2016 Wedding of Nathan & Hannah 7th August

The Wedding of Nathan and Hannah took place on Sunday 7th August 2016 at St Johns in the fields and afterwards at Tregenna Castle.


Clear blue skies greeted us this morning for the wedding of this very lovely local couple, Nathan and Hannah.

The boys were the first port of call and after some posy shots with Lola at home and then in front of the church it was off to collect the girls.

img_0001 img_0009

Hannah had purchased the ribbon for Lola which is why it matches the bridesmaids dresses perfectly and looks fabulous in the photos. The girls had their pictures with Lola and then it was back to the very pretty church of St Johns in the fields for the ceremony.

img_0012 img_0014

While the ceremony was in progress Lola basked in the glorious sunshine and re-positioned her cushions ready for the newly weds!

img_0021 img_0023

After pouring them their Strawberry Leisure labelled champagne they set off for the beach and those all important beach shots (it would be criminal not to on a day like today!) See for yourself…….

img_0042 img_0045 img_0046 img_0048 img_0051 img_0060 img_0063

……..and then we had to get them to their reception, which was being held at the stunning Tregenna Castle. What an absolutely fabulous day!

img_0067 img_0068 img_0072

Congratulations Nathan and Hannah! x


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