2015 Wedding of Luke & Louise

The Wedding of Luke and Louise took place on the 19th September 2015 at Devoran Church and afterwards at The Greenbank hotel, Falmouth.


Today’s Wedding was to be the last one of the season and thankfully the weather was kind to us again and remained dry, although slightly overcast. Roger in his usual promptness, arrived at Louise’s at 11am with plenty of time to spare.

The bridesmaids left for the Church at 11:55am with Roger following just after midday. Louise and her Dad Paul were comfortably seated in the back of Lola and arrived at Devoran Church only 5 minutes late (no harm in keeping them waiting just a little bit!)

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While Luke and Louise were having their photographs after the ceremony poor Louise’s Grandma fell quite badly in the church grounds and had to be taken off to hospital in an ambulance. We think she broke her hip so everyone was rather upset but once she was in the safe hands of the ambulance crew the wedding had to go on, so it was down to Falmouth beach for photographs. They wandered along the beach to have a few natural shots and when they came back to Lola ready to head up to the hotel Louise noticed that she had lost a wooden spoon given to her by one of the guests. Luckily after a short stroll along the beach Luke and Roger managed to locate it and everyone was happy again.

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The Greenbank hotel was our final stop for the day and indeed the season. A fantastic couple, a fantastic day and a fantastic season without a wet wedding!!


Congratulations Luke and Louise!

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