2015 Wedding of Ashley & Natalie

The Wedding of Ashley and Natalie took place at Pendennis Castle on 22nd July 2015. P1020899 It was lucky Lily who was setting off to Pendennis Castle today with Roger at her wheel. P1020867P1020866        







  It was another fine day and a fairly uneventful trip down to Falmouth. There were four trips scheduled to transport the guests from the Falmouth hotel up to the Castle. Luckily a nice short drive so no-one was going to be left standing around at either end for too long! Lily’s final passengers from the hotel were Ashley and his groomsmen. Natalie was staying at the barracks just inside the castle grounds so she was going to have the shortest ride in Lily!

At least she could enjoy Lily after the ceremony for a photo shoot and a glass of Champagne! P1020858 P1020860  



        P1020861 P1020870 P1020868   P1020873 P1020880 P1020884 P1020890 P1020872 P1020870 P1020895 P1020898              







Well done Lily and Roger for another smooth wedding under your belts!  

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