2016 Wedding of Melchoir & Bonnie 27th August

The Wedding of Melchoir and Bonnie took place on Saturday 27th August 2016 in Padstow.


Another jaunt up to pretty Padstow today for lovely Layla and when she gets there she finds she’s not the only old girl on duty today…..she’s working along side a beautiful Bentley! They look gorgeous side by side.

p1040092 p1040094

Layla is in charge of the Bridesmaids, while the Bentley looks after Bonnie the Bride. Off they go together to Padstow Church, gracing the onlookers with their beauty.


After the ceremony Melchoir and Bonnie take their turn in Layla and travel from the Church to Carthew Farm for the reception, which is being held in a marquee in the grounds.

p1040095 p1040103

Congratulations Melchoir and Bonnie x

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