as she buzzed around the front room tending to her flowers and no doubt all the other vitally important detail that help make wedding days so very special.

The ceremony was to take place at St Columb Minor Church; an ancient church dating back before Norman times. As the church with the second tallest steeple in the county was only a few minutes away,  I had plenty of time to give Lily one last polish before we set off.

Lily VW wedding camper van from Strawberry Leisure VW wedding hire in Cornwall

Dad Les with Jemmima and her daughter Stephanie ready for the off!

It wasn’t long after that the bridal party stepped out. Jemmima looked stunning in her full length gown laced and bowed with a cream satin look that complimented her every move.

With everyone safely on board and the music ‘cranked-up’ we chugged our way to St Columb Minor Church for Jemmima’s life changing appointment with Stephen. The  skyline was starting to look quite threatening as we neared the church but as luck would have it, the rain held off just long enough for everyone to enter the church.

Normally I would polish Lily during the ceremony but as it was raining, it was out with the Chamois leather.

Such was the domineering factor of the weather that Jemmima and Stephen played the rest of the day by ear. Accordingly, soon after the ceremony we headed straight to the Best Western for the reception, albeit a little earlier than planned.

Lily VW wedding camper van from Strawberry Leisure VW wedding hire in Cornwall


The Best Western were great and accommodated us even though we had surprised them with our unscheduled early arrival.

All we needed now was a break in the weather. Everyone then would take a trip to the beach for some great photo’s. But as we all know, even the most enthusiastic sun dance has little control over the great British weather. It truly does have a mind of its own.

Lily VW wedding camper van from Strawberry Leisure VW wedding hire in Cornwall

This meant that the afternoon reception was unexpectedly extended in the hope that a break would materialise but alas this was not going to be the case.

Eventually though the rain and mist cleared long enough for a short trip to the beach and Jemmima and Stephen could enjoy a few snaps that will bring back some memories not only for them… but for Lily and me.

Lily VW wedding camper van from Strawberry Leisure VW wedding hire in Cornwall

Congratulations to a lovely couple x

All photographs by Strawberry Leisure unless otherwise stated.



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