2016 Wedding of John & Toni 3rd August

The Wedding of John and Toni took place on 3rd August at St Austell registry office and afterwards in Charlestown.


Lola and I headed off nice and early today just to make sure we arrived with plenty of time to spare!

In fact we were so early that I even got invited in for a cup of tea! Even though we still had plenty of time the boys, John, Dean (his best man) and Lee (his usher) decided that they wanted to head off to the registry office. When we got there it was closed as there was still 1 and a half hours until the wedding! I dropped the boys off and then went to fetch the bridesmaids, all of whom were young and rather excited about their ride in Lola.

img_0352 img_0353 img_0354 img_0363

When we got back to the registry office the boys were still waiting outside! The bridesmaids hopped out to join the men and I made my final trip to collect Toni, her son and daughter (pageboy and flower girl) and her mum and grandad.

img_0368 img_0370

After the ceremony we went down to one of the local beaches where they had some really gorgeous shots, see below.

img_0403 img_0407 img_0400 img_0395 img_0391 img_0385 img_0382 img_0384


They were just finishing up on the beach when there was a heavy downpour for about 10 minutes. I got everyone back in Lola and returned to Charlestown where I dropped them all off for the reception.

Congratulations John and Toni! Lola and I had a great day too x


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