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2017 Wedding of Steve & Emily July 1st

The Wedding of Steve and Emily took place on the 1st July 2017 at the Carbis Bay Hotel.

With two Weddings on today, this was the start of our busiest month. 9 Weddings in total for the month of July and 10 vans out!

Chris stepped into the drivers seat today to help us out. Luckily it was a nice close one. With Champagne and ivory being the colours for the day, off they set to the Badger in Lelant to meet the first guests. And it was the Grooms party that welcomed them and had their turn first posing with Lola. After some comical photos of them ‘pushing’ Lola up the hill, they set off on the short trip to the Hotel.

In the first group were Steve, Groomsmen Dan, Jordan & Mark, Father of the Groom, John and the 2 ushers.

In the second group were Mother of the Groom, Sue and some of the other Wedding guests.

Once Chris had got everyone safely over to the Hotel he parked Lola in a spot by the grass which they had reserved for him. A perfect location right by the post ceremony drinks and with a gorgeous view over looking the bay.

Ceremony complete everyone came back out onto the grass for drinks and canapes. There were some group shots on the grass and then a number of the guests came over for some pictures with Lola. The Bride and Groom were actually the last to have their photos and when Chris offered them their Champagne, they said they had so much on the tables already that they would take it with them and drink it at a later stage.




We hope you had a great day and wish you all the best for the future.

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Atkinson!

2017 Wedding of James & Helen July 1st

The Wedding of James and Helen took place on the 1st of July 2017 at Pendennis Castle and afterwards at St Michaels Hotel, Falmouth.

I was making the trip down to Pendennis Castle today in Layla as unfortunately Lily had to go to the garage to have a new gear box ūüôĀ

Helen had already mentioned on the phone that some of the Wedding party were VW enthusiasts so it was a shame really that we couldn’t bring Lily, however, Layla is also one of our gorgeous splitties in cream and white with a ragtop roof so I was certain they would not be disappointed.

I arrived at St Michael’s Hotel¬† Falmouth to shuttle two groups of family members to Pendennis Castle for James & Helen’s wedding. The sun was shining and it was a beautiful day.

On the first run I met James and his groomsmen who were travelled up to the castle in a beautiful old Morgan. One of the groomsmen, Robin, loves VW’s and couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw Layla driving up towards the Castle.

I waited for a few minutes for him to ‘check’ her out before returning to the hotel to pick up the second group.

Helen & her brother Robert arrived a couple of minutes behind me in the Morgan.

After the ceremony they had photographs, drinks and canapés in the castle grounds and the canons were fired, which was a huge surprise for their guests.









Before we departed I made Robin’s day by letting him drive Layla across the Castle lawn. He was over the moon and thanked me saying he wouldn’t be able to sleep tonight thinking about it!

It was then the same trips again in reverse, shuttling everyone back down to the St Michaels Hotel. I actually dropped them all off by Gylly café as I thought they were going to have some photographs on the beach. Perhaps they decided it was too busy so they all walked up through the gardens of the Hotel for their reception.









I congratulated Mr & Mrs Adcock and their daughter Emmie who was their flower girl and wished them many happy years together, a very lovely family and group of friends.


2017 Wedding of Matt & Stacey June 10th

The Wedding of Matt and Stacey took place on Saturday 10th June 2017 at St Enedoc Church and afterwards at The Point at Polzeath.

It was set to be a long day today as Simon drove out in Layla at 8.30 in the morning. Layla looked stunning dressed in beautiful turquoise and cream and ready for the long drive up to St Enedoc.

It is also the day of the Royal Cornwall Show which Simon and Layla had to drive right past to get to the Wedding. Suspecting that there would be a lot of traffic and potential hold ups we made sure we had plenty of time, however, Simon sailed through with no trouble at all and with about 2 hours to spare! Tea time!

After having so much time to twiddle his thumbs it was then a shame that when he got to The Point at Polzeath to collect the girls, he couldn’t find the apartment. The Bailey, wasn’t on the map of the resort as it was a new development so there was a bit of a panic while he tried to get hold of the girls to find out where they were. Eventually he got there and luckily still had plenty of time to get the Bride, Stacey and her Bridesmaids, Robyn, Louise, Abbi and Beth to the Church on time!

He dropped the girls by the lane where they then had a short little walk across the golf course to get to St Enedoc Church. As they made their way over Simon moved Layla around to the car park by Daymer Bay to wait for them.

Unfortunately, it was a rather wet and windy day and the rain just refused to stay away! Matt and Stacey managed to have a few photos by the Camper looking over the bay and enjoy their champagne before being taken back to the Point at Polzeath for their reception.

Congratulations Matt and Stacey!

2017 Wedding of David & Hannah June 10th

The Wedding of David and Hannah took place on Saturday 10th June 2017 at The Glendorgal Hotel, Newquay.

New driver Phil saved the day today and stepped in to drive Lily for the wedding of David and Hannah! Lily looked gorgeous in yellow as Phil drove her out at 11.30am.

The Wedding ceremony wasn’t until 3pm but Nick, Father of the Bride, had asked if we could be at The Old Post Office, Porth Beach by 12.30pm as there would be 4 trips to make between here and the hotel. Phil arrived and tooted the horn to let them know he was there. A short while later the Bridesmaids, Hannah, Tegan, Katie and Charlotte appeared (in their dressing gowns!) to have some photos with the Lily. After a quick shoot, they disappeared back inside to get ready. They re-appeared again at around 2.30pm to be taken up to the hotel along with Julie, The Mother of the Bride.

It was a quick turnaround and back to Porth to collect Hannah and her Dad, Nick. By the time they arrived back at Glendorgal it was 3.20pm (ceremony was scheduled for 3pm). Always good to be fashionably late!

As the weather wasn’t going to make a miraculous change they decided not to go to the beach for photos but instead had their Rattler in the Camper outside the hotel followed by a few photos.

Phil’s and Lily’s jobs were done so they bade their farewells and headed off on the rather wet journey home!

Congratulations David and Hannah!


2017 Wedding of Adrian & Marie June 3rd

The Wedding of Adrian and Marie took place on the 3rd of June at St Josephs Catholic Church, Hayle and afterwards at Tremeneere Sculpture Gardens, Gulval.

Unfortunately we had a slight mishap with Lola today and so at the last minute we had to send Layla instead! Apologies to Adrian and Marie as they didn’t have the Camper they had booked. These vehicles are old and every now and again they do play up!

And so it was Layla who arrived at the Chalet on the Towans at 11:45am to pick up Marie. It was a huge surprise for Marie as she no idea that Adrian had booked the Camper to transport her to the Church, She was under the impression that she was being taken in her sisters beetle.

It was an emotional time when Layla arrived and there were a few tears but then it was time to have dry eyes for some photos!

Next stop was Saint Josephs Catholic Church in Hayle. Marie and her Dad travelled in the back of Layla and I dropped them off right outside the Church. So lovely to be doing a Wedding in Hayle, Layla’s home town!

After the ceremony Adrian and Marie had their time together and on the way over to Marazion for some beach photos Adrian handed Marie a present, which was a beautiful stained glass and leaded image of the front of Lola. On the number plate was the date of their wedding and on the top was printed Mr & Mrs C!

It was the perfect day for some beach shots and with the amazing St Michaels Mount as the backdrop, you couldn’t ask for more!

Their reception was being held in a marquee at Tremeneere Sculpture Gardens, so off we set to drop them off for their evening of celebrations!

It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining, the venue was stunning and a wonderful couple. Congratulations!



2017 Wedding of Steven & Georgina June 3rd

The Wedding of Steven and Georgina took place on Saturday 3rd June 2017 at Penzance Registry office and afterwards at The Godolphin Arms, Marazion.

It was a special day today for Steven and Georgina but it was also a rather special day for Strawberry Leisure! Today was the day our lovely 1954 Oval Beetle made its debut onto the Cornwall Wedding Scene!

There was much excitement in the Strawberry Leisure team as she emerged looking splendid in white ribbons, her brand new paintwork glistening and the rather deep roar of her engine sending tingles down spines!

She was being escorted today and shown the ropes by our fabulous Lily also dressed in white. Jason and Simon were the Chauffeurs and as they drove off gave a good old toot on the Claxon’s! They were headed for The Godolphin Arms, where Jason (in Lily) was to pick up the Bride and her Father, Jeremy and Simon (in the beetle) was collecting the Mother of the Bride, Eileen, pageboy Oliver and bridesmaid Emily.

They made the relatively short trip over to Penzance registry office where they dropped everyone off for the ceremony and then parked round the corner to wait for them. Simon actually popped off very quickly in the beetle to pop some fuel in (just to make sure they didn’t run out on the way back!)

Afterwards there were photos outside and some Champagne popping before they drove in convoy back to the Godolphin. This time of course it was Steven and Georgina in the back of Lily, sipping their Champagne en-route!

They stopped off in the car park by the slipway opposite St Michaels Mount where their photographer, Paul Keppel was waiting for them.

Eileen and the two children who had been travelling in the beetle said it certainly had been an experience, even though the beetle had apparently made some rather rude noises throughout the day!

After some fabulous photos with the Camper and the Beetle it was time to say goodbye and leave them to enjoy their reception.



Congratulations Steven & Georgina!


2017 Wedding of Peter & Hannah 20th May

The Wedding of Peter and Hannah took place at Mousehole Methodist Church with a reception at Cape Cornwall Golf Club.

Lets go Lily! Its time to get going over to Penzance for the Wedding of Peter and Hannah!

Simon set off on time to get to Castle Road, Penzance in order to pick up the Brides brother, Paul before heading over to Cape Cornwall Golf club to fetch the Groom, Best man, Tony and groomsman Kevin. It was a good drive back to Mousehole Church to deposit the boys before heading back over to Castle Road to collect the Mother of the Bride, Diana and the Bridesmaids, Paula, Lauren, Natalie and Alicia.

Hannah and her Dad were also travelling in style to the church in a beautiful old Bentley. A similar colour to Lily, the two complemented each other perfectly!


Once the ceremony was over the newlyweds walked down to the harbour in Mousehole to have some photographs before being whisked away in the Bentley for their reception at the Cape Cornwall Golf Club. Lily was in charge of the ladies again and Mike (Father of the Bride), so Simon had the pleasure of driving this happy bunch over to St Just for the evening event.

Congratulations Peter and Hannah!

2017 Wedding of El & Ella 17th May

The Wedding of El & Ella took place on Wednesday 17th May 2017 at the Guildhall St Ives.

After negotiating some very narrow lanes in St Ives I arrived at Treleigh House, Burthallan lane to pick up El & Ella. I went into the house and introduced myself to the girls. I was obviously quite early as both of them were still in their dressing gowns!

After the guests departed for the Guildhall El and Ella disappeared to different rooms along with their mothers, Susan and Alison. They had kept their dresses a secret from one another so there was great excitement and anticipation!  And what a pleasant surprise it was when they saw each other.

Ella’s Mum found it all a bit overwhelming so I had to lend her my handkerchief to catch her tears (she still has it!)

We departed at 12:10pm heading for the Guildhall in St Ives for the ceremony. At the time it was quite overcast but luckily during the ceremony the sun appeared and stayed out for the rest of the day.

As the weather had improved so much they decided to go to the beach so we set off to Porthminster. After some lovely photos I returned them to Treleigh house to meet up with the rest of their party for the reception.


A wonderful couple and a great day was had by everyone. Congratulations El & Ella!

A few more photos from the day:

2017 Wedding of Matt & Hannah on 6th May

The Wedding of Matt and Hannah took place on the 6th May at St Andrews Church and afterwards at Heartlands.

It was Jason and Lola today and they headed off on a rather gloomy, wet day to Four Lanes, Redruth to pick up the first of the Wedding party…………..The Lads! And here they all are looking very dapper and in very high spirits. Lola wasn’t so¬†happy though,¬†as she hates being out in the rain!

Pictured below with Lola we have: Matt and his Dad, Robin and three groomsmen Tristan, Daniel and Samuel.

Jason ran the boys quickly over to St Andrews before returning to the same street (different house!) to collect the girls. They all huddled together in the back of Lola to keep warm as Jason made the very short trip over to the Church.

In the Brides party we have: Hannah, Stacey, Jodie, Sarah, Emma and Danielle.

In they all went for the ceremony while Lola waited patiently outside (the rain has stopped for a bit now Lola!)

After the ceremony it was time to crack open the champagne and toast their marriage as Mr and Mrs Doble!

Matt and Hannah wanted to stop at their local tennis club for a photoshoot. Unfortunately it was pouring with rain so they had to go inside to have their pictures. Then it was back into Lola and off to Heartlands for their reception.








2017 Karl & Danielle 30th April

The Wedding of Karl and Danielle took place on Sunday 30th April 2017 at the Harbour Hotel and Spa, St Ives.

I arrived at the John Fowler holiday resort to collect Karl and his groomsmen and they were already waiting for me at reception looking relaxed and well organised. The weather was a little overcast and there was a bit of drizzle as we drove to the Harbour Hotel where the wedding was taking place.

By the time I collected Danielle from Carthew House, which has stunning views overlooking Porthmeor beach, the rain had stopped, however, it still looked a little uncertain. We had a nice drive through the small and narrow but picturesque back streets of St Ives to the wedding venue.

While the wedding ceremony was in progress the sun came out for what turned into a stunning afternoon! Karl and Danielle had a short ride in Lola down to Porthminster beach where they stopped for photos. Most of the wedding guests also made their way down the extremely steep Porthminster hill to the beach to take part in the first round of photos, before then making their way back up and leaving Karl and Danielle to have their personal photos.

After the photos were finished we then had an amazing drive through St Ives with the roof open. The happy couple made the most of the attention from the crowds by standing up and waving to everyone out of the roof like celebrities as we drove along the harbour front in St Ives. I kept the Claxton horn blaring attracting a lot of attention for them!

We stopped for some photos outside the Sloop pub where a huge crowd surrounded Lola and the newly weds with photos galore being taken and for one poor chap in the crowd the St Ives seagulls struck and flew straight into his head while trying to take his ice cream. Karl and Danielle had full view of this as they were having photos taken in the driver and passenger seats, which can be seen in some of the pictures with their shock and then hysterics as the victims friends started to laugh.

We then headed around to Portgwidden beach for some more photos with the beautiful views across the St Ives beaches and to Hayle beach to round of an amazing trip.

Thanks very much for a fantastic day Karl and Danielle it was a pleasure driving you round. Hope you enjoyed the experience!


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