2016 Wedding of Dave & Ellen 8th October

The Wedding of Dave and Ellen took place on the 8th October 2016 at Pendennis Castle.


Lola has been our most popular choice this year and so you shouldn’t be surprised to hear that she was out again today at the Wedding of Dave and Ellen!

img_0630 img_0633 img_0637

It was a gorgeous autumn day for Lola and I (Roger) to be heading down to Pendennis Castle. First stop of the day was at Tresooth Barns, Mawnan Smith to collect the bridesmaids Jodie, Leah, Shawna and Sarah. I dropped them off at the Barrack Rooms and then headed back to pick up Ellen and her Dad, Bob.



As we had time to spare we decided to take the scenic route to Pendennis and arrived smack on time at 4.15pm.

I pottered about sprucing up Lola and getting my camera ready for the photographs while they were saying their vows.

When they came out afterwards for their pictures there was a guest who was mad on VW’s and just stood there admiring Lola until eventually I had to go, which was a sad point for everyone.

img_0644 img_0648 img_0652 img_0657 img_0659

img_0665 img_0666

I said my goodbyes to Dave, Ellen and Bob, who thanked me for making the day so special.

Another lovely couple and a wonderful day!


Congratulations Dave and Ellen x

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