2016 Wedding of Phil & Alex 21st May

The Wedding of Phil and Alex took place on Saturday 21st May 2016 at St Colan Church and afterwards at The Headland Hotel, Newquay.

It was a special day today……..

1.  Because Phil and Alex were getting married and….

2. All 3 of our beautiful girls were out together for the first time!


It was certainly a great spectacle, especially with the London bus (which is not ours)!

But lets not forget the happy couple….


Smiling in Lola despite the rain and unfortunately it was a very rainy day!

Alex and her Dad rode in Lola, while Layla transported the bridesmaids and Lily was in charge of the boys. All 3 vans rendezvoused at St Colan church and waited patiently in the rain for the party to re-emerge from the church.

2016-05-21-16-47-42 2016-05-21-16-46-58

The newly weds chose to ride in Lola and so it was off to the Headland Hotel to drop them off for their reception. No beach stops today, sadly, as the rain was just too heavy but they did manage to get a couple of photos outside the church as they came out while the rain held off!

2016-05-21-18-14-56 2016-05-21-18-15-00 2016-05-21-18-20-01

After dropping them safely at the Headland Hotel, we did manage to get a few shots of all 3 Campers together. As you can see it really was a grey, wet old day 🙁

2016-05-21-18-49-45 2016-05-21-18-55-08

But congratulations go to Phil and Alex and also THANKS for getting all 3 of our vans out together!


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