2015 Wedding of Mark & Annette

The Wedding of Mark and Annette took place on the 12th September 2015 at Prideaux Place and then afterwards at No1 Rock.


Well, its not that often that the weather report remains sunny, bright and warm but yet again it was exactly this that greeted us when we opened the curtains! We really have been unbelievably lucky with the weather this season.

We were heading to Padstow today so it was a slightly earlier start than normal so with the sun shining and Lola dressed up to the nines we set off on our trip. First pick up was at the pub, The Golden Lion (good name!) and yes, you guessed it for the groom and groomsmen. Roger parked Lola just down from the pub and then walked up to let them know he had arrived. Luckily he bumped into a couple of the ushers who asked him if he could move Lola to the back of the pub. Mark had no idea that we were there to pick him up, infact there is a rather funny story to all of this.

Mark and Annette both enquired about hiring a Camper for their wedding and divulged that they were booking it as a surprise for the other one. Luckily, Annette (who was obviously more organized than Mark!) had booked Lola about 12 months in advance. I received an email enquiry from Mark in the January and actually at the time of his enquiry still had availability, however, he didn’t ask to book straight away and by the time he came back to me in March Lily had been booked. I actually felt quite relieved as hadn’t wanted to spoil the surprise for either of them!

So, when he saw Lola his face was quite a picture (check out the photo below!) So pleased we managed to keep the secret!



The boys all piled into Lola and were taken to Prideaux place where they welcomed all the guests and waited for the girls. Roger whizzed over to Poppy’s cottage where a beaming bride and her entourage where waiting to be whisked over to Prideaux Place. Annette, her bridesmaids and her parents were all travelling together in Lola and really enjoyed their ride.


Photos were taken in the grounds after the ceremony and then Mark and Annette had a special ride in Lola to No1 Rock for the reception. Roger wished them farewell and sadly another wedding was over for us.

P1030166 P1030173 P1030175 P1030176

Thank you Mark and Annette, we had a great day. Hope you did too!

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