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Lily, Lola & Layla – head and shoulders above other campervans!

Not all VW split-screen campervans are the same. Quality is an obvious differentiator and a good reason  to view, if possible, before you book.  However, most don’t have full-length sunroofs or ragtops, as they are referred to in VW terminology. With the exclusion of the lesser spotted and rare SAMBA, such as our cream and white beauty, Lily, most are ‘Kombi’s’, the vast majority of which are tin tops. Our Lola is also extremely rare and unique in this respect as she is believed to be the only Kombi in the UK with an original factory fitted ragtop. Layla is the newest addition to the family and has recently been fitted with her ragtop. So in Lily, Lola and Layla Strawberry Leisure is proud to own the only three cream and white sunroof wedding hire splitties in the county of Cornwall, offering simply stunning and memorable photo opportunities with lashings of light – a photographers dream!