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2016 Wedding of Ryan & Rachele 17th September

The Wedding of Ryan and Rachele took place on the 17th September 2016 at Padstow Church followed by a reception at Porthilly, Rock.


So today I (Simon) am in charge of getting Lola to Padstow on time! As it is a decent trip up to Padstow and with it being a Saturday we made sure we had plenty of time and arrived 45 minutes early, even after the main road closure.

The first trip went fine as did the second but just as Rachele was about to enter the church she realised she wasn’t wearing her veil! All panic broke loose! Nine bridesmaids and not one of them had noticed, LOL! Luckily it wasn’t too far back to the house so I nipped back and picked it up for her. The ceremony could begin and everyone was happy again.

p1040834 p1040836 p1040842

They had a few photos outside the church and around Lola before they went in. I waited outside ready to whisk them away for more pictures as husband and wife. The champagne was cracked and with glasses in hand it was off to the beach as requested. Plenty more photos, smiles and laughter it was then time for them to get their party shoes on and join the rest of their guests again for the reception.

p1040851 p1040858 p1040872

Back at Porthilly, there was more snapping and flashing of cameras on the cliff before I bid them farewell and set off on the long drive home.


Congratulations Ryan and Rachele!

2016 Wedding of Andy & Becky 17th September

The Wedding of Andy and Becky took place on the 17th September 2016 at the St Just in Roseland church and afterwards at The Rosevine, Portscatho.


Lily looked gorgeous today dressed in her yellow bows and ribbons, a nice change to a very navy year!

Heads turned as we drove on down to the King Harry ferry. After a pretty non eventful crossing it was on to the Roesvine, Portscatho where I needed to be by 11.30am to pick up Andy and his 3 groomsmen, Geoff, Alastair and Simon. I was so pleased that the yellow bows and ribbons were a near perfect match to the boys ties and button holes and they all looked so smart posing in front of Lily before we set off.


The venue for todays ceremony was the utterly stunning St Just in Roseland church. Picture perfect and like something out of a fairy tale, it is probably the most idyllic church I have ever been to (and I’ve been to a few!)

I deposited the boys and left them to do their duties while I headed off to the second pick up – the all important bridesmaids, Ceri, Rachel, Jenny, Megan, Jasmine and Heidi and not forgetting the handsome pageboy, Tom! Once they were at the church it was the final trip to pick up Becky, looking absolutely stunning in a beautiful fishtail dress and her Dad, Brian. There was much excitement and nervous anticipation but she was finally at the church in time for her grand entrance. The bridesmaids, flower girls and pageboy all went in first, with Becky following with her Dad.

img_0385 img_0387

img_0403 img_0406

I waited outside making sure Lily was looking spic and span for the photos when they came out. I also rolled back the roof as the weather was so gorgeous.

After numerous photos around the beautiful church, they then wanted to pop off to Portscatho beach for a further shoot. The champagne was popped and there were smiles all round! A quick drink on the way to the beach, where they had some superb shots before returning to The Rosevine.

img_0416 img_0418 img_0441 img_0448 img_0462 img_0468

The reception was taking place in a marquee in the grounds so I wished them well and we said our goodbyes.

A really fabulous couple, fantastic weather and a fun day had by all!

Congratulations Andy and Becky! x


2016 Wedding of Chris & Anna 15th September

The Wedding of Chris and Anna took place on the 15th September 2016 at St Uny Church, Lelant followed by their reception at the Carbis Bay Hotel.


It was off to Porthmeor this morning, and although a little on the grey side at least it was dry!

The boys were first pick up at 11.30am – Chris, his father in law to be, Tim and his 4 groomsmen, Eric, Rich, Sean and Tom were all waiting for Lola.

img_0252 img_0262

Just as we were about to set off one of the button holes fell off. Luckily I keep a box of goodies in the back of the van and I happened to have some pins! So after a quick repair job we headed to St Uny church.

The boys had to have a picture to show off their special socks, being an American affair they really are quite appropriate!


The Bride and bridesmaids still needed collecting from the Carbis Bay hotel. Tim was to come with me so he could travel with his daughter to the church. We arrived back at St Uny spot on time at 1pm – no keeping this groom waiting!

img_0270 img_0271 img_0275

After the ceremony the bride and groom had their debut in Lola as we travelled back to Carbis Bay beach for photographs. Unfortunately just a short trip but time for them to have their champagne and 10 minutes together.

img_0307 img_0285

It was a perfect day for photographs as you can see.

img_0333 img_0340 img_0341 img_0343 img_0353 img_0360 img_0363 img_0342

Congratulations y’all! x

2016 Wedding of Simon & Lucy 10th September

The Wedding of Simon and Lucy took place on Saturday 10th September 2016 at Crantock, Newquay.


It was Lily out again today and heading up to the coastal holiday town of Newquay. When she arrived at the pick up location she was surprised to see that she was not the only mode of transport but that she would be driving alongside a beautiful DeLorean!

img_0217 img_0218

Lucy was getting whisked off to the church in the DeLorean and the bridesmaids were travelling in cool Lily.


After the ceremony and with confetti in their hair and champagne in their hands the newly weds popped off to the beach in Lily to have their all important photographs. A gorgeous blue sky dotted with fluffy white clouds and the dramatic Cornish coastline made for some fabulous shots.

img_0224 img_0228 img_0230 img_0231 img_0232 img_0236 img_0243

Congratulations Simon and Lucy x

2016 Wedding of Melchoir & Bonnie 27th August

The Wedding of Melchoir and Bonnie took place on Saturday 27th August 2016 in Padstow.


Another jaunt up to pretty Padstow today for lovely Layla and when she gets there she finds she’s not the only old girl on duty today…..she’s working along side a beautiful Bentley! They look gorgeous side by side.

p1040092 p1040094

Layla is in charge of the Bridesmaids, while the Bentley looks after Bonnie the Bride. Off they go together to Padstow Church, gracing the onlookers with their beauty.


After the ceremony Melchoir and Bonnie take their turn in Layla and travel from the Church to Carthew Farm for the reception, which is being held in a marquee in the grounds.

p1040095 p1040103

Congratulations Melchoir and Bonnie x

2016 Wedding of Ben & Chelsey 27th August

The Wedding of Ben and Chelsey took place on the 27th August 2016 at Mawnan Smith Church and afterwards at The Falmouth Hotel.


Lola and Lily were both in action today, all dolled up in pink, any girls favourite colour! They looked absolutely gorgeous as they left in convoy to attend the wedding of Ben and Chelsey.

Lola was in charge of transporting Chelsey and her Dad, Lee from Chelsey’s parents home to Mawnan Smith Church and the bridesmaids, Pippa, Emma, Jess, Emma and Deanne were to travel in Lily.

img_0159 img_0160 img_0162


It was an extremely hot day so we had to open up the windows to allow a breeze through during our 10 minute drive to the church.

After the ceremony we had a 30 minute drive to The Falmouth Hotel. We drove through Falmouth in convoy, with both sunroofs open. The atmosphere was electric and the attention that we raised was amazing. The bridesmaids and the bride and groom were both standing up in the Campers and waving to everyone out of the roofs. The people on the streets were waving back and went absolutely wild when we blew the claxton horns! I have never seen so many people waving and taking photos, it really was a sight to behold and everyone had their 10 minutes of fame! An extremely memorable moment and something none will forget!

Big thanks to Ben and Chelsey, the bridesmaids and especially Lee for making it such a fantastic day. We enjoyed ourselves as much as you did! All the best for the future!

p1040828 p1040832


Congratulations Mr and Mrs Roberts x

2016 Wedding of Rupert & Stephanie 20th August

The Wedding of Rupert and Stephanie took place on Saturday 20th August 2016 at St Enedoc Church and afterwards at Prideaux Place.


Lily is off to Padstow today for a wedding ceremony at St Enedoc Church, which is located in the middle of a golf course!

Five lovely bridesmaids all dressed in navy blue had a wonderful ride in Lily to the Church. It was a really rotten day unfortunately and its a good walk across the golf course to get to the church…..lucky the bride had her welly boots!

img_0110 img_0112

After the ceremony Lily had the bride and groom on board and headed off to Prideaux Place, where they had a marquee in the grounds for their reception. It was a bit of a wet day but at least they managed to have some pictures outside and around Lily in between showers.

img_0122 img_0125 img_0128 img_0130 img_0135 img_0145 img_0148 img_0150

Congratulations Rupert and Stephanie x

2016 Wedding of Mark & Sian 13th August

The Wedding of Mark and Sian took place on Saturday 13th August 2016 at Baldhu Chapel and afterwards at The Falmouth Hotel.


So, at lunchtime on Friday 12th August I receive a phone call from Sian enquiring about a van for a wedding the next day! Unfortunately, their friends campervan had broken down on the way to Cornwall that morning. It was going to be their transport for the wedding. Luckily, we had availability at such late notice and could provide Lola for them on their big day. It was also lucky that we had their ribbon colours, which I must say ended up being a near perfect match to the men’s ties!

On Saturday morning the weather looked a little dubious and was still looking so on the way to the church. However, during the ceremony it brightened up and was actually perfect for the photographs.

The original plan was that Sian was going to walk to the Church as it was just up the road from her parents house but as we were there nice and early we thought it would be nice to pick her up so we negotiated a very narrow lane and tight turning area in order for her to arrive at the church in style!

img_0076 img_0078 img_0074

As the weather had cheered up during the ceremony they were able to have some lovely pictures outside the Church. It was then into Lola for a leisurely drive down to Falmouth where Mark and Sian had more pictures outside the hotel with Lola before heading down to the beach to continue the photo session.

img_0089 img_0085 img_0095 img_0106 img_0107

That was the end of our duties, so it was time for us to leave. We are so pleased that we could help out last minute and be involved in your special day.









Huge congratulations to Mark & Sian!

2016 Wedding of Nathan & Hannah 7th August

The Wedding of Nathan and Hannah took place on Sunday 7th August 2016 at St Johns in the fields and afterwards at Tregenna Castle.


Clear blue skies greeted us this morning for the wedding of this very lovely local couple, Nathan and Hannah.

The boys were the first port of call and after some posy shots with Lola at home and then in front of the church it was off to collect the girls.

img_0001 img_0009

Hannah had purchased the ribbon for Lola which is why it matches the bridesmaids dresses perfectly and looks fabulous in the photos. The girls had their pictures with Lola and then it was back to the very pretty church of St Johns in the fields for the ceremony.

img_0012 img_0014

While the ceremony was in progress Lola basked in the glorious sunshine and re-positioned her cushions ready for the newly weds!

img_0021 img_0023

After pouring them their Strawberry Leisure labelled champagne they set off for the beach and those all important beach shots (it would be criminal not to on a day like today!) See for yourself…….

img_0042 img_0045 img_0046 img_0048 img_0051 img_0060 img_0063

……..and then we had to get them to their reception, which was being held at the stunning Tregenna Castle. What an absolutely fabulous day!

img_0067 img_0068 img_0072

Congratulations Nathan and Hannah! x


2016 Wedding of Aled & Ada 6th August

The Wedding of Aled and Ada took place on the 6th August 2016 in St Austell with reception at The Eden Project.


Layla was setting off today to be part of the very colourful wedding of Aled and Ada. It was an exciting day as it was our first time to the Eden project for a wedding.

Ada was travelling with her bridesmaids to the ceremony and everyone, including Layla, looked bright and cheerful in their lovely colours. It was a quick trip to the registry office in St Austell, where we waited for them to do the formalities.

p1040051 p1040052

After the ceremony there was some confetti throwing followed by a lovely cream tea – looks delicious!

p1040062 p1040059

Layla was looking forward to getting to the Eden project and it didn’t disappoint. It is probably one of the ‘coolest’ venues we have been too and brilliant for photographs.

p1040076 p1040077 p1040081 p1040078 p1040087 p1040089

It must have been really great partying in that Dome!


Congratulations Aled and Ada x

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