2017 Wedding of Adrian & Marie June 3rd

The Wedding of Adrian and Marie took place on the 3rd of June at St Josephs Catholic Church, Hayle and afterwards at Tremeneere Sculpture Gardens, Gulval.

Unfortunately we had a slight mishap with Lola today and so at the last minute we had to send Layla instead! Apologies to Adrian and Marie as they didn’t have the Camper they had booked. These vehicles are old and every now and again they do play up!

And so it was Layla who arrived at the Chalet on the Towans at 11:45am to pick up Marie. It was a huge surprise for Marie as she no idea that Adrian had booked the Camper to transport her to the Church, She was under the impression that she was being taken in her sisters beetle.

It was an emotional time when Layla arrived and there were a few tears but then it was time to have dry eyes for some photos!

Next stop was Saint Josephs Catholic Church in Hayle. Marie and her Dad travelled in the back of Layla and I dropped them off right outside the Church. So lovely to be doing a Wedding in Hayle, Layla’s home town!

After the ceremony Adrian and Marie had their time together and on the way over to Marazion for some beach photos Adrian handed Marie a present, which was a beautiful stained glass and leaded image of the front of Lola. On the number plate was the date of their wedding and on the top was printed Mr & Mrs C!

It was the perfect day for some beach shots and with the amazing St Michaels Mount as the backdrop, you couldn’t ask for more!

Their reception was being held in a marquee at Tremeneere Sculpture Gardens, so off we set to drop them off for their evening of celebrations!

It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining, the venue was stunning and a wonderful couple. Congratulations!



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