2016 Wedding of Mike & Ann

The Wedding of Mike and Ann took place on 4th May 2016 at The Guildhall, St Ives, followed by a blessing at St Nicholas Chapel and reception in Porthleven.


It was Lola and Lily’s first outing together this year and it was Roger and Simon at their helms!

Both vans were to arrive at Loe Bar, Porthleven at 12.15pm to pick up their respective parties. Simon and Lily left at 12.45pm with Mike and 4 other guests, followed by Roger and Lola about 15 minutes later with Ann, 2 other guests and the photographer. There was also a very special guest on board Lola today, Meg the black Labrador and ring bearer! She was extremely well behaved and Lola loved having her along for the ride.

p1030392 p1030382 p1030387

First drop off was the Guildhall, St Ives for the ceremony followed by a blessing at St Nicholas Chapel. It was our first time on the Island and the location and views are something else………. a truly special venue!

p1030399 p1030393 p1030424

Mike and Ann invited Roger in to witness the blessing which he felt was a very nice gesture.

After some glorious pictures around the chapel and on the island it was time to head back to Porthleven and drop them off for their reception.

p1030419 p1030422 p1030429 p1030432 p1030434

The weather was fantastic, the couple were lovely and Meg was brilliant!

p1030451 p1030455

Congratulations Mike & Ann!


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