2016 Wedding of Ryan & Rachele 17th September

The Wedding of Ryan and Rachele took place on the 17th September 2016 at Padstow Church followed by a reception at Porthilly, Rock.


So today I (Simon) am in charge of getting Lola to Padstow on time! As it is a decent trip up to Padstow and with it being a Saturday we made sure we had plenty of time and arrived 45 minutes early, even after the main road closure.

The first trip went fine as did the second but just as Rachele was about to enter the church she realised she wasn’t wearing her veil! All panic broke loose! Nine bridesmaids and not one of them had noticed, LOL! Luckily it wasn’t too far back to the house so I nipped back and picked it up for her. The ceremony could begin and everyone was happy again.

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They had a few photos outside the church and around Lola before they went in. I waited outside ready to whisk them away for more pictures as husband and wife. The champagne was cracked and with glasses in hand it was off to the beach as requested. Plenty more photos, smiles and laughter it was then time for them to get their party shoes on and join the rest of their guests again for the reception.

p1040851 p1040858 p1040872

Back at Porthilly, there was more snapping and flashing of cameras on the cliff before I bid them farewell and set off on the long drive home.


Congratulations Ryan and Rachele!

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