2015 Wedding of John & Sam

The Wedding of John and Sam took place at Pendennis Castle on 22nd August 2015, with Lola.


So today we woke up to the rain, the first wedding day of the season for this to happen! It continued to rain all morning and was still raining at 1pm when Roger set off in Lola. Luckily, it started to brighten up and the rain stopped just as he reached Carnon Downs to collect the groom and groomsmen. When they emerged from the hotel they all looked extremely smart wearing their Cornish tartan kilts – our first Celtic wedding!

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As Roger was introduced to the grooms party he noticed that they all had something in common…..they were all called John! The groom, his son and his Dad were all called John. The best man was called John. The Groom’s father in law to be was called John. The best man’s son and a few others were all called John! At least, Roger thought to himself, I won’t have a problem remembering everyone’s names!

After depositing them safely at Pendennis Castle, Roger then returned to collect the bride, bridesmaids, father of the bride and little flower girl, Sam’s daughter.

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Now Lola was not the only mode of transport for Sam, oh no, she had decided that she wanted two modes of transport (two of the coolest I might add!) Roger was to drive them all in Lola to Falmouth, where Sam and her Dad would then hop into a horse drawn carriage for the remainder of the journey.

P1030051 P1030053 P1030055





It must have been quite a sight to see a VW Campervan all decked out in her finery followed by a beautiful horse drawn carriage driving through the streets of Falmouth.

Lola had the bridesmaids on board and Roger drove them along the seafront and then up to the castle. During the ceremony the rain held off and after the newly weds emerged they managed to have some fantastic photos with Lola and the horse and carriage.

P1030057 P1030060

They say rain on your Wedding day is supposed to bring good luck and I hope it bought a heap of good luck for this lovely couple!

Congratulations John and Sam x

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