2015 Wedding of Patrick & Tori

The Wedding of Patrick and Tori took place at St Michaels Hotel, Falmouth on 1st August 2015



Everything was as it should be on this beautiful day in August. Lola was dressed to the nines in her favourite cream ribbon and looking great as usual. Roger was ready to go in his suit and tie! The only thing that was different today was that there was an extra person on board! Scott was joining for his first Wedding. I think Roger must have been a bit nervous of Scott driving as they arrived in Helston to collect the Bride one and a half hours early (Helston is not that far from Hayle!) Tori must have been surprised to see them as she was just returning from having her hair done. Calm and relaxed she invited them in for a cuppa and then proceeded to organize everyone else before herself!


One and a half hours later (sorry to keep rubbing it in Dad!) Tori and her gorgeous entourage of bridesmaids, looking absolutely beautiful in blue, hopped in to Lola and set off for St Michaels hotel.

P1020927 P1020929






Scott and Roger took them through Falmouth town along the seafront. I think they were all getting a wee bit warm in the back and had to stop for some fresh air!

P1020934 P1020933






Final destination was St Michaels hotel. They all disappeared off for the ceremony and then re-appeared to have a final photo session with Lola.

P1020949 P1020952

Congratulations to a fantastic couple x

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