2014 Wedding ‘Transportainment’ Chronicles – Laura and Alexander

Lola VW wedding camper van from Strawberry Leisure VW wedding hire in Cornwall

Photograph by Rickie Staple

The wedding of Laura Jones and Alexander Dobbs at St Colan Church, Newquay, Cornwall, on Saturday 26th April 2014, with ‘Showgirl’ Lola

The weather could have been better – much better in fact! For two consecutive wedding weekends now it’s been chilly, windy and very wet at times. It’s surprising sometimes how it appears to conspire, nonetheless our intrepid, fun loving couple and everyone else come to that, still had a fantastic time.

Strawberry_leisure_Laura_and_Chris_wedding_Glendorgal_Hotel_Cornwall 008-1Making the headlines the day that our happy couple tied the knot was very little that could be considered groundbreaking or historic in any sense. The only common story was the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s return from their tour of New Zealand and Australia with a certain ‘Boy George’ stealing the show.

Famous weddings this day in history…

1923 – Prince Albert Duke of York marries Lady Elizabeth Bowes – Lyon

1986 – Arnold Schwarzenegger marries Maria Shriver

2014 – Laura Jones marries Alexander Dobbs

Notable events this day in history…

1564 – William Shakespeare is baptized in Stratford upon Avon

1986 – Nuclear reactor explodes at Chernobyl, Russia

1989 – Deadliest tornado in world history strikes Bangladesh

2014 – Laura Jones marries Alexander Dobbs

Strawberry_leisure_Laura_and_Chris_wedding_Glendorgal_Hotel_Cornwall 003-1Fortunately today was tornado free. It did seem at times though as if the rain was trying to set a new world record as well!

This is Chauffeur Steff’s report…

I haven’t been to St Colan church for a while, so I was delighted to see it appear in the wedding details for Laura and Alexander’s big day.

The church, grounds and location combine to make a simply stunning venue.

Today the plan involved taking bridesmaids, Beth, Athea, Stevie, Sophie and Ria, along with Laura’s mum, Jayne, to the church first and returning to the bridal party’s boudoir at Newquay’s popular Glendorgal Hotel for the all important final run with Laura and her proud dad, Chris.

Strawberry_leisure_Laura_and_Chris_wedding_Glendorgal_Hotel_Cornwall 001-1

Strawberry_leisure_Laura_and_Chris_wedding_Glendorgal_Hotel_Cornwall 009-1

Strawberry_leisure_Laura_and_Chris_wedding_Glendorgal_Hotel_Cornwall 004-1

Strawberry_leisure_Laura_and_Chris_wedding_Glendorgal_Hotel_Cornwall 005-1Strawberry_leisure_Laura_and_Chris_wedding_Glendorgal_Hotel_Cornwall 006-1

The rain, often referred to as ‘Cornish sunshine’ progressively worsened, turning at times into monsoon proportions – at least that what it seems like on an all important wedding day, trust me!

Armed with an arsenal of umbrellas, I aided everyone into the church, doing my utmost to keep my VIP’s as dry as possible.

Strawberry_leisure_Laura_and_Chris_wedding_Glendorgal_Hotel_Cornwall 007-1

During the ceremony the weather worsened and by the time it was over the conditions were that bad that all we could do was jump in Lola and make our way back to the hotel.

Strawberry_leisure_Laura_and_Chris_wedding_Glendorgal_Hotel_Cornwall 010-1

Laura really wanted to go to the beach after the ceremony. So much so, she brought a pair of beautiful pink wellies along for the occasion.

As it turned out, a small miracle occurred… although there seemed no end to the horrendous downpour, as we neared Newquay it suddenly stopped. What’s more, the clouds parted, completely transforming the surroundings.

Realising that there was now a real chance to visit the beach for photographs, we developed a certain spring in our step and sped off to the hotel. Here we collected Rickie Staple, the couple’s professional photographer for the day and ‘hot-footed’ it down to Porth beach.

Videographer, Milos, was also on duty applying his art.

Given the dreadful conditions we had been experiencing throughout the day, we considered ourselves fortunate to say the least that we still managed to capture some beautiful beachside memories.

Strawberry_leisure_Laura_and_Chris_wedding_Glendorgal_Hotel_Cornwall 011-1 - Version 2-1Strawberry_leisure_Laura_and_Chris_wedding_Glendorgal_Hotel_Cornwall 012-1-1Strawberry_leisure_Laura_and_Chris_wedding_Glendorgal_Hotel_Cornwall 011-1-1

We returned our very happy couple to the Glendorgal Hotel – I’d imagine no time was wasted in getting the formal celebrations underway and hopefully the day’s damp conditions were soon pushed to the back of everyone’s minds.

Congratulations and very best wishes to a lovely couple x.

All photographs taken by Strawberry Leisure unless otherwise specified.




Dear Bob and Kate.

I hope you are both well?

Alex and I wanted to email to say a huge thank you for your excellent service and how beautiful Lola looked on the day.

All of our guests, especially Alex’s auntie from America loved her! 
The weather wasn’t the best but Steff was truly amazing and made sure we stayed dry and that we got the photos we truly wanted on Porth beach. 

I have attached several to the email but I have a few more of Lola.

If you would like to use them in your blog, please would you reference Rickie Staple on your website please? 

Thank you again and sorry for the late email, we have just come back from honeymoon. 

Take care and speak soon,
 Mr and Mrs Dobbs! x 

Here then are the lovely photos sent in by Laura and Alexander taken by Rickie Staple of Staple Photography…

Lola VW wedding camper van from Strawberry Leisure VW wedding hire in Cornwallphoto 5photo 3photo 2photo 1

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