2017 Wedding of El & Ella 17th May

The Wedding of El & Ella took place on Wednesday 17th May 2017 at the Guildhall St Ives.

After negotiating some very narrow lanes in St Ives I arrived at Treleigh House, Burthallan lane to pick up El & Ella. I went into the house and introduced myself to the girls. I was obviously quite early as both of them were still in their dressing gowns!

After the guests departed for the Guildhall El and Ella disappeared to different rooms along with their mothers, Susan and Alison. They had kept their dresses a secret from one another so there was great excitement and anticipation!  And what a pleasant surprise it was when they saw each other.

Ella’s Mum found it all a bit overwhelming so I had to lend her my handkerchief to catch her tears (she still has it!)

We departed at 12:10pm heading for the Guildhall in St Ives for the ceremony. At the time it was quite overcast but luckily during the ceremony the sun appeared and stayed out for the rest of the day.

As the weather had improved so much they decided to go to the beach so we set off to Porthminster. After some lovely photos I returned them to Treleigh house to meet up with the rest of their party for the reception.


A wonderful couple and a great day was had by everyone. Congratulations El & Ella!

A few more photos from the day:

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