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2016 Wedding of Dean & Gemma 26th November

The Wedding of Dean and Gemma took place on the 26th November 2016 in Padstow.


The final wedding of the season and its Lola (our most popular choice this season!) who sets off to Padstow with Simon at her wheel. It’s a glorious autumn day, blue sky and the sun shining – couldn’t ask for better for the last wedding of 2016!

Lola had to do a bit of ‘toing and froing’ today and it was the groom and his party who had the pleasure of her company first. Simon picked them up from the Farmers Arms at 12.55pm and dropped them into Padstow at around 1.15pm.

The Bridesmaids were next so it was over to the Metropole Hotel to collect them and get them over to the church so I still had plenty of time to go back and fetch the Bride.

All ran smoothly and pretty much on time. We collected Gemma and made it back to the church at 2.10pm. She had some photos outside the church before disappearing inside for the ceremony.

img_0907 img_0903

Post ceremony Simon took the newly married couple to Harlyn Beach for photographs. It was such a beautiful evening and a gorgeous sunset – perfect for a wedding shoot!

img_0915 img_0917 img_0918 img_0919

As the sun disappeared behind the horizon it started to get a little chilly so it was time to whisk them away and drop them off at the pub for their reception.

img_0923 img_0924

Poor Simon then made the very long and cold journey home (no heating in Lola!)

Congratulations Dean & Gemma x

2016 Wedding of Anthony & Carolin 12th October

The Wedding of Anthony and Carolin took place on Wednesday the 12th October 2016 at Heartlands with a reception in St Ives.


Our penultimate wedding of the season! I cannot believe wedding season 2016 is nearly over with about 40 weddings completed this year for Strawberry Leisure!

But today we have Carolin and Anthony who are getting married at Heartlands in Camborne.

img_0678 img_0676 img_0668

After a beautiful intimate ceremony we headed off in Layla to the beach. Making our way through quaint and characterful St Ives we finally arrived at Porthgwidden beach. Lovely and quiet and perfect for a wedding photo shoot.

img_0682 img_0688

They were showered by their guests with confetti and took a stroll along the beach while the photographer clicked away to get those great natural shots!

img_0694 img_0699 img_0706 img_0710 img_0712 img_0714

A few pictures in Layla with the roof rolled back and then we made the short journey over to the Sloop where they were having their reception.

img_0718 img_0720 img_0727

Congratulations Anthony and Carolin x


2016 Wedding of Dave & Ellen 8th October

The Wedding of Dave and Ellen took place on the 8th October 2016 at Pendennis Castle.


Lola has been our most popular choice this year and so you shouldn’t be surprised to hear that she was out again today at the Wedding of Dave and Ellen!

img_0630 img_0633 img_0637

It was a gorgeous autumn day for Lola and I (Roger) to be heading down to Pendennis Castle. First stop of the day was at Tresooth Barns, Mawnan Smith to collect the bridesmaids Jodie, Leah, Shawna and Sarah. I dropped them off at the Barrack Rooms and then headed back to pick up Ellen and her Dad, Bob.



As we had time to spare we decided to take the scenic route to Pendennis and arrived smack on time at 4.15pm.

I pottered about sprucing up Lola and getting my camera ready for the photographs while they were saying their vows.

When they came out afterwards for their pictures there was a guest who was mad on VW’s and just stood there admiring Lola until eventually I had to go, which was a sad point for everyone.

img_0644 img_0648 img_0652 img_0657 img_0659

img_0665 img_0666

I said my goodbyes to Dave, Ellen and Bob, who thanked me for making the day so special.

Another lovely couple and a wonderful day!


Congratulations Dave and Ellen x

2016 Wedding of Ale & Emma 1st October

The Wedding of Ale and Emma took place on Saturday 1st October 2016 at St Marys Catholic Church, Falmouth and afterwards at The Alverton Manor, Truro.


Another day today with all 3 of our girls out but it was Lola and Lily who were showcasing at the wedding of Ale and Emma. Both girls were booked to pick up the bridal party, with Emma and her Dad in Lola and the 4 bridesmaids and mother of the bride in Lily.

p1040173 p1040172 p1040905

St Mary’s Catholic Church was the first stop for the ceremony. Lola and Lily waited patiently outside, with their drivers Jason and Chris, until the newly weds emerged to a sea of confetti!

p1040176 p1040177 p1040183 p1040178

A quick stop for photographs on the way to The Alverton and our job was done.

p1040188 p1040189 p1040901 p1040903

Congratulations Ale and Emma x

2016 Wedding of Mark & Chantelle 1st October

The Wedding of Mark and Chantelle took place on the 1st October 2016 at Heartlands and then on to Hayle Rugby Club for their reception.


All 3 of our girls were out today but it was Layla who was on duty for Mark and Chantelle.

It was only a short round trip today for Layla, picking up Chantelle and her 2 bridesmaids Amy and Vicky and getting them to Heartlands for the ceremony.

img_0572 img_0573 img_0574

Afterwards they had asked if they could go to Godrevy for photographs. Although it was quite windy and a little chilly, the sun did appear for them and as you can see they got some really nice shots.

img_0580 img_0584 img_0588 img_0592 img_0596 img_0602 img_0605

It was then on to Hayle Rugby Club for their reception and an extremely short trip home for us!

Congratulations Mark and Chantelle x

2016 Wedding of Adrian & Michelle 24th September

The Wedding of Adrian and Michelle took place on Saturday 24th September 2016 in Padstow.


Padstow has also been a popular location this year for weddings. Extremely picturesque and quaint, you can see why.

It was Lily who was collecting the bride and her father today and getting them over to the stunning Prideaux Place. Beaming from ear to ear, I think they both enjoyed the ride!


p1040147 p1040149


The ceremony was taking place inside the manor house with the reception being held in a marquee in the grounds. After the ceremony Adrian and Michelle wanted to go to a nearby beach for photographs, so it was back into Lily for the short trip to the beach and time for the newly weds to enjoy some quality time away from their guests.

p1040163 p1040166 p1040169 p1040170

When the photographer had finished snapping away, Lily drove them back to Prideaux Place for their reception.

Congratulations Adrian and Michelle x

2016 Wedding of Demelza & Laura 24th September

The Wedding of Demelza and Laura took place on the 24th September 2016 at The Atlantic hotel, Newquay.


It was the wedding of 2 local ladies today which was nice as most of our couples are from out of county!

Lola had been booked specially by Demelza as Laura’s nickname is Lola.

The plan was to pick up the two girls from Demelza’s house in Threemilestone at around 1pm and to take them on a coastal shoot from Portreath to Newquay, however, it was a bit of a blustery day so they decided to make a change of plan.

They decided to leave the house a bit later, at 2pm, and to head straight to the Atlantic Hotel. We did still have plenty of time to spare so we popped over to Pentire for some photos overlooking Fistral beach. The weather was good enough that I could open Lola’s roof and get some really nice shots of two very beautiful girls.

img_0487 img_0479 img_0490 img_0494 img_0495 img_0502 img_0506 img_0510 img_0509

It was then time to get over to the hotel for the ceremony. I waited for them to come out so that they could have some more pictures with Lola in the hotel grounds.

img_0531 img_0522 img_0517

2 lovely ladies and a great day! Congratulations Demelza and Laura! x

2016 Wedding of Mark & Sue 17th September

The Wedding of Mark and Sue took place on Saturday 17th September 2016 in Tintagel.


It was a busy day today for Strawberry Leisure, 3 vans out at 3 separate weddings and it was Layla who made the long journey up to Tintagel.

It was our first time to Tintagel and we had a pretty good trip up. A beautiful part of Cornwall for a wedding and a quaint little church for the ceremony.

The bridal party were delivered safely to the church and then Layla had a little rest while the ceremony was in progress.

p1040118 p1040120 p1040121

Ceremony over and after a little gathering outside the church for photographs it was off to the reception.

p1040123 p1040130 p1040128 p1040131 p1040135

The day went smoothly and Layla performed her duties perfectly.


Congratulations Mark & Sue x

2016 Wedding of Ryan & Rachele 17th September

The Wedding of Ryan and Rachele took place on the 17th September 2016 at Padstow Church followed by a reception at Porthilly, Rock.


So today I (Simon) am in charge of getting Lola to Padstow on time! As it is a decent trip up to Padstow and with it being a Saturday we made sure we had plenty of time and arrived 45 minutes early, even after the main road closure.

The first trip went fine as did the second but just as Rachele was about to enter the church she realised she wasn’t wearing her veil! All panic broke loose! Nine bridesmaids and not one of them had noticed, LOL! Luckily it wasn’t too far back to the house so I nipped back and picked it up for her. The ceremony could begin and everyone was happy again.

p1040834 p1040836 p1040842

They had a few photos outside the church and around Lola before they went in. I waited outside ready to whisk them away for more pictures as husband and wife. The champagne was cracked and with glasses in hand it was off to the beach as requested. Plenty more photos, smiles and laughter it was then time for them to get their party shoes on and join the rest of their guests again for the reception.

p1040851 p1040858 p1040872

Back at Porthilly, there was more snapping and flashing of cameras on the cliff before I bid them farewell and set off on the long drive home.


Congratulations Ryan and Rachele!

2016 Wedding of Andy & Becky 17th September

The Wedding of Andy and Becky took place on the 17th September 2016 at the St Just in Roseland church and afterwards at The Rosevine, Portscatho.


Lily looked gorgeous today dressed in her yellow bows and ribbons, a nice change to a very navy year!

Heads turned as we drove on down to the King Harry ferry. After a pretty non eventful crossing it was on to the Roesvine, Portscatho where I needed to be by 11.30am to pick up Andy and his 3 groomsmen, Geoff, Alastair and Simon. I was so pleased that the yellow bows and ribbons were a near perfect match to the boys ties and button holes and they all looked so smart posing in front of Lily before we set off.


The venue for todays ceremony was the utterly stunning St Just in Roseland church. Picture perfect and like something out of a fairy tale, it is probably the most idyllic church I have ever been to (and I’ve been to a few!)

I deposited the boys and left them to do their duties while I headed off to the second pick up – the all important bridesmaids, Ceri, Rachel, Jenny, Megan, Jasmine and Heidi and not forgetting the handsome pageboy, Tom! Once they were at the church it was the final trip to pick up Becky, looking absolutely stunning in a beautiful fishtail dress and her Dad, Brian. There was much excitement and nervous anticipation but she was finally at the church in time for her grand entrance. The bridesmaids, flower girls and pageboy all went in first, with Becky following with her Dad.

img_0385 img_0387

img_0403 img_0406

I waited outside making sure Lily was looking spic and span for the photos when they came out. I also rolled back the roof as the weather was so gorgeous.

After numerous photos around the beautiful church, they then wanted to pop off to Portscatho beach for a further shoot. The champagne was popped and there were smiles all round! A quick drink on the way to the beach, where they had some superb shots before returning to The Rosevine.

img_0416 img_0418 img_0441 img_0448 img_0462 img_0468

The reception was taking place in a marquee in the grounds so I wished them well and we said our goodbyes.

A really fabulous couple, fantastic weather and a fun day had by all!

Congratulations Andy and Becky! x


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